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unit 7 Whats the highest mountain in the world SectionA2

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Section A Period Two

What do you know about Qomolangma?
Talk about Qomolangma in pairs.

珠穆朗玛,藏语意为“圣母之水”。珠穆朗 玛峰位于定日县境内,喜玛拉雅中段的中尼 边界上,海拔8844.43米,是世界第一高峰, 峰顶常年积雪。整个珠峰自然保护区划分为 核心保护区、缓冲区和开发区3个类型。保护 区地势北高南低,地形地貌复杂多样,平均 海拔为4200米,但其最低处仅1433米,相对 高差达7000米以上,形成独特的立体气候, 表现为“山顶四季雪,山下四季春,一山分 四季,十里不同天”。

自读文章,在书中划出重点、疑点后,翻 译下列短语。先独立完成,后小组商议。 1.最危险的山峰 the most dangerous mountain 2.世界上最危险的运动之一 one of the world’s most dangerous sports 3.登山(名词短语)/(动词短语)

mountain climbing/climb mountains

4.来自世界各地的登山者 the climbers from all over the world 5.横亘于中国的西南边界 run along the southwestern part of China 6.在所有的山峰中 of all the mountains 7.厚厚的云层 thick clouds

According to the passage, fill in the blanks. One of the most ___________ dangerous sports in the world is mountain _________, climbing and one of the most _________ popular places to go for this is the Himalayas. These risk attract extremely high _______ _________ climbers from all over the world. Many people say this is one of the most ________ famous parts of the world.

The Himalayas _______ runs along the ____________ southwestern border of china. Of all the peaks (tops), Qomolangma is the famous It’s _________ highest and most _________. _____________ the hardest to climb Qomolangma cover the top of because thick clouds _______ the mountain. Even more serious difficulties include the freezing ___________ ___________ weather conditions and the _______ heavy storms.

people to reach the top of The first _________ Qomolangma – Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary – did it in 1953. The first Chinese climber __________ reached the top in 1960, and in 1975, the first __________ woman did it too.

1. Our family has bought a car so we can travel _____ D than before. A. most easily B. less easily C. easily D. more easily 2. My father told me a story last night. It is ____ A one I’ve ever heard. A. the funniest B. funniest C. funnier D. the funnier

3. The _____ C friends you have, the ____ you will be. A. more, happy B. many, happy C. more, happier D. many, happier 4. When he heard a cry for help, he ran out as _______ as he could. B A. hardly B. quickly C. finally D. slowly

5. This place is not big enough for Lucy’s C birthday party. We should find a _____ one. A. big B. small C. bigger D. smaller

6. She is ________ than ________. A. busier / us B. busier / we B C. more busy / us D. more busy / we 7. Jane is ________ than Betty. A. B. less tallest A less taller C.

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