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阅读理解填词复习 - 副本

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Introduction and test purpose
该题型是考查词汇和学生实际运 用英语能力的一个题型,它要求学 生根据所提供的句子、上下文及单 词的首字母,补全单词,以此来考 查学生对英语词汇的掌握情况以及 在句子中分析、运用单词的能力。

“给首字母填词” 解题技巧
(一)根据词组搭配填词(fixed collocation)
有些空格与固定搭配或词组表达有关,要充分利 用自己平时所积累的词组搭配来考虑填什么词.
atter It doesn’t m_______ what you learn, as long as(只要) it’s useful to you .

It doesn’t matter. 不要紧,没关系

1.Jim, the fish is delicious, h___ elp yourself to it.
orward to the summer 2.I’m looking f______ holiday.

help oneself to sth.请随便吃…

look forward to 期待…

(二)运用语法知识剖析结构,判断所需 的词是什么词类
erribly As a boy, David was t______ shy and helpless. He had few friends and self-confidence.

副词terribly修饰形容词shy and helpless

1.I’m different form my sister. She is quiet, but I’m o____. utgoing
2.I invited my friend to play basketball, but he r______, efused he said he had to do his homework.

He is very t______, but he is still ired going on with his work.


1.I expect our team to w______ the football in match , because we have better players. 2. The weather report says the rain won’t last long, the sun will a____ soon. ppear 3.Tom is always lazy, no wonder he f______ ail the exam again.

(四)单词拼写正确,根据需要调 整词形。

1. 不会写单词. 2.不懂句意. 3. 单词形式 不正确.

多读多写记心间 逐词逐句细分辨 结合语境用心填

典型例题 1.不变化的词

Teachers should stop students f________ smoking . rom [解析] 介词、有些词、词组无词形 变化。

1. I’ve looked here and t______, here but can’t find it . 2. The final exam is coming, everyone eady should work hard and get r______ for it.

典型例题 2.名词的考查
Xiamen is one of the most beautiful c________ in China. ities September 10th is T__________ Day . eachers’


名词的应用书写。 单数 可数 2.名词 复数 1.名词 所有格 不可数

1. Last month 10 persons were killed in the two traffic a_____ ccidents

2.It’s 10 m inutes’ walk to the Zhongshang Supper Market. .

典型例题 3.形容词与副词三级变化
1. I can’t catch you . Please speak c_______ learly . 2. Summer is the h______ ottest season of the year . [解析] 形容词与副词的应用 形容词与副词的等级应用

同类题拷贝 1.The grass turns g_____ reen in spring. aller than any other 2.Tom is t______ Boy, so he can reach the apples on the apple tree . .

典型例题 4.动词的形式. I

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