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The lives near New York City became so interested in insects that he began to collect them .He now has over one thousand different kinds carefully kept in glass boxes .

Come with me ,and I will help you find some of nature’s secrets into the woods and fields .Here we shall find how a rabit - in the air to let the other bees know where they can find food .I’ll show you many __ _the when you go out of doors .Natures tells her secrets only to people who look and listen carefully.


Take a look at teenagers around, dressed in baggy-pants (宽松裤), drinking soft drinks such as coke, reading Japanese cartoons. Whether you are in Beijing, Wuhan or Hong Kong, you will get the same impression. But should we copy others or should we maintain (保留) our differences?

It sounds convenient that people around the world speak the same language, dress in the same style, eat the same food and play the same games. If the world was like this, you won’t feel strange in any corner of world. But just imagine living in such a strange world. How dull and colorless it would be!

Different kinds of food that people can taste, the colorful and fashionable clothes that we dress in and different

languages we speak are all part of the different cultures that our ancestors left us. These differences represent their creativity (创造力) and talent. And we all enjoy different cultures in our daily lives. When you travel to other places, you want to see different things. When you talk to foreigners you expect to listen to interesting stories. These differences in culture are what make life colorful.

全球化) takes effect and many different cultures are disappearing. In most big cities around the world people wear the same clothes. Fast food stores are everywhere. Hollywood movies are kicking traditional performing arts out of our lives. The colors of our life are disappearing.

There is joke that even the panda and zebra want to live a colorful life. So let’s take action to protect our colorful

culture before it becomes as simple as black and white.

It’s not difficult. Learning some folk songs, trying on a traditional clothing and even eating local food instead of going to KFC can help. And we’re sure you will enjoy it.

( )46. The passage is written to _______.

A. explain cultural differences B. convince readers to maintain cultural differences

C. predict the future of globalization D. show some cultural phenomena(现象)

( )47. The author thinks that cultural differences _______.

A. make the world colorful B. make communication difficult

C. only exist in food and clothing D. will never fade away

( )48. The author starts the argument by ________.

A. mentioning certain cultural phenomena

B. mentioning his view at the very beginning

C. mentioning the opposite view at the very beginning

D. giving examples of cultural differences

( )49. The underlined word “shrink” probably means “_______”.

A. expand B. disappear C. become smaller D. grow in number

( )50. The author talks of all the following cultural phenomena except _______.

A. food B. clothing C. language D. architecture [

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