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一, 词组

1 the uses of "make" (1) make a kite / plane 制作 (2) make money 赚钱 (3) make up ( be made up of ...) 组成 (4) make sure 确定 (5)

make friends 交朋友 (6) make faces 做鬼脸 (7) be made of /

from 由…制成 (8) make noise 制造噪音 (9) make it 及时赶到 (10) make the bed 整理床铺 (11) make a decision = make up

one's mind 做决定 (12) make mistakes 犯错 (13) make a speech 作

演讲 (14) make breakfast / dinner 煮饭 (15) make a plan 定计划

(16) make a toast to sb. 向sb敬酒 (17) be made in + sp. 由某地制造

(18) make a living 谋生 (19) make a conversation with sb. 与sb对话

(20) make/keep + n. + adj. 使…..怎样 make me energetic make

him/them relaxed / comfortable (21) make sb./sth. Do 使….做sth (22)

make sb./sth. doing sth.使….一直做sth 2 scientific research / study 科学研究 science ( n. ) 科学 scientist ( n. ) 科学家 3 soft

lighting/colors 柔和的光线\颜色 4 hard/soft seats 坚硬/柔软的座椅 hard = difficult 硬\艰难的 work hard 努力的 5 serve

sb./be served by sb.为sb服务\被服务 6 join a clean-up campaign 参加一个大扫

除活动 president campaign 总统竞选 7 endangered animals有灭绝危险

的动物 8 look mysterious 看起来神秘 mystery ( n. ) 神秘 9 have

shiny hair 有着一头光亮的头发 10 have silky skin 有如丝般的肌肤 11

lookout sunglasses 太阳镜 12 beauty cream 香皂 13 make sb. confused 使sb困惑 Some ads are confusing and misleading . 一些广告使人困惑并且误

导 14 mislead sb. to do sth. 误导sb做sth

lead sb. to do sth. 引导sb 做sth lead into sth. / a question 引入sth/

一个问题 15 to start / begin with sth.作为开始/ 以…为开端 16 home-made

cake / cookie 自制的蛋糕\饼干 17 a purple parse 一个紫色的钱包 a girl

in purple 一个穿着紫色衣服的女孩 18 make sb. guilty 使sb有犯罪感 Receiving money makes me guilty. 收到钱让我觉的有犯罪感 19 taste good 尝

起来很好 have different taste from sb.和sb有不同的感受 20 think - thought -

thought ( v. ) 认为 21 restaurant owners 店主 22 stay very long 逗留很

久 23 as usual 像往常一样 24 an ad for sth. 一则…的广告 25 keep

out the sun / rain /cold 遮阳\挡雨\御寒 26 I'll bet + ( that )从句 我打赌…

27 in the modern world 在现代社会 28 so that = in order to +不定式 为了/以

致 so ... that ... = too ...to… 如此…. 以致 29 the quality of the product 产

品的质量 look a lot better than看上去比…好的多 30 at times = sometimes 有时 31 have sales 促销 32 leave sb. a note 给sb留张字条

33 early morning 大清早 34 bring sth. with sb. 随身带 35

jump out of a plane 跳伞 36 write about 写关于… 37 the art

of giving / receiving 给予\接受的艺术 38 buy sb sth. = buy sth. for sb. 为sb买

sth 39 pretend + that从句 假装… pretend to do sth. 假装做sth pretend to be doing sth. 假装正在做sth 40 take off / put on 脱掉\穿上

41 would rather do sth. 宁愿做sth prefer to do sth. 更喜欢做sth 42

have a deep love (for sb. ) 给….深深的热爱 43 true enough 足够真


1. Sunglasses are used for _____ (keep) out the sun.

2. The students are ______ (confuse) about the ______ (confuse) problem.

3. I’m considering _____ (study) in Beijing or Shanghai.

4. Loud music makes him______(feel)uncomfortable

5. Can you hear Mary _______(sing) in the room now?

6. The workers are made _______(work) 12 hours a day

7. I _______ (invite) to a party yesterday.

8. Didn’t I tell you ______(keep) quiet, Tom?

9. I can’t wait ____(open) the present box.

10. The children were made ____ (do)homework first


1. I felt _______(embarrass) when everyone looked at me.

2. That made me_______ (annoy) with myself

3. I hate ads because most of them are _______ (mislead)

4. My father was ________ (surprise) to hear the news.

5. Here are some things they have learned from ______(scientist ) studies. 6. Do you know any _______ (science) ways of learning English?

7. Loud music makes me ____(energy). So I feel very happy. 8. Gentle music makes me ______ (relax)

9.Children spend a lot of time _______(do) homework every day.

10. Don’t forget _____ (turn off)the tap when you don’t use it.

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