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Lesson 46-48

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Lesson 46 Expensive and Uncomfortable

Topic: Have you ever done something which was not worth the cost?

1. Account for 对……做出解释;对……负有责任

2. Be responsible for 负责

3. Be in charge of 负责

4. Occur to 想起

5. Run away 逃跑

6. Go away 走开

7. Seemingly 表面上;看来,看上去

8. Be confined to 限制;禁闭

9. Be confined to bed 卧床不起

10. Crave [krev]渴望;恳求

11. Circumstance 情况;条件;境遇

12. Underestimate [?nd?'?st?met]低估

13. Countermeasure ['ka?nt?'m???]对抗措施;防范措施

14. Restart 重新开始

15. High-five n.击掌庆贺的手势 v.击掌庆贺

16. That’s final. 板上钉钉的事情;最终结果

17. To minimize the loss 把损失降到最小

18. There’s no two ways about it. 没有选择;毫无疑问

19. You cannot have it both ways. 鱼与熊掌不可兼得

20. I am a little bit at war with myself. 我很纠结

Lesson 47 A Thirsty Ghost

Topic: What would you do when you get drunk?

1. Be up for准备好

2. Thirsty 贪杯的

3. Unconscious [?n'kɑn??s]不省人事的;无意识的

4. Play mad after drunk 耍酒疯

5. Rave [rev]咆哮;胡言乱语;热烈赞美

6. Talk nonsense 胡说八道

7. Giggle ['ɡ?ɡl]傻笑;咯咯地笑

8. Shake 摇晃;摇动

9. Stay put 留在原处不动

10. Incredible 难以置信的;不能相信的

11. Unbelievable 难以置信的

12. Drive sb. nuts 发疯;使某人生气

13. Weirdo ['w?rdo]奇葩

14. Freak 奇葩

15. Put on airs and graces 装腔作势

16. Public display of happiness 晒幸福

17. Crap [kr?p]废话;废物

18. Cut the crap 少说废话

19. Watch your P’s and Q’s 小心翼翼

20. All in the day’s work 习以为常;不足为奇

Lesson 48 Did You Want to Tell Me Something? Topic: Are you a man of words and not of deeds?

1. First impression 第一印象

2. Pressure 压力

3. Motivation 动机;积极性;推动

4. Set goals 制定目标

5. Immaterial [,?m?'t?r??l]不重要的

6. Boast 自夸;自吹自擂

7. Pretentious [pr?'t?n??s]做作的;自命不凡的;炫耀的

8. Audacious [?'de??s]大胆的;鲁莽的

9. Criticize 批评;评论

10. Utilitarian [,jut?l?'t?r??n]功利的;实用的

11. Make comments 发表评论

12. Make empty promises 开空头支票;只会说不会做

13. He’s a double face./ He is a two-faced person.表里不一的人

14. Mature [m?'t??r]成熟的

15. Modest ['mɑd?st]谦虚的

16. Reflect 反省

17. Find out 找出

18. Make it right. 改正

19.Go the distance 永不放弃;坚持到底

20. Some people never learn. 有些人总是学不乖

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