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牛津英语8B Unit 1 基础知识巩固练习

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牛津英语8B Unit 1 基础知识巩固练习2013-5-23


1. His parents always tell him to drive (safe).

2. It’s (correct) to leave litter everywhere .

3. (luck) , his car crashed into a tree last night .

4. What (change) can you see in these two photos ?

5. The airport has been in (serve) since ten years ago .

6. You can’t believe him . He is a (honest) man .

7. When he got home , he found his wallet (lose) .

8. What wonderful (time) we are living in !

9. Nothing is to a willing mind . (possible)

10. He has changed a lot in some (way) .

11. Rice is growing fine , (especial) in this area .

12. Many birds fly to (south) cities in winter .

13. All the visitors felt (relax) at this piece of music .

14. These young men (waste) a lot of money on horse racing in the past .

15. On Women’s Day , many husbands buy beautiful flowers for their . (wife)

16. What do you think about air (pollute) in your home town ?

17. It is wrong (throw) food to animals in the zoo .

18. Tom used (swim) in the river when he was young .

19. Do you often go out (walk) your pet dog after supper ?

20. In the past three years , I (read) a lot of interesting books .

21. I (make) a lot of friends since I (come) to Nanjing last year .

22. The boy wants to be a teacher when he (grow) up .

23. I felt (happy) after I heard the bad news .

24. Your father is sleeping . Don’t you walk into the bedroom (quiet) ?

25. Nobody likes to make friends with (polite) children .

26. Many people in the West think 13 is an (lucky) number .

27. Stop eating (health) food , and you will be slimmer .

28. I tried to make him happy , but my words just made him even (sad) .

29. He is sometimes too (careful) in exams and gets very few points .

30. I (see) the film already . I (see) it yesterday evening .


1. The boy was born in 1990 . Since then , he (live) in Nanjing .

2. In the past he was careless . He often (make) mistakes .

3. ---- Has the train (arrive) yet ? ---- Yes , it (arrive) ten minutes ago .

4. The bowl is empty . He (eat) the food .

5. Do you know how long it (be) in use ?

6. There (be) many changes in China since 1979 .

7. I (teach) English in this school since I (come) to Shanghai .

8. When he was young , he used to (get) up early to do morning exercises .

9. Bill spends much time (develop) computer programmes (程序) .

10. Have you (write) to your pen friends since you came to Nanjing ?

11. He (not come) back yet .

12. My uncle (work) here as a teacher since he (leave) school in 2002 . 1

13. I (not do) my homework yet . I (do) it tomorrow .

14. Eddie (live) with Millie since he was born .

15. Jack (keep) this story book for a very long time .


1. 三年前怀特一家人搬到南京。

The Whites Nanjing three years ago .

2. 从前学校附近有一个公共汽车站。

a bus station near the school .

3. 在某些方面,人们的生活比以前更好了。

People’s life is much than before .

4. 我以前在农村生活过很长时间。

I in the country for a long time .

5. 我们打算采访那位科学家。

We are going to the scientist .

6. 我不能像以前那样经常玩电脑游戏了。

I can’t play computer games .

7. 南京的水污染比上海的少。

There is in Nanjing than in Shanghai .

8. 他们是去年10月1日结的婚。

They on October 1st last year .

9. 最近我没有收到他的信。

I from him .

10. 她还没有决定要去哪儿。

She haven’t decided .

11. 我从搬到南京起就在这儿学习了。

I here since I Nanjing .

12. 你已经做完你的家庭作业了吗?

you your homework ?

13. 实际上那个男孩只有六岁。

, the boy was only six years old .

14. 我从没见过这么漂亮的金字塔模型。

I such a beautiful model pyramid .

15. 自从上周以来我就患了感冒。

I a cold last week .

16. 我已经告诉他这个消息了。

I him the news .

17. 我从来没有坐火车旅行过。

I have train .

18. 你有没有写过英文信?

you an English letter ?

19. 我很高兴我能亲眼看到这些变化。

I was very happy to 20. 过去人们常常住在旧房子里。

People in old houses .

21. 这些年来事情变化很大。

Things a lot the years .


22. 现在, 我们镇上越来越多的人搬到新房子里了。

Now , more and more people into the new houses in our town .


, people who live in big cities .

24. 后来,政府意识到这是个很严重的问题,于是采取了措施来减少污染。

Later , the government realized it was and 25. 湿地的变化已经带来了很多优势,但它们也为野生动物带来很多问题。

the wetlands have brought many advantages but they have also for wildlife .

26. 这里过去是一片森林,有许多树和野生动物。

It a forest lots of trees and many wild animals .

27. 这个小男孩每天自己坐公交车去上学。

The little boy goes to school by bus every day.

28. 这幢教学楼已经投入使用10年了。

The teaching building for 10 years .

29. 上海已经变成了一个现代化的城市。

Shanghai a city .

30. ---- 我能借你一下尺子吗?---- 对不起, 我已经借给玛丽了。

---- Can I your ruler , please ?

---- I am sorry , I it to Mary .

31. 自从我12岁时,就认识Amy的母亲。



Moonlight Town (use) to be a quiet place . However , it has (change) a lot over the years . It is much easier and (fast) to go to the centre of town ,but it (have) (few) trees than before .

However , most young people them a modern life .


to be a river around it . There were

places have changed into tall buildings . There are many good schools now . There is a good school called Xinhua . It is in the south of the city .

here .


某英文报举办“家乡的变化”主题征文活动。请你根据下表提示,以“The changes in My Hometown”为题,用英语写一篇90词左右的短文。





In the past , my hometown was very small . 范文:

The Changes in My Hometown

In the past , my hometown was very small . People lived a poor life . The houses were old and small . Pollution was very serious , and there was rubbish everywhere . The traffic was not convenient , so few visitors came here .

Now things have changed a lot over the years in my hometown . The environment has become more beautiful . The mountains have turned greener , the rivers cleaner and the sky bluer . There are trees , flowers and grass everywhere .People live a better life . Their houses are large and bright . Many people have their own cars . Every year , thousands of people from all over the world come to visit our city .

I’m sure my hometown will become better and better in the future .


The best way of learning a language is using it . The best way of learning English is talking in English as much as possible . Sometimes you’ll get your words mixed up (混合) and people will not understand you . Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can’t understand them . But if you keep your sense of humor , you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make . Don’t be unhappy if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes . It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you , because they don’t understand what you are saying . The most important thing for learning English is , “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because everyone makes mistakes .”

( )1. The writer thinks that the best way for you to learn a language is .

A. writing B. using it C. listening D. learning grammar

( )2. What should you do in learning English ?

A. Be careful not to make any mistakes .

B. Write as quickly as you can .

C. Speak English as much as you can .

D. Laugh more often .

( )3. When you make a mistake , you should .

A. keep quiet B. get angry C. be kind D. keep your sense of humor

( )4. When people laugh at your mistakes , you should .

A. not care B. be happy C. feel worried D. be unhappy

( )5. The story tells us: “ ”.

A. Only foolish (愚蠢的) people make mistakes .

B. Few people make mistakes

C. People never make mistakes

D. There is no one who doesn’t make mistakes


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