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人教版 新目标 新教材 七年级下Unit 3 How do you get to school第一课时

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Unit 3 How do you get to school?

Section A 1a—2e




1. 检查生词预习



数字类:forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred

交通工具类:subway, train, bicycle, take,

其他类:minute, kilometer, new, every 2. Look at the pictures and say the phrases.

take the bus take the taxi take the train take the subway ride my bike walk

3. Match the words with the pictures.

Answers: 1. a 2. d 3. e 4. b 5. c


1. 感知: Say: I usually ride my bike to school. It takes me about 10 minutes.

Ask: How do you get to school? How long does it take? How far is it from your home to school?(Help the students answer.)

Present and practice the conversations using some


A: How does she get to school? B: She walks to school.

A: How long does it take? B: It takes 10 minutes.

A: How far is it from her home to school? B: It’s about three kilometers.

C: How does he get to school? D: He rides his bike.

C: How long does it take? D: It takes 20 minutes.

C: How far is it from his home to school? D: It’s about eight kilometers.

E: How do they get to school? F: They take the subway.

E: How long does it take? F: It takes 30 minutes.

E: How far is it from their home to school? F: It’s about sixty kilometers.

2. 体验:

Ask students to talk about all the pictures in 1a and ask students to ask and answer in pairs. Share their conversations. Ⅲ.强化巩固

1.Task 1: 1b

Listen to the tape and answer the following questions.

1) How does Bob get to school? (take the train)

2) How does Mary get to school? (take the subway)

3) How does John get to school? (take the bus)

4) How do Paul and Yang Lan get to school? (walk)

5)How does Jim get to school? (ride the bike)

2. Task 2: 1c

Make conversations in pairs about how to get to school for Bob, Mary, John, Paul, Jim and Yang Lan. E.g.

A: How does Bob get to school? B: He takes the train.

3. Task 3: 2a

1) Learn the numbers 1—100. Learn about the structures of them and how to read them

(1) 1—12 one, two, three, …twelve

(2)13—19 (十几/ -teen) thirteen, fourteen, …nineteen

(3) 20, 30, 40, … 90 (几十/ -ty) twenty, thirty, … ninety

(4) 21, 32, 43, …99 (几十几/ 加短横 “-”) twenty-one, thirty-two, …ninety-nine

(5) 100, 200, … 900 (整百) one hundred, two hundred, …nine hundred

(6) 105, 112, 135, 267, …999(百位与个位或十位之间加and)one hundred and five, one hundred

and twelve, … nine hundred and ninety-nine

2) Listen and repeat in 2a. Then write the correct number in 2b.

(Answers: 61, 72, 84, 99, 105, 200)

4. Task 4: 2b Listen.

1) Listen and complete the chart.

2) Listen again and check your answers.

5. 探究:

“take the + 某种交通工具” ;“by + 交通工具(名词单数)” ;“时间表示”“It takes sb. some time to do sth.”

Ⅳ. 实践应用 Role-play the conversation.


1) Look the chart in 2b and talk about in groups. Then write their conversations. Share their


2) 2e

(1) Look the picture and the conversation, read it in groups, and pay attention to the main phrases and sentences.

(2) Read it for a few minutes.

(3) Role play the conversation in 2e.

Ⅴ.总结反馈 1. 结合板书,让学生自己盘点所学单词和句型,强化学习重点、难点。 A: How do you get to school? (交通方式) B: I usually take the bus.

A: How long does it take? (花费时间) B: It takes about 25 minutes by bus. A:How far is it from… to…?(询问距离) B: It’s about 10 kilometers.

The bus ride takes about twenty minutes.

2. Write and remember the new words. Ⅵ.作业布置 1. 熟练读写所学单词和句型。

2. 熟练运用所学单词和句型,到达某地所需交通方式、花费时间以及询问距离。


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