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xx中2012-2013学年度第二学期期中考试试卷 7. A. On Friday B. At 3:00. C. No, I don’t. 8. A. By bus B. About 300 meters C. About 30 minutes. 9. A. That sounds great. B. Thanks. C. OK.I know. 10. A. Yes, they are B. They like singing. C. No, they can’t. C. 听对话,选择最佳答案。读两遍(5分) 11. What can the boy’s brother do?

A. Play the guitar. B. Play basketball. C. Play chess. 七年级英语


说明:1. 请将所有答案依次填入答题表或指定的地方,否则不得分。



___ ___ ______ ___



姓 名: ___ ___

______ ___ ___ ___ ___

I. 听力测试

A. 听句子,选择与所听到内容相符的图片。读两遍(5分) 第I题 1.




A B C B. 听句子,选择恰当的应答语。读两遍(5分)

6. A. Yes, I can B. Yes, I am C. I like computers.


12. What time does the boy usually get up?

A. At 6:45 am.. B. At 7:15 am. C. At 7:30 am.

13. How long does it take Linda to go to school on foot?

A. Five minutes. B. Ten minutes. C. Fifteen minutes. 14. When does the girl clean her room?

A. Every day. B. On school nights. C. On weekends. 15. What is Mike doing now?

A. Sleeping. B. Swimming. C. Running. D. 听短文,填入恰当内容完成表格。读两遍(5分)


A.根据句意,用所给词的适当形式完成句子,将答案填入答题表。 第II题21. “Can you play soccer____basketball?” “Oh, I can play soccer.”(and,or) 答题表22. After i get up at 6:00, I brush my _____(tooth). 23. It takes me half an hour ______(eat) dinner every day. 24. Does Bill _______go to bed now? (have to , can) 25. Koalas like eating ________(leaf) very much.

B.根据首字母完成句子,将完整形式答案填入答题表。(每空限填一词) 26. S_______is the first day of a week. 27. I r______my bike to work everyday.

28. He often l_____for school at around 7 in the morning. 29. No f_______! Please get on well with each other. 30. How do students a_______the world get to school


III. 单项选择

根据句意或语境,选择最佳选项完成句子,将其编号填入答题表。 31. — ______ does your mother do?

— She is a teacher in a middle school. A. Who B. What C. Where

32. Koala sleeps _____ the day but gets up _____ night. 第III题

A. at; at B. for; during C. during; at 答题表 33. — _____ does your cousin like koalas? — Because they are very cute. A. Why B. What C. Who 34.

What languages can you ________, Susan? — French and a little Chinese. A. talk B. say C. speak 35. Tokyo is a city in _____. B. Japan C. Japanese


Canada find a _____? I want to get some money. 36. — Where can I

— Go down the street and turn left. B. library C. bank


school 37. — ______ any

students in the classroom?

第IV题 — No. They are all on the playground.

答题表 A. Is there B. Are there C. Have there 38. Can Tom______________?

A. play the chess B. play the football C. play the guitar 39. It’s 11

o’clock at night. I must _______.

A. go work B. go to bed C. go to work 40. I have ______rules in my house.

A. too much B. too many C. much too

IV.根据内容,补全对话(15分)。 A. 用适当的词填空。

his up at six’ o clock, showers, to school at around half

past six. First, he rides his bike to the bus ten then the early takes him to school. The bus ride for school.



A:What’s your favourite animal? B:A:Why do you like them? B: And they often help us in the water. A:B:I like pandas,too.

A: But do you know where pandas are from? B:I think.

V. 完形填空


It is a small factory.There is nowhere(没有地方) to near it,so the workers take some food from their homes and eat it in the factory at 58 of the workers always has fish sandwiches(三明治).Every day he takes 59 of them out of his bites (咬) it and throws all the sandwiches away.

One day ,one of the workers ,“But Bill,don’t you like fish sandwiches?” “No”says Bill,“I don’t like them.”

“Then why does your make them for you everyday?There are lots of other nice things for sandwiches.Tell and she will make other sandwiches.”

“It isn’t easy as that,”answers Bill.“I don’t have a wife.I sandwiches myself(我自己).” 56. A.play B.eat

C.swim 第V题57. A..noon B.morning C.evening

答题表 58.A.One B.Two C.Three 59. A.one

B.two C.three 60. A.home B.room C.bag 61. A.then B.than C.so

62. A.says B.tells C.say 63. A.mother B.wife

C.father 64. A.her


C.them 65. A.do B.make



VI. 阅读理解

A. 阅读短文,根据短文内容,选择最佳答案,将其编号填入答题表。

( A)

My name is Chen Lan.My home is in Gulangyu.Do you know it?It is in Xiamen.It is near the sea(海).Gulangyu is a small place,but it is very nice and clean.There are no cars,no buses.People only walk.So it is very quiet.

Our house is in the middle of Gulangyu.Behind our house there is a big old tree.My grandfather tells me that the tree is very,very old.There are many birds in the tree.We call it a “bird tree”.Our house is near the sea.The sea is big and blue.There are a lot of fish in the sea.After school,I go there and catch(捉) fish with my friends.It is very interesting.I like fish and I like catching fish. 66.Chen Lan is from _______. 第VI题



C.Hunan D. Xiamen 答题表 67.What is not in this passage? A.The cars and buses. B.The fish.

C.Her parents. D.Her friends.

68.What is behind their house?

A. a river B. a sea C. an old tree D. fish 69.How is the sea? A.small

B.big C. blue D. B and C

70.Why do they call the tree a “bird tree”?

A.Because it is like a bird. B.Because it is very old. C.Because there are many birds in it. D.Because they like it.


Jim is an American. He is now living(居住) in China.He gets up at about half past six and has breakfast at seven o’clock.After breakfast,he says goodbye to his parents and leaves home at half past seven.He usually goes to school on foot.He gets there at five minutes to eight.He has his first class at eight.

Morning classes are over at ten past twelve and he has lunch five minutes later,at about a quarter past twelve.After lunch he plays with his friends.

Afternoon classes begin at half past one.Usually there are two lessons in the afternoon.They finish at half past three.Usually he plays games or other things at school,and he gets home at about a quarter past five.He has supper at six and then does his homework and then watches TV.He goes to bed at about half past ten.

71.Where was Jim born(出生)? A.In America.

B.In England. C.In China. D.In Beijing. 72.He has breakfast _______


A.at half past six B.at seven o’clock C.at half past seven

D.at five minutes to eight 73.Jim is _______.

A.an English teacher B.a doctor C.a cleaner

D.a student 74.How does he go to school? A.By bus

By bike. C.On foot.

D.By train.

75.He goes to bed at _______ in the evening.

A.9:00 B.10:00 C.10:30 D.11:30 B. 通读短文,根据短文内容,完成下列句子,将答案填写在横线上。

This is Molly. She is an elephant . She is twelve years old. She is from Africa. She likes to play with fer friend and eat grass.

This is Ling Ling. She’ s five years old and she’s a panda. She’s from China . She’s very beautiful, but she’s very shy, so please be very quiet.

This is Bill. He is from Australia. He sleeps during the day, but at night he gets up and eats leaves. 76. Molly is _________________old.

77. Molly likes to play with ___________________.

78. Ling Ling comes _______________, and she’s very beautiful. 79. Bill always sleeps ____________________. 80. These animals come from different _____________.

VII. 选择方框中所给的词并用其适当形式填空,使短文完整、通顺。(每小题1分,共10分)

Lily is a middle school student. She is 12 years (81) ________. She likes singing very much. Every afternoon, she goes to have the (82) ________ class, because she wants to be a (83) ________ when she grows up. In the music class, she also learns to (84) ________ the piano and the guitar. She thinks it’s interesting (85) ________ a little difficult. Anyway, she (86) ________ the time in the class. The (87) ________ is a young lady. She is kind and beautiful. Lily thinks she teaches quite (88) ________, so she likes her. The classmates are (89) ________ very nice. They are friendly to each other (彼此). When Lily meets some difficulties, they often (90) _______ her. VIII. 书面表达。(10分)

以“My School Days”为题,结合学校的规章制度,介绍你上课期间的学习和生活习惯(字数60字左右)。


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