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Unit 1 Can you come to my party?

Period 1

教学重点: Make accept and decline invitation.

教学难点: How to accept and refuse invitation.

四. 教学过程:

Step1. Free talk and Revision:

1. Show a flash “It’s a party time.” And then do a free talk.

(1)T: What’s the weather like today?

S: It’s….

(2)T: What are you doing?

S: I am….

2. Review some phrases:

(1). T: Now let’s find what they are doing. Look at the pictures and say out the phrases.

study for a test go to the doctor help my parents visit my aunt …

(2). Look at 1a and match the phrases with the right pictures.

Step2. Presentation

1. T: This is Mary. She is having a birthday party this evening. And she wants to invite some friends and you are her friends.

----Can you come to her party?

S: ……

T: If you want to go, you should say : ---Sure, I’d love to. / Certainly.

Ask several students to answer.

If you will go to her party : What do you have to wear?

What do you have to buy?

What do you have to say?

1. Show some examples about the negative answers about: “Can you come to…?” And practice with the teacher.

2. Watch a short video carefully and try to answer the question :

--Can he come to the party at last?

Step3. Pairwork

Work in pairs according to the pictures:

A: Can you…?

B: Sorry, I can’t. I have…

(go to the doctor/ help my parents/ study for the test/go to the movies/ have a piano lesson /visit my aunt) Step4. Listening

1. Listen and write the names next to the correct students in the picture above.


3. Listen to 2b and number the reasons why they can’t go to the party.

a. ___ I’m sorry. I have to help my mom.

b. ___ I’m sorry. I’m playing soccer.

c. ___ I’m sorry. I have to go to my guitar lesson.

d. ___ I’m sorry. I’m going to the movies.

e. ___ I’m sorry. I have to visit my aunt.

Step5. Pairwork:

Choose an important part of listening and try to do pairwork to drill this pattern.

B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have A: That’s too bad. Maybe another time (下次)

B: Sure, Joe. Thanks for asking.

Activities Reasons

go to the concert have to study

play soccer have to help my mom

…… ……..

Step6. Group work:

1. Choose one party (Halloween party/ birthday party / dancing party) and invite your friends. Find out who can come, who can’t come. Then fill in the chart.(选一晚会,并邀请你的同伴参加。找出谁能来,谁不能来。然后再把姓名,是否能来以及理由写在表格里。)

Example: A: Hey, Dave, can you come to my party on Saturday?

B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have too much homework this weekend..

A: That’s too bad. Maybe another time..

2. Give a report in the class.()

Sample : report

My friend Dave can’t come to my party. She has too much homework. And Lucy can come to my party. But……. Step7. Summary:

Let them sum up the main points by themselves.

Step8. Homework:


Remember the important phrases. 2

B. If you want to invite your friends to … Please make an invitation card. 3

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