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阅 读 训 练 一

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阅 读 训 练 一(内部资料2013-4-12)



People can find bears in many places in the world . They have large bodies and thick legs , Bears are not real meat-eaters because they almost Bears are not so were killed by bears when they wanted to kill bears .

noses , not with their eyes . They live mainly on roots (根) , fish and small insects . Sometimes

But if you are friendly to them , they won’t hurt you . are friendly , too . In fact , animals are our friends . We can live together on the earth.

( )1. A. long B. short C. thin D. thick

( )2. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. some things

( )3. A. so B. as C. than D. for

( )4. A. children B. students C. pupils D. hunters

( )5. A. hearing B. eyesight C. eyes D. ears

( )6. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

( )7. A. small B. big C. fat D. large

( )8. A. more friendly B. prettier C. cleverer D. not cleverer

( )9. A. clever B. sad C. cleverly D. sadly

( )10. A. Because B. But C. Or D. So





People usually hate mice , but people almost all over the world like one mouse ----- the famous Mickey Mouse .

Fifty years ago , most films had no sounds . A man called Walt Disney made a cartoon mouse . The cartoon mouse could talk in these films . He named his mouse Mickey Mouse . Soon Mickey Mouse became a good friend of both young and old people . Children liked to see their lovely friend , because he brought happiness to them .

Mickey is a clean mouse right from the beginning . Maybe this is why people love Mickey Mouse very much . In his early life , Mickey did some wrong things . People were very angry . They wrote to Disney and said they did not want Mickey to do wrong things . Because there were some things that Mickey could not do , Disney made a new animal called Donald Duck .

He also made a dog , Pluto . This dog does some foolish and wrong things wherever he goes . Now our Mickey Mouse is more interesting as well . He is known as a star of beauty and wisdom (智慧) . He has his friends in almost every country .

( )1. Mickey Mouse first came out .

A. on TV B. in the film C. in the play D. in a picture-book

( )2. Children love Mickey Mouse because .

A. it can speak B. it is clean

C. it makes them happy D. it is a mouse

( )3. The dog , Pluto , is .

A. a fool that often does something wrong

B. a clever dog that can do everything well

C. a beautiful dog that people like very much

D. a famous dog as a star of beauty and wisdom

( )4. The best title for the passage is .

A. Pluto B. Donald Duck

C. Donald Duck and Pluto D. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

( )5. Why did Disney make Donald Duck ?

A. Because Mickey Mouse was very lonely .

B. Because there were some things that Mickey could not do .

C. Because Mickey was able to do everything .

D. Because people didn’t like Mickey Mouse any more .






hair , so 是否) they are boys or girls .

It’old man goes out for a walk in a park in London . When he is tired , he sits down on a chair to rest and there are some persons on it . Just then , he sees a child standing beside a tree far from them . “”the old man says to a person with long hair on the same chair , “you see the child with long hair and in a blue coat ? Is it a boy or a girl ? ” “A girl , ”says the person on the chair , “She is my daughter .” “Oh!” the old man says , “ , I don’t know you are her mother .” “No,” says the person , “I’m her father .”

( )1. A. Much B. Many C. Lot D. Too

( )2. A. on B. in C. below D. about

( )3. A. the same B. a same C. same D. same the

( )4. A. short B. tall C. long D. black

( )5. A. far B. long C. easy D. good

( )6. A. rainy B. well C. windy D. sunny

( )7. A. a B. an C. the D. \

( )8. A. Excuse me B. Excuse C. Sorry D. Hi

( )9. A. Are B. Can C. Does D. Is

( )10. A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Hi D. No


Mrs. Turner lives in a small town . Her husband died in a traffic accident and left her little money . She was often hungry and lived in a cold room in winter . A shopkeeper had pity on her and told her to cook for him . He pays her some money and she doesn’t worry about food or clothes any longer .

The woman is often ready to help others . She does her best to give something to the poor people . Sometimes she would rather (宁愿) be hungry , but she gives her food to the poor . And she’s liked and everybody knows her .

One Sunday Mrs. Turner rested at home . A few men came to beg for something . She 3

almost gave all to them and left only some food for supper . That evening , while she was doing some sewing in the room , she heard someone knocking at the door . She opened the door and saw an old man standing outside .

“Please have pity on me , Mrs. Turner ,”said the old man . “I’ve eaten nothing for two days . Could you give me some food , please ?”

“Oh, I’m sorry , sir ,”said the woman . “I have neither money nor food now . I can do some sewing for you if your clothes are worn out .”

“It’s very kind of you , madam ,”the old man said happily . “I have a button (纽扣) here . Please sew a jacket on it .”

( )1. Mrs. Turner lives A. with her husband B. with her children C. with her parents D. alone

( )2. , so she has some food and clothes .

A. Mrs. Turner does some sewing at home

B. Some of Mrs. Turner’s friends often help her

C. Mrs. Turner cooks for a kind-hearted shopkeeper

D. Mrs. Turner found work in a shop

( )3. Mrs. Turner is liked because .

A. she often helps the poor B. she works hard

C. she cooks for the shopkeeper D. she’s good at sewing

( )4. As , she had to do some sewing for the old man .

A. the woman liked it

B. the woman was hungry

C. the woman had nothing to eat that evening

D. the woman had some broken clothes

( )5. Which of the following is true ?

A. The old man found a button .

B. Mrs. Turner wanted to sew a jacket for the old man .

C. The old man wasn’t hungry .

D. The old man hoped Mrs. Turner would sew a jacket for him .




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