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Unit 10 SectionB (2a-2c) 教案

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Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.

Section B (2a-2c)



1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌握以下单词:world, answer, different, cake, candle, age, blow, blow out,

if, will, UK, candy, lucky, popular, cut up idea

2) 能掌握以下句型:

① The answer would be different in different countries.

② The number of candles is the person's age.

③ In China, it's getting popular

2. 情感态度价值观目标:



1. 教学重点:

1) 通过进行听、说的训练,来提高学生们综合运用所学知识的能力。

2) 通过读、写的训练,来让学生们能真正在实际活动中运用所学的知识。

2. 教学难点





Ⅰ. Lead-in

Review main language point in this unit.

Ⅱ. Group work

1. Work in groups. Discuss what do you do or eat on your birthday?

2. Ss take turns to talk about it.

3. Write down what your group members do on their birthday. And give a report to the class.

In my group, S1… S2… S3…

Ⅲ.. Presentation

1. Present some new words and expressions to the Ss.

2. Ss learn the new words and expressions by themselves and try to remember them.

Ⅳ. Reading

1. Fast reading

Read the passage complete the chart in 2b

2. Careful reading

Read the messages again. Find the answers to the questions in 2c.

3. Read the article to find the language points and try to translate into Chinese. Ⅴ. Homework

1. Copy the new words and expressions in this period

2、Retell the article of 2b.


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