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第 一 卷



( ) 1. What can Nick do well? A B C

( ) 2. What does Jerry usually do at 6:40?


( ) 3. How does the speaker’s father go to work? A B C

( ) 4. What does the woman have to do in the evening? A B C

( ) 5. What animals does Mary like? A B C



( ) 6. How does Jenny go to school?

A. By bus. B. By subway. C. By bike.


( ) 7. What club does Susan want to join?

A. The art club. B. The sports club. C. The English club. 听第三段对话,回答第8小题。

( ) 8. Where do they want to go?

A. To the zoo. B. To the bank. C. To the school


( ) 9. What’s Mary doing?

A. Cleaning the room. B. Reading English. C. Watching TV. 1


( ) 10. What’s the school rule?

A. Don’t eat in the classroom. B. Don’t arrive late for class. C. Don’t run in the hallways.

C. 听短文

( ) 11. Jack eats breakfast at _______ in the morning.

A. 6:00 B. 6:20 C. 7:40

( ) 12. Jack goes to school _______ every day.

A. by subway B. by bus C. by bike

( ) 13. Jack can _______ very well?

A. play basketball B. speak English C. play the piano

( ) 14. Jack thinks elephants are kind of _______.

A. smart B. lazy C. shy

( ) 15. Jack goes to the zoo on _______.

A. Fridays B. Saturdays C. Sundays

D. 听填信息


( ) 21. Jim plays violin very well, but he can’t play basketball.

A. the; / B. a; a C. a; the D. the; the

( ) 22.—Do you want to be a nurse? —Why not, that’s a nice .

A. work B. job C. works D. jobs

( ) 23. Jason can English well and he always “hello” to us.

A. say; says B. speak; speaks C. speak; says D. tell; speaks

( ) 24. Victor is good at stories.

A. tell B. tells C. to tell D. telling

( ) 25. Alice’s parents are strict ______ her.

A. in B. on C. of D. with

( ) 26.—does it take you from your school to the park? —About half an hour.

A. How far B. How soon C. How long D. How many

( ) 27. I like pandas because they are ______ friendly.

A. kind B. a kind of C. kinds of D. kind of

( ) 28. Mr. Wang is our teacher, and he teaches ______ math.

A. we B. our C. us D. ours

( ) 29. — When do you go to school?

—6:30. So I’m never late school.

A. In; to B. In; for C. At; to D. At; for

( ) 30. Peter, remember your room.

A. clean B. cleans C. cleaning D. to clean


( ) 31. I want to know ______.

A. why does she like tigers B. why she likes tigers

C. when can she see tigers D. where can she see tigers

( ) 32. ______ play near the river. It’s dangerous.

A. Not B. Don’t C. No D. Can’t

( ) 33. It’s easy for her ______ a bus to school.

A. take B. takes C. to take D. taking

( ) 34. She have to wash the clothes now.

A. don’t B. isn’t C. doesn’t D. can’t

( ) 35. —Do you go to school by bus or by subway? — .

A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t. C. By bus. D. Sure.

三、 完形填空(10分)

Chris is 12 years old. He in a village in England. The school in his village is not far his home, so Chris often goes to school on foot. Chris usually gets up at about 7:00 in the morning. It is not for school at about 7:50. It takes him about 10 minutes to to school. He gets to school at about o’clock. Sometimes Chris rides his bike to school. School starts at 8:10. His favorite subject is math. He thinks numbers are

Chris has a . He hopes (希望) to go to a big city like London some day (某一天). So he can take the subway. “I take the subway. It must be a lot fun. ” he says.

Can his dream ? “Sure, it can,” says Chris.

( ) 36. A. lives B. works C. teaches D. plays

( ) 37. A. on B. from C. in D. at

( ) 38. A. late B. early C. bad D. good

( ) 39. A. goes B. comes C. leaves D. gets

( ) 40. A. take B. ride C. meet D. walk

( ) 41. A. six B. eight C. nine D. ten

( ) 42. A. quick B. right C. interesting D. free

( ) 43. A. habit B. bridge C. dream D. friend

( ) 44. A. never B. often C. usually D. always

( ) 45.A. have fun B. come true C. have time D. come in



Do you like animals? So come to Xinxin zoo to see the Australian koalas and lions from South Africa. The American tigers are waiting for you. Do you want to see penguins? They are kind of interesting. We also have very cute pandas, but they are a little shy, so please be very quiet. You can play with the dolphins. They are smart and cute. Do you like the giraffes? They are fun. And there are many other animals, too. It’s really exciting!


Grown—ups(成人): ¥2.00 Students of 6—12: ¥1.00


Monday—Friday: 9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.

Saturday—Sunday: 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

Don’t give food to the animals.

( ) 46. Where are the tigers from?

A. Australia B. America C. England D. China


( ) 47. A. Tigers B. Pandas C .Dolphins D. Giraffes

( ) 48. The dolphins are________.

A. cute and funny B. lazy and cute C. smart and cute D. shy and clever

( ) 49. Today is Monday. It’s 8:00 a.m. now. Can we see the animals now?

A. Yes, we do. B. No, we don’t. C. Yes, we can. D. No, we can’t.

( ) 50.Tom is 12 years old, he goes to the zoo with his parents. How much do they need to buy the


A. 2 yuan B. 3 yuan C. 4 yuan D. 5 yuan


Many students in the USA always take the school bus to school every day. Parents think taking the school bus is very safe (安全的). But sometimes it is also dangerous. Some students died (死亡) because they broke the school bus rules.

Here are some school bus rules:

1. Arrive at the bus station early. 2. Wait for the bus at the bus station. 3. Don’t play around the bus.

4. Don’t run everywhere at the bus station. 5. Don’t walk or fight in the bus when it’s going. 6. Don’t try to leave the bus until it stops.

These rules are good for students. Remember them and don’t break them. So you can keep yourself safe.


( ) 51.Taking the school bus to school is always safe.

( ) 52.Students can run everywhere at the bus station.

( ) 53.Students have to sit on their seats when the bus is going.

( ) 54.Students can’t get to the bus station late.

( ) 55.It can be dangerous if students break the school bus rules.




第 二 卷

16___________ 17__________ 18__________19__________20__________

A、根据句意及汉语提示完成句子 61. The boy wants to (加入) the art club. 62. Jenny, (带来) your homework here tomorrow. 63. Mike (步行) to school every day. 64. My favorite animals are (大象). 65. My grandfather usually (锻炼) in the morning. B、用所给词的正确形式填空

66. It only takes Alan five minutes ________ (get) home.

67. He must practice _________ (play) the guitar every day.

68. About two _______ (hundred) students are on the playground.

69. Helen’s mother is a _________ (music).

70. I brush my (tooth) every day.



71. 他能在英语方面帮助我。

He can me my English.

72. 周末我要么看电视要么玩电脑游戏。

I watch TV play computer games on weekends.

73. 十一岁男孩小宝每天滑铁索过河上学。

The boy, Xiaobao, goes on a ropeway to the river

to school every day.

74. 今天下午我们去动物园吧。

go to the this afternoon.

75. 我们必须遵守校规。

We must the school 76. Mary经常乘地铁上班。

Mary often the to go to work.

77. 她总是有太多作业要做,她从不开心。

She has fun because she always has ____________ homework to do.

七、看图填词, 每空一词(10分)

Mary and Sam are good friends and classmates. They like the guitar. She says, “I’m with children. I want to music in a school in the future (未来).” “I like playing the ” says Sam. “I can sing when playing it. I be a musician.” On the weekend, they always go to take a music lesson by . They usually leave home at about a past eight. Their music lesson is at eight thirty. So it usually takes them about fifteen to go there from their homes. Mary says, “I love my the guitar, and I can talk about lots of interesting things with my good friend Sam on our way.”





1. What time do you get up, go home after school...?

2. How do you usually go to school?

3. What can you do? Are you in a club?

4. What are the rules at your school?


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