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2014年新人教版八年下unit 7 Whats the highest mountain in the world Section B reading部分

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Unit 7 Section B

Can you guess what this passage talks about?
? It talks about pandas. ? Do you like pandas? ? Why?

Chengdu Research Base

成都大熊猫繁育研究基 地(Chengdu Research Base)位于成都北郊 斧头山,距市区10公 里,是一个专门从事濒危野生动物研究、 繁育、保护教育和教育旅游的非营利性机 构。该基地建有一座大熊猫博物馆,存有 珍贵的资料和丰富的展品。除大熊猫外, 该基地还从事对小熊猫、黑颈鹤等珍稀濒 危动物的研究及繁育工作。

Do you know what the pandas eat?

? How many pandas are in the world? ? How much food do they eat every day? ? How much time do they spend eating a day?

2b Scan the article to find out what these numbers mean: 10, 12, 200, 2,000.

10 — Adult pandas eat 10 kilos of bamboo a day. 12 — Adult pandas spend more than 12 hours a day eating. 200 — About 200 pandas live in zoos or research centers in China or other countries. 2000 — Scientists say there are fewer than 2,000 pandas living in the forests.

Read the first paragraph and answer the questions.

1.What is Lin Wei’s job? She is a keeper. 2. What do the baby pandas eat for breakfast They drink milk for breakfast. 3. What do the baby pandas do when they see the keepers? They run over with excitement and some of them even walk into their friends and fall over.

Read the second and third paragraphs and answer the questions.

1.How does Lin Wei take care of the pandas every day? She takes care of them like her own babies. She washes, feeds and plays with them every day. 2. Does Lin Wei like her job? What does she think of her job? Yes, she does. She thinks her job is difficult.

Read the fourth paragraph and answer the questions.

1.Do pandas have many babies? Why? No, they don’t. Because they only have one baby every two year, and the babies often die from illnesses. 2.Why are pandas endangered? Because humans started to cut down the forests. It make pandas have fewer places to live in and less food to eat.

Read the fifth paragraph and answer the questions.

1. What can children know from schools? They can know the importance of saving these endangered animals. 2. What is one way of saving pandas? Teaching children . One way is planting more bamboo trees so there will be more forests for pandas to live in.


often illnesses

the forests children endangered government planting

Pandas are so cute, and they are the“national treasure”(国宝)of China.

But they are endangered now, what can we do to save the pandas?

Dicuss in groups.(小组讨论) What other ways can we do to save the pandas?
Do not bother(打扰) the pandas and let them live peacefully in the wild.

Volunteer to do some work helping to protect the pandas.
To make some advertisements

about protecting the pandas.

Not only pandas are endangered, there are also many other animals in danger.

We should treat animals as our fri

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