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新目标英语八年级上unit7what is the highest mountain in the world

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Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world?

Let’s enjoy a song!

1. The lane(小巷) is long, the street is longer, the road is the longest, it is the longest. 2. The pool is big, the lake is bigger, the sea is the biggest, it is the biggest. 3. The pen is short , the chalk(粉笔) is shorter, the pin(大头针) is the shortest, it is the shortest. 4. The star is bright, the moon is brighter, the sun is the brightest, it is the brightest. 5. the roof(屋顶) is high, the cloud is higher, the sky is the highest, it is the highest. 6. the floor is low, the ground is lower , the cell(地下室) is the lowest, it is the lowest. 7. the house is dark, the room is darker, the cave(山洞) is the darkest, it is the darkest. 8. the gate is thick ,the door is thicker, the wall is the thickest, it is the thickest.

Memory test 忆歌词
1.the lane, the street, the road—long 2.the pool , the lake, the sea—big 3.the pen , the chalk, the pin —short 4. the star, the moon, the sun—bright. 5. the roof , the cloud, the sky —high 6. the floor, the ground, the cell — low. 7. the house, the room, the cave —dark. 8. the gate, the door , the wall — thick

To use Comparative and Superlative Form of Adjectives and Adverbs to describe things

To learn to talk about geography and nature

It is 8,844.43 meters high.

1,025 meters deep

The Caspian Sea

6,671 kilometers long

The Nile

9,600,000 square kilometers wide / in size.

The Sahara

6-9人小组,用比较级或最高级谈论所见 所闻。

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