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2014年春M7unit1 Please write to me and send me some photos.

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Unit 1 Please write to me and send me some photos.

Competition! 1

Stand up as quickly as you can and just say it out in English

n.太阳镜 sunglasses n. 裤子(复) trousers n.短裤(复) shorts v.重量有…;重… weigh

n.重量 weight
n.护照 passport n.家庭寄宿 homestay n.名单;清单 list adj.发疯的;荒唐的 crazy



Do you like travelling?

1. What should you take for a trip? 2. What should you take for a trip to America?

LA: Los Angeles

1. When is Linging leaving? She is leaving at the end of July. 2. Are many things more expensive in America? Yes, they are.

1 dollars 2 shorts 3 Jeans

4 T-shirts 5 pens 6 a dictionary

7 passport 8 sunglasses 9 notebooks

1 dollars√ 2 shorts √ 3 Jeans

4 T-shirts 7 passport √ 5 pens √ 8 sunglasses 6 a dictionary √ 9 notebooks √

Read aloud
1. Read together. 2. Read in roles. (Lingling and Betty)

Find out the phrases. 1.为…做准备 2.列清单 3.使…准备好 4.听起来荒唐的 5.在…的结尾 6.支付 7.最好做某事 8.顺便说 9.太多

Competition! 2

prepare for make a list get…ready sound crazy at the end of pay for had better do by the way too much (V.+ too much)
(too much +n.(不可数)

Lingling is preparing for her trip to LA.玲 玲正在为去洛杉矶旅行做准备。 Competition! 5 1)prepare sth 准备某物 2)prepare to do sth. 准备做某事 3)prepare for sth. 为…做准备 4)prepare sth. for… 为…准备某物…
1.妈妈总是为我们准备晚饭。 prepares dinner Mother always _______________________for us. 2.把收音机关小点,我准备做作业了。 prepare to do Please turn down the radio. I__________ my homework. 3. 同学们正在为野炊做准备。 are preparing for The students______________________ the picnic. 4.我的朋友昨天为我的生日准备了一份礼物。 prepared a present for My friend _________________my birthday yesterday.

2.I like to get things ready earlier. 我喜欢早一点把东西准备好。

1.prepare for=get ready for为…而做好准备

2.get sth ready


got ready for this trip to LA last night. 1. He ____________ /prepared for got ready 2. My mother has____everything ____ when I came home.

3.I’m making a list of things for my trip. make a list “列清单“。 make a list of … “列…的清单”。
1.让我们列一张购物清单(shopping list)。 a shopping list Let’s make _____________________________. 2.我通常去购物前把所需买的东西列一份清单。 a list of things before going I usuallymake _____________

Find the compound sentences with “but, and, or”. 找出含有but, and, or的复合句(含有两个句子)

Competition! 3

1.It sounds crazy, but I don’t know what to take. 2.When are you leaving and how long are you going to stay there? 3.I’m leaving at the end of July and I’m going to stay there for four weeks. 4.Shorts are good or you can wear light trousers. 并列连

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