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"助动词have (has) +动词过去分词"构成现在完成时。如:

1. Kate's never seen Chinese films,____ ? A. hasn't she B. has she C. isn't she D. is she

析:陈述句部分含否定词never,简略问句部分要用肯定式,又因Kate's是Kate has的缩写,故选B。

2. His uncle has already posted the photos to him. (改为否定句)

His uncle ______ posted the photos to him ______.

析:already常用在肯定句中,yet常用在否定句、疑问句中,故填hasn't, yet。

3. -Ann has gone to Shanghai. -So ______her parents. A. has B. had C. did D. have 析:"so+助/系/情态动词+主语"结构中的动词形式应与前句结构中动词形式保持一致,又后句的主语为her parents是复数,故选D。


(一)当句中有never, ever, just, already, yet, before等时,常用现在完成时。如:

1. -Mum, may I go out and play basketball? -______you______ your homework yet?

A. Do; finish B. Are; finishing C. Did; finish D. Have; finished

2. -______ you ______anywhere before? -Yes, but I can't remember where I______

A. Did; surf; surfed B. Have; surfed; surfed

C. Did; surf; have surfed D. Have; surfed; have surfed


(二)当句中有"for +段时间"或"since +点时间"等时,主句常用现在完成时,谓语动词必须是延续性动词,若是非延续性动词,要改为延续性动词或表状态的词(短语)。如:

1. His brother has been to Stone Forest twice______he came to Yunnan.

A. after B. before C. since D. for


2. Tom______the CD player for two weeks.

A. has lent B. has borrowed C. has bought D. has had


3. I______a letter from him since he left.

A. didn't receive B. haven't got C. didn't have D. haven't heard

析:据since可知,应排除A、C,"hear from sb.=receive/get/have a letter from sb."意为"收到某人的来信",故选B。

三、考查have/has been (to, in)/have/has gone (to)的区别。如:

1. -Have you ever______Lintong to see the Terra Cotta Warriors? -Yes, I have.

A. went to B. gone to C. been in D. been to


2. My parents ______ Shangdong for ten years.

A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to D. have been



1. Sun's aunt has gone there for ten years.(改成正确的句子)

析:非延续性动词与"段时间"连用时,除了把非延续性动词改成延续性动词外,还可把动词改为一般过去时或借助句型"It's +段时间+since+从句"进行句子转换。故答案为:Sun's aunt has been there for ten years. /Sun's aunt went there ten years ago. /It's ten years since Sun's aunt went there.

2. Susan has been in this city for more than ten years.(改为同义句)

________more than ten years ____Susan ______to this city.

析:据上题分析,且since引导的从句要用一般过去时,故填It is, since, came。

3. I won't go to the concert because I ____my ticket.

A. lost B. don't lose C. have lost D. is coming


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