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2014年仁爱英语八年级下册Unit 7 Topic 2 Section C新

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May 14th , 2014


Unit 7 Food Festival Topic 2

Section C
We should know about western table manners.
乌加河中学 王佳

Different countries have different eating habits and table manners.

Is it polite to eat soup noisily in Japan?

Is it polite to eat soup noisily in Cuba?
No, it isn’t.

Yes, it is.

正式的 第一次 If you go to a formal western dinner party for the first time, you should know more about western table manners.

napkin n.餐巾

spoon n.匙,调羹

fork n.叉,餐叉

glass n.杯子

plate n.盘子

knife n.刀

C spoon

plate D _______

fork B _______

glass E _______

knife F_______

napkin A _______


学法指导一: 认真模仿语音 语调!

学法指导二: 抓关键词,找 寻答案!

1、should What should you do when you sityour down at the table? You take the napkin and put it on lap.
The always start with start a small dish. 2、dinner What does the dinner with? If3 you remember these rules, do as other people dodo? . 、If can’t you can’t remember thesejust rules,what should you


1.When you start dining, you should take your napkin first and put it on your lap. ( T ) 2.At the table, people always keep the fork in their left hands. (F ) 3.It’s impolite to eat up the food on your plate. ( ) F 4.It’s polite to speak loudly and smile a lot. F ( ) 5.When you drink to someone, you should raise your glass and take only a little. ( T )

学法指导四: 大声读,细心译,同时做好小笔记!

When you sit down at the table, take your napkin and put it on your lap. at the table 在桌子旁边

at table 就餐,吃饭


The dinner always starts with a small dish. When you start eating, you should keep the fork in your right hand. start with=begin with 以.......开始 dish(小菜)

(反义词组)end with

If you use your knife, then put the fork in your left hand.

It’s polite to eat up the food on your plate, so don’t take more food than you need.

eat up 吃完,吃光 (代词宾格放中间) eat them up

Maybe you don’t know whether it is polite or not to speak loudly at the table.

宾语从句 此句包含whether引导的_________ 是否 译为“ _____”。宾语从句中又包含 一个结构 it is + adj. + to do sth. It 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面 的不定式短语.

The answer is that you should speak quietly and smile a lot.
is 后面是一个由that引导的表语从句,that 一般不 能省,在句子中不充当成分.

When you drink to somebody, you’d better raise your glass and take only a little.

drink to sb.为…干杯 raise one’s glass举杯

take a little 喝一小口
Remember not to drink too much. remember (not) to do sth. 记得(不)去做某事 remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

If you can’t remember these rules, just do as other people do.


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