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(A) 词汇题。(20分)<每空一分>

一. 根据括号里所给汉语写出单词。

1. Practice can help _______(改进2. 流)to the world.

3. the_________(环境).

4. I will prepare a_________(美妙的birthday.

5. I plan to visit 岛屿)countries in the Pacific

Ocean this summer.

6. 相反的)of ours.

7. If you don’’t go_______(也).

8. Some to read_______(评论)about a book before

room isn’t bright enough, so we need some


10. It was an unhappy but _________(必要)thing to do.


1. Jim and Jill have got m______ for ten years.

2. One hundred years makes up a c________.

3. The most famous c______ character in the UK is Mickey Mouse.

4. Jim comes from Sydney and he’s A_______.

5. I am looking for a job as a tour g__________.

6. The dog may bite us. Please t_____ it up.

7. Dad p________ away his chair and stood up

8. The boy felt a p______ in his leg , but he didn’9. The British people like talking about to start a____________.

the road to my house.



同义句) 同义句)

father ______ ______ ______ ______ Nanjing for ten days.

4.I hope I’ll see you soon. (同义句)

I hope _____ ______ you soon.

5.I moved to Nanjing in 2005. (同义句)

I _______ ________in Nanjing since 2005.

6.The programme began an hour ago (用for an hour改写) The programme ______ ______ _______for an hour.


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