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Unit11 综合练习题

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Unit11 How was your school trip?


1. What did the ______ (farm) say?

2. Carol ____ (pick) some strawberries and ____ (take) them home.

3. I ______ (visit) my grandparents in the countryside.

4. I _______ (watch) the stars at night.

5. ____ (do) Carol take any photos?


1. 你还做了别的什么事吗?

2. - 有狗吗?

- 不,没有狗,但是看见了一些非常伶俐的马。

3. 吉姆在他上次的学校旅行中骑马了吗?

4. 玛丽在歌唱比赛中得了奖。

5. 你远足愉快吗?


1. They ______(come) to China two months ago.

2. Where ______(be) she last week?

3. The twins ______(be) at school this morning.

4. ______ he ______ (tell) you a story last Sunday?

5. We __________ (not watch) TV last night.

6. Let me ______ (help) you.

7. Listen! Sue ___________ (sing) an English song.

8. I ______________ (help) my mother do housework tomorrow.

9. Tom always ______ (get) up at six o’clock in the morning.

10. __________ (not close) the door.


1. 最后他们坐校车返回学校。

2. 那天结束时,自然老师很高兴,因为学生们在旅游之后把汽车 打扫了一遍。

3. 你在动物园看到有趣的动物了吗?

4. 我们上周去公园了。

5. 我们在一些树下吃了午饭,之后还玩了一些游戏。

一、 请选出适当的词语完成下列句子(注意部分词语的形式变化)。 see, museum, painting, climb, go, have

1. We went to an art _______.

2. I ____ some really beautiful ________ in the museum.

3. Then we ____ lunch at the museum restaurant.

4. We _____ to the countryside and _______ a mountain.

二、 请按括号内的要求完成下列句子,每空一词 (含缩写)。

1. I went to a farm with my mother last Sunday. (改为一般疑问句) ___ you___ to a farm with your mother last Sunday?

2. There were some dolphins in the water. (改为否定句) There __________ dolphins in the water.


________ you ____ at the Blue Water Aquarium?

4. Ben’s friends enjoyed themselves on the school trip.


Ben’s friends ____ a great ____ on the school trip.


1. 下次旅行,我不想爬山了。听起来很没意思。

2. 下次旅行,我不想冒雨野营了。听起来真得很恐怖。 根据对话内容用合适的单词填空,补全对话。

A: Where did your class go on last school trip?

B: We ________ to the beach.

A: To the beach? What did you do there?

B: Some of us went swimming and others walked on the beach. A: That _______ great. I would like to go there some day.

B: And what ____ your class do ____ the school trip?

A: We went hiking in the mountain.

B: Go hiking? I know it’s an exciting sport. ____ was your school trip?

A: Well, we felt tired, but we ___ a lot of fun.

B: Great! I hope I can join you next time.


1. 我一点都不喜欢那次旅行。

2. 我们参观了科学博物馆,这很有趣。

3. 之后,我去礼品店给我父母买了一些好看的礼物。

4. 我们昨天乘火车去了博物馆。

5. 我从来不知道机器人可以跟我们下棋。

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