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英 语 试 题




第一节 情景反应。听一遍。根据你所听到的句子,从A、B、C三个选项中选出现最恰当的答语,并将其番号填入题前括号内。

( ) 1.A.An actor. B. In the cinema. C. 30 years old.

( ) 2.A.Yes,I do. B. Yes, I am. C. No, I like.

( ) 3.A.Because they’re relaxing. B.I love them. C. They’re boring.

( ) 4. A. Many cars. B. Sunny. C. It is nice.

( ) 5. A. Very young. B. The next morning. C. Their parents.

( ) 6. A. Yesterday. B. By train. C. It was OK.

第二节 对话理解。听一遍。根据你所听到的对话和问题,从A、B、C三个选项中选出正确答案,并将其番号填入题前括号内。

( )7. A. Six hours. B. Seven hours. C. Eight hours.

( )8. A. Twice a week. B. Every day. C. Twice a month.

( )9. A. To Beijing. B. To Hong Kong. C. To Shanghai.

( )10. A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. He watches them.

( )11. A. Allan B. Allan’s brother. C. Allan’s sister.

( )12. A. Once a week. B. Twice a week. C. Every day.

第三节 短文理解。听两遍。根据你所听到的短文内容,从A、B、C三个选项中选出正确答案,并将其番号填入题前括号内。


( )13. What do they look like?

A. They have black eyes and black hair.

B. They have black eyes and longer black hair.

C. They have blue eyes and shorter black hair.

( )14. What does Lucy think of herself?

A. She’s more outgoing. B. She’s smarter. C. She’s more athletic.

( )15. What is Lily’s favorite subject?

A. P.E. B. Chinese. C. English.


( )16.Li Lei is ______.

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. American

( )17.Li Lei thinks soap operas are ______.

A. boring B. interesting C. awful

( )18.Li Lei ______ sitcoms.

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A. doesn’t like B. can’t stand C. loves

( )19.Li Lei often reads Sitcom World on ______.

A. Wednesday B. weekends C. weekdays

( )20.Li Lei doesn’t like ______.

A. cartoons B. sitcoms C. talk shows


( ) 21.Of the two movies, Tiny Times by Guo Jingming is_______ more popular one this year.

A. a B. / C. the D. an

( ) 22.If you plan ________a movie, choose Mu lan.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( )23. _______ he was very tired, _______ he didn’t stop working.

A. Though, / B. Though, but C. But, / D. Because, /

( ) 24. –How often do you visit your grandparents, Tom? --__________.

A. Half an hour B. Three hours C. Twice D. Hardly ever

( ) 25. His parents ________English teachers in our school.

A. are all B. all are C. are both D. both is

( ) 26. —Do you know that there are many different ________animals in the zoo?

—Yes, I do. And I also know that some of them are ________ scaring.

A. kinds of; kind of B. kinds of; kinds of

C. kind of; kinds of D. kind of; kind of

( )27. Who listens _____,Tom, Jack, or Bill?

A. the most careful B. the most carefully

C. more careful D. more carefully

( )28. It’s very easy _____ him _____English well.

A. of; studying B. for; to study C. of; to study. D. for; studying

( )29. Sally can’t join in the singing competition _______ her young age.

A. because of B. because C. as D. so

( )30. After he read the _______ book, he felt very _________ .

A. interesting, interesting B. interested, interested

C. interested, interesting .D. interesting, interested

( )31. Look ! I see someone ______basketball on the playground .

A. play B. to play C. plays D. playing

( )32.I think Mr. Green’s class is more interesting than ______ .

A.Mr. White’s B. Mr. White C.Mr. Whites’ D.Mr. Whites

( )33. At the party, Lucy _______ like a Mickey Mouse to make us ________ .

A. dressed up, laugh B. dressed up, to laugh

C. dressed on, laugh D. dressed on, to laugh

( )34. I don’t think Henry is _____ than Tony.

A. much popular B. more popular

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C. popular D. most popular

( )35. Would you like some bread? —______, I'm full.

A. No, thanks. B. Yes, please.

C. No, I don't like it. D. Yes, I would.

( )36. The meat is ______expensive and eating _____meat is bad for your health.

A. too much , too many B. much too ,too much

C. too much ,many D. much too, many too

( )37.--- ______hours do you exercise every week ? Nine hours every week .

A. How many B . How often C . How much D. How long

( )38.They arrived in Beijing _________the morning of May 10.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )39. I am going to _______ on the phone with my friends tonight.

A. talked B. talk

C. talks D. talking

( )40.- I don’t like action movies. I think they’re ________.

A.boring B.difficult C.interesting D.exciting



Friends are very important in people’s lives(生活like the same things. Should friends be different (观点), I don’t care. I have two best friends, Wang Lei and Lin Ying. Wang Lei than . On weekends, we often go to the library to do some reading. But the other friend of mine, Lin Ying, is very different and often makes me laugh. She also , so she is more athletic(体格健壮的). I don’t think differences important in a friendship(友谊). What’s your opinion?

( )41.A.same B. different C. active D. free

( )42.A.some B. another C. other D. the other

( )43.A. and B. but C. or D. then

( )44.A.isn’t B. doesn’t C. does D. is

( )45.A. quiet B. quieter C. outgoing D. more outgoing

( )46.A. reading books B. playing games C. watching TV D. going to the movies

( )47.A. in B. from C. at D. on

( )48.A. doing sports B. telling jokes C. going the parties D. going shopping

( )49.A. sports B. books C. movies D. subjects

( )50.A.are B. is C. was D. were

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Li Gang is a good student. He is always friendly. He likes his school and loves school life. He likes sports very much and he is good at playing basketball. He enjoys listening to music, too.

Li Gang usually gets up early(提早) in the morning. Then he does morning exercises in the open air. Li Gang studies very hard, and he always listens to the teacher carefully(认真地) in class. He does his home-work every day and often works late at night. So he always gets good grades. He often helps others with their studies. All the teachers and students like him and we should learn from him.

( ) 51. Li Gang plays _____ well.

A. soccer B. baseball

D. volleyball C. basketball

( ) 52. Li Gang usually gets up early in the morning to _____.

A. read books B. do his homework

C. clean the classroom D. do morning exercises

( ) 53. In class Li Gang always _____.

A. talks with others B. plays with pencils

C. listens to music D. listens to the teacher carefully


Peter’s uncle lives in the country. He is a man full of humor (幽默). One day, Peter went to see his uncle. His uncle drove his car to the station to meet him. On their way home, they saw many people. His uncle waved (挥手) to everybody. Peter was surprised (惊奇) and said,“Uncle,you wave to everybody. Do you know all of them?”

“No,Peter,” answered his uncle. “When I wave to someone who knows me, he’ll feel happy. When I wave to someone and he doesn’t know me, he will feel surprised and then he will have something to think about,he will make his road seem shorter . So I can make everybody happy.”

( )54. Peter’s uncle lives________.

A. in the city B. at the station C. in a town D. in the country

( )55. Peter and his uncle went home________.

A. by car B. on foot C. by hike D. by train

( )56. Peter’s uncle ________there.

A. doesn’t know everybody B. knows some of those people

C. knows everybody D. doesn’t know some of those people

( )57. Peter’s uncle wanted to________.

A. make everybody happy B. make everybody unhappy

C. make someone happy D. make someone unhappy


All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports are good for people’s health. Many people like to

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watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets or may be online to watch.

Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We can find sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting and people everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very popular in the world. People from different countries cannot understand(了解) each other, but after a game they often become very friendly to each other.

( )58. Sports are good for _______.

A. the players B. people’s health

C. the coaches D. people who like sports

( )59. If you like sports, you can _______.

A. buy tickets to watch the games B. watch the games on TV C. watch the games on the Internet D.A、B and C A. the same game B. different games C. any games D. all kinds of games ( )60. People play _______ in different seasons. ( )61. From this passage we can see that _______ can become very friendly. A. people from different countries all B .people from the same country C. people who do the same sports

D. after a game, people from different countries


Being outgoing is good for your life. Those who are more outgoing like to meet lots of people and have more fun in life. In fact, being outgoing is not so hard as you think. Even shy people can be outgoing.

You can start becoming outgoing with your best friend or a group of friends. But the real challenge(挑战) comes when you meet strange(陌生的) people or new friends. Smile more, and usually they will return(回以) your smile. In this way, you may have some talks.

Start a talk. Just a simple ―Hello‖ or ―How is it going‖ is a good start. If you want to make interesting talks, you should read news in the newspapers and prepare(准备) your views(观点), or surf the Internet for new information and then keep that in mind.

The easiest way to become more outgoing is to go out. This is also the most important step. Go to a park, beach, club, party or any other place that you think can be fun, and you may make new friends there.

( )62. You should start to be outgoing with ______.

A. your parents B. your teachers

C. your best friends D. your new friends

( )63. When you start a talk with a strange people, you should say ― ______‖.

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A. What’s the matter? B. What’s your name?

D. Are you healthy?

C. playing D. going out C. How is it going? A. talking B. smiling ( )64. The easiest way to be outgoing is ______.

( )65. Which is NOT the writer’s view(观点)?

A. Being outgoing is really difficult.

B. Being outgoing is good for our lives.

C. Being outgoing helps people have more fun.

D. Being outgoing with stranger(陌生人) is not easy.



Peter, Jack, Sam, Bob and John are on our school basketball team. It is one of the most popular teams in our school. Next Sunday, they are going to play against (同…比赛)No.20 Middle School basketball team.

Sam is the thinnest ,but runs fastest. Peter is the tallest .He is good at jumping, He can jump the highest, too. He can throw(投)the ball into the basket easily. Bob is a new player, but he is a great player. Of the five boys, Jack is the best player. In the last basketball match, he got twenty points(分) for his team. John is the heaviest .He is 66 kg. He runs more slowly than any other boy. But he is good at stopping the players of the other team from getting near the basket. They are a strong team. Are they going to win?Let’s wait and see!

66. What is Peter good at doing?


67. Of the five boys, who runs most slowly?


68.Did Jack get twenty points for his team ?



69.Tom read English with his friend in class.(改为一般疑问句)

_______Tom _______ English with his friend in class.? 对划线部分提问) __________do you_________ of soap operas?

71. Michael is taller than any other student in his class.(同义句)

Michael is _______ _________ in his class.

72. 安娜太小而不能上学。 Anna is ________ young ________go to school.


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B: (73)_________. It’s my second time watching it.

A: Man on Wire. Hmm...

B:(74) __________.

A: Yeah, I do. It’s a great movie.

B:I agree.(75)_________

A: Oh, I remember. And it was in New York. I love that city!

B: Me ,too.(76)___________

A: I’d love to, but I have to stay at home with my mom.(77) __________

B: Sorry to hear that. Hope your mom will be better soon.

A: Thanks. Enjoy your night.



Jim was a worker. One of his feet was bigger than the other. He couldn’t his feet. One day his friend Mike to him ― don’t you go to a shoemaker(鞋匠)? A good shoemaker can make you the right shoes.‖Jim went to the shoemaker near Mike’s home, very soon the shoemaker finished the work. Jim saw the shoes and wasn’t He said to the shoemaker, ― You aren’t ashoemaker! I wanted you to make me one shoe the other, you made me one shoe smaller than the other.‖





提示:1. 比2年前高了许多;

2. 比以前瘦了一点,但比以前更健康了;

3. 所学的功课多了;

初2015级下期英语学科学业抽测 第 7 页 共 8 页 7

4. 玩电脑游戏的时间少了;

5. 学习成绩和以前一样,打算更加努力地学习以取得更好的成绩。

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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