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Unit 1 Exercise

一. 补全对话:

Anna: Hi, Jane. Where you go on vacation last week?

Jane: I ______ to Penang in _______.

Anna: Who _____you go with?

Jane: I went with my ______.

Anna: What did you do?

Jane: The weather was hot and _______ on Monday, so we went _________on the beach. Then in the afternoon, we________ bicycles to Georgetown.

Anna: Sounds good!

Jane: Well, but the nest day was not good. My________ and I went to Penang Hill, but the weather___________ really bad and rainy. We _________ a long time for the train and we were _________ and cold because we forgot to bring an ___________.

Anna: Oh, no!

Jane: And that’s not all! We also didn’t bring_________ money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish.

二. 用anyone ,something, anything, everything, nothing, everyone , no one 填空。

1. Linda: Did you do ____________ fun on your bacation, Alice?

Alice: Yes, I did. I went to Sanya.

Linda: How did you like it?

Alice: Well, it was my first time there, so __________ was really interesting.

Linda: Did you go with ___________?

Alice: Yes, I did. I went with my sister.

Linda: Did you go shopping?

Alice: Of course! I bought _________ for my parents. But __________ for myself. Linda: Why didn’t you buy __________for yourself.

Alice: I didn’t really see___________ I liked.

2. Dear bill,

How was your vacation? Did you do _________ interesting? Did ________ in the family go with you? I went to a friend’s farm in the countryside with my family. _________was great. We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was ______ much to do in the evening but read. Still ___________ seemed to be bored. Byefor now! Mark


Last August, our class_________(do) something very special on our school trip. We __________(go) to mount Tai. We_________(start) our trip at 12:00 at night. Everyone in our class_________(take) a bag with some food and water. After three hours, someone looked at the map and _________(find) out we __________(be ,not) anywhere near the top. My legs ________(be) so tired that I wanted to stop. My classmates_________(tell) me to keep going, so I

_________(go) on. At 5:00 a.m., we got to the top! Everyone _________(jump) up and down in excitement. Twenty minutes later, the sun ________(start) to come up. It was so beautiful that we ________(forget) about the last five hours!

Unit2 Exercise


A. What do Tom and Mike _______do on weekends?

B: They sometimes go to the museum.

A: _______ do they go to the shopping center?

B: _______ ever. Maybe about twice a month.

A: _______ do they watch TV?

B: Mike never watch TV, but Tom watches TV _______ day. A: Oh, I’m just like Tom. I ______ watch TV ,too.


1. 我经常帮他学英语。(help …with…)

2. 这个故事我读了好几遍了。( have read….some times )

3. 我将在这待一段时间。 (some time)

4. 几乎没有剩下的食物。 ( hardly )

5. 你多久锻炼一次? (how often )

6. 我用刀切面包。 (use )

7.吃蔬菜对你有益(be good for)

8.农场上有多少个工人?(How many)

9.玛丽问我关于我生日聚会的一些事情。(ask sb. about sth . )




13.没有一个人知道这个问题的答案。(the answers to the questions)


15.我认为对于动物来说呆在笼子里是没有益的。(is good for)



18.我害怕乘飞机旅行。(be afraid to do sth.)

19.有些小孩怕黑。(be afraid of sb./sth,) 20. 我们在这儿住了不到两年(less than six)

根据句意填入单词的正确形式: Unit3 Exercise

1. My brother is two years __________(old)than me.2. Tom is as ________(fat) as Jim.

3. Is your sister __________(young) than you? Yes,she is.4. Who is ___________(thin),you or Helen? Helen is.

5. Whose pencil-box is __________(big),yours or hers? Hers is.6. Mary’s hair is as __________(long) as Lucy’s.

7.Ben ______ (jump) ________ (high) than some of the boys in his class.

8.______ Nancy sing __________ (well) than Helen? Yes, she _____. 9.Fangfang is not as _________ (tall) as the other girls.

10.My eyes are __________(big) than ________ (she).. 11.Which is ___________(heavy),the elephant or the pig?

12.Who gets up _________(early),Tim or Tom?

13._____the girls get up_______(early) than the boys?No,they______.

14. Jim runs _____(slow). But Ben runs _____(slow).

15.The child doesn’t______(write) as ____(fast) as the students.

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