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阅 读 训 练 二

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阅 读 训 练 二(内部资料2013-4-22)



On Sunday mornings , Helen usually gets up very late . She washes her face and then goes out their . So they like walking there . Helen fridges , bikes , computers , clothes , books , food and drinks . There are in the shopping centre , too . There are men and women , old . Parents people come here to buy things ? Do you know ? Helen said that things here are usually good there and have a look if you come to her home .

( )1. A. play B. do C. run D. make

( )2. A. dinner B. lunch C. supper D. breakfast

( )3. A. with B. to C. for D. from

( )4. A. to B. into C. at D. from

( )5. A. takes B. makes C. plays D. costs

( )6. A. by foot B. use foot C. on foot D. with foot

( )7. A. to B. / C. at D. in

( )8. A. but B. with C. and D. or

( )9. A. They?re B. There are C. They are D. There is

( )10. A. students B. people C. teachers D. children

( )11. A. tall B. short C. young D. small

( )12. A. look for B. look like C. look at D. look after

( )13. A. What B. Who C. Why D. When

( )14. A. cheap B. expensive C. big D. new

( )15. A. you B. them C. him D. her





My name is Qin Lan . My home town is in Gulangyu Island . Do you know Gulangyu Island ? It is in Xiamen . Gulangyu Island is a small place , but it is very nice and clean . There are

Our house is in the middle of Gulangyu Island . It is near the sea . Behind our house , there is a big old tree . My grandfather tells me that the tree is very , very old . There are many birds in the tree . We call it ?bird tree?. The sea is big and blue . There are a lot of fish in the sea . After school , I go there and catch fish with my friends . It is very interesting . I like fish and I also like catching fish .

( )1. Qin Lan is from .

A. Jiangsu B. Fujian C. Hunan D. Beijing

( )2. What is NOT mentioned(提到) in this passage ?

A. Her house B. The cars and buses C. The old tree D. Her parents

( )3. The underlined word ?walk?means ? ? in English.

A. by bus B. on foot C. on feet D. by bike

( )4. The opposite of the word ?quiet? is .

A. noise B. noisily C. free D. noisy

( )5. Who does Qin Lan go and catch fish with?

A. Her sister. B. Her friends. C. Her brother. D. Her parents.






Mr. Brown has a small 1 in front of her house . In spring she plants some 2 in it . She looks 3 them very carefully . When summer comes , they look very nice .

One evening , Mrs. Brown looked at her vegetables and said , “Tomorrow I am going to pick 4 , and then we can eat them .” But early the next morning , her son 5 into the kitchen and shouted , “Mother ! Mother ! Come quickly ! Our neighbour?s ducks 6 in the garden . They are eating our vegetables ! ” Mrs. Brown ran 7 but it was too 8 ! All the vegetables were eaten up ! Mrs. Brown cried and her neighbour was very 9 , but that was the end of the vegetables .

Then a few days before Christmas , the neighbour brought Mrs. Brown a parcel . There was a beautiful fat duck in it , and there was a piece of paper 10 the words “Enjoy your vegetables !”

( )1. A. shop B. marks C. garden D. house

( )2. A. trees B. vegetables C. apples D. flowers

( )3. A. at B. over C. after D. up

( )4. A. her B. them C. they D. she

( )5. A. jumped B. ran C. looked D. had

( )6. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )7. A. in B. out C. to D. from

( )8. A. late B. later C. early D. earlier

( )9. A. sorry B. happy C. hungry D. smile

( )10. A. at B. with C. to D. from


Mrs. Turner lives in a small town . Her husband died in a traffic accident and left her little money . She was often hungry and lived in a cold room in winter . A shopkeeper had pity on her and told her to cook for him . He pays her some money and she doesn?t worry about food or clothes any longer .

The woman is often ready to help others . She does her best to give something to the poor people . Sometimes she would rather (宁愿) be hungry , but she gives her food to the poor . And she?s liked and everybody knows her .

One Sunday Mrs. Turner rested at home . A few men came to beg for something . She almost gave all to them and left only some food for supper . That evening , while she was doing some sewing in the room , she heard someone knocking at the door . She opened the door and saw an old man standing outside .

“Please have pity on me , Mrs. Turner ,”said the old man . “I?ve eaten nothing for two days . Could you give me some food , please ?”


“Oh, I?m sorry , sir ,”said the woman . “I have neither money nor food now . I can do some sewing for you if your clothes are worn out .”

“It?s very kind of you , madam ,”the old man said happily . “I have a button (纽扣) here . Please sew a jacket on it .”

( )1. Mrs. Turner lives A. with her husband B. with her children C. with her parents D. alone

( )2. , so she has some food and clothes .

A. Mrs. Turner does some sewing at home

B. Some of Mrs. Turner?s friends often help her

C. Mrs. Turner cooks for a kind-hearted shopkeeper

D. Mrs. Turner found work in a shop

( )3. Mrs. Turner is liked because .

A. she often helps the poor B. she works hard

C. she cooks for the shopkeeper D. she?s good at sewing

( )4. As , she had to do some sewing for the old man .

A. the woman liked it

B. the woman was hungry

C. the woman had nothing to eat that evening

D. the woman had some broken clothes

( )5. Which of the following is true ?

A. The old man found a button .

B. Mrs. Turner wanted to sew a jacket for the old man .

C. The old man wasn?t hungry .

D. The old man hoped Mrs. Turner would sew a jacket for him .




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