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A.) Australians love their pets. Every year they spend a lot of dollars in buying, feeding and keeping them happy and Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. The owners think that the pets are members of the family. Some of the owners talk to them and even feed them from the table. Some pets have their beds, clothes and toothbrushes. depended on guide dogs for over 60 years. Dogs for the deaf are trained to let the deaf people ’t move easily by themselves.

But even without special training, pets have shown that they can make our lives better. Studies show that people who live alone, but have pets, are healthier and happier than those who don’t have pets.

B.) Many people work hard from Monday to Saturday. Everyone needs time to relax and have fun. There are many ways to have fun. People from different countries like to have fun in different ways.

In the north of Europe the weather is cold. There is a lot of snow and many people like to go skiing in the mountains. There is also a lot of rain in the north of Europe, so people often spend their free time inside. Many people like to go to a bar or a disco to meet their friends. In Germany drinking beer is popular. German beer is famous.

In the south of Europe, the weather is hot. People like to go outside to have fun. Many people like to go to the beach to relax and swim. In countries like France, Spain and Italy, there are many small restaurants on the streets. Eating outside is very common in these countries. Friends like to sit outside in the sunshine and eat.

In Asia, people have many ways to relax. Many Chinese and Japanese people like to go out together for dinner. Eating dinner together is very important to Chinese people. Also the Chinese and Japanese like to sing songs. Going to a karaoke is very popular in china and Japan. Chinese also like to visit their friends and have some tea.

1. What do the people in the north of Europe like doing in the mountains?

2. Where do people like to go to meet their friends?

3. Many people like to go to the beach in the south of Europe, don’t they?

4. In which countries, there are many small restaurants on the streets?

5. What is very important to Chinese people?

C). In the 13th century, the f____1____ European traveler Marco Polo went to China. On his travels, he saw many wonderful things. He discovered that the Chinese used money made of paper. In the west, paper money was not used u___2___ the 15th century. However, paper money was used in China from the seventh century onwards.

Paper was invented by a Chinese man called Ts’ai Lun in AD 105. He made it from the w___3___ of a special kind of tree. Ts’ai Lun took the wood and made it into flat sheets. Then he glued these flat sheets of paper t___4___ and made them into a book.

Nowadays, paper still comes from t___5___. Unfortunately, we use a lot of paper every day. We must not waste paper or there will not be any trees left on the Earth. No trees means no paper. We need 17 trees to make one tonne of paper. We must start using less paper now because it takes about 100 years for a tree to grow.

D.) In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece. Since then many countries have successfully held the Olympics, such as the UK, France, Germany, Canada, the USA, Spain and Australia. After more than a century the Games returned to its hometown in 2004.

When people hold the Olympic Games, they always make an emblem (会徽). The emblem of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 was a white circle of olive branches in the sky.

Athens was developing a spirit of peace. An officer said, ‘While in Athens, the world should be at peace. We hope the peace is not just for a short time. We would like the message from the Athens Olympic games to help countries come together and solve their problems.’

The Olympic games were held in China in 2008. And China made a seal as the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The emblem had a single Chinese character on a red seal and meant ‘Chinese seal, dancing Beijing’. Below it, there were the words ‘Beijing 2008’. The character in the emblem was ‘Jing’. It meant the ‘capital’ of China and it was also like a runner or a dancer. The running figure of the emblem showed the spirit of the Olympic


--- faster, higher and stronger.

1. Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?

2. How many years had passed when Athens again held the Olympic Games?

3. What do people always make when they hold the Olympic Games?

4. What message did the Athens Olympic Games want to give?

5. What is the spirit of the Olympic Games?

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