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unit9 What does he look like Grammar Focus-3d

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2014年春(四清导航人教版) 七年级英语
Unit 9 What does he look like? Grammar Focus-3d

一、核心词汇。 1.鼻子nose 2.嘴mouth 3.圆形的round 4.脸face 5.眼睛eye 6.歌手singer 二、核心词组。 7.一个大鼻子a_big_nose 8.一张小嘴巴a_small_mouth 9.一张圆脸a_round_face 10.一张长脸a_long_face 三、核心句型。 11.我最喜爱的歌手是约翰杰克逊. My_favorite_singer_is_John_Jackson. 12.他高且瘦,留着棕色的短卷发。 He_is_tall_and_thin.He_has_short_curly_brown_hair.

四、根据句意及提示写单词。 13.The boy has a round(圆形的)face and we like him. 14.Mr.Jones has a big mouth(嘴). 15.The elephant has a long nose(鼻子). 16.He wants to be a singer(歌手)like Cao Feng. 17.My sister has big eyes(眼睛).

五、单项选择。 18.—What B_your pen friend like? —She is a quiet girl with long straight hair. A.does B.is C.do D.are

19.Lucy's hair C long and Lily ________ short hair. A.is,is B.has,has C.is,has D.has,is 20.Mike has A and ________.

A.big eyes,a small nose
C.big eye,a small nose 21.Jim wants to be a D.

B.big eyes,small nose
D.a big eye,small nose

A.actor B.actress C.sing D.singer 22.—A? —He has a long face and a small mouth. A.What does the boy look like C.What does the boy look B.What does the boy like

D.How does the boy like

一、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.My friend has(have) long hair and she looks very beautiful. 2.—Does_your teacher wear (wear) glasses? —Yes,she does. 3.Many actors(actor) look handsome and they have lots of fans(粉丝). 4.The height(high)of the building is about 100 meters. 5 . My friend , Tina , looks(look)like my sister very much.

二、用is、has或with填空。 6.Jack's father is of medium height. 7.Mr.Smith is tall and heavy. 8.Linda has curly hair. 9.My new friend is thin and tall. 10.I know the girl with long hair in our school.

三、单项选择。 11.—What does she look like? —She B long straight black hair. A.is B.has C.have D.are 12.—What do the boys look like? —They A medium build. A.are of B.are C.has D.have of 13.—Joan B her mother. —Yes,she has curly hair,too. A.looks at B.looks like C.looks for D.looks after 14.—Is this a Chinese book or an English book? —Oh,C. A.yes,it is B.no,it isn't C.an English book D.a music book 15.Tony is of C and he has ________. A.medium height,a short hair B.a medium height,short hair C.medium build,short hair D.a medium build,short hair

四、句型转换,每空一词。 16.Mr.Wang is of_medium_build.(对画线部分提问) What does Mr.Wang look like? 17.Mary is friendly_and_beautiful.(对画线部分提问) What is Mary like? 18.Bill has straight hair.(用curly hair改为选择疑问句) Does_Bill have straight hair or cu

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