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七年级英语下册lesson 34Steven'sreport

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Lesson 34:Steven’s Report

Listen and circle the correct words. (Finish “Let’s do it!”)

Reading. (Group-work)
1. Fill the table. (小组合作,互相帮助争第一!)
Steven’s Favourite Day
Time After breakfast Weather Activities

After lunch

Second-reading.(read the lesson and find out new words,phases and sentences)
1 Phrases (1) on that day (2) play catch (3) make maple syrup (4) have a picnic (5) feed the geese 2 Important sentences (1)Now, it's Steven’s turn to speak. (2)What a great day! (3) Let’s give him a big hand. (4) Today is another good day.

一: I am going to tell you about my favourite day during my favourite season. ? 我要告诉你在我最喜欢的季节里我最喜欢的一天 的情况。 ? 本句中的动词tell的使用方法为: tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于……。_____________________ tell him about 如:I ________________my school. ? 我给他讲述我的学校情况。


After breakfast,I went on a trip to the countryside with my friends. 本句中的after为 介词 ,后面用名词或代词宾格。
? 放学后,我们迅速跑回家。

After school,we run home quickly.
? 【拓展】after 作连词,引导时间状语从句。如 :After school is over,we run home quickly. ? 放学后,我们很快地往家跑。

? 三:After lunch,we fed the geese. ? 午饭后,我们喂了鹅。 ? feed意为“喂……”。如: ? 我奶奶每天喂绵羊。 My grandmother feeds sheep every day. 【拓展】feed…on…意为“用……喂……。如: 我奶奶每天用草喂绵羊。 My grandmother feeds sheep on grass every day.

We ran to the car,but it was too late. 四:


It is too+形容词(for sb.)to +行为动词原形

It was too late for us to run to the car.

五:全班大声鼓掌。 The class claps loudly. 动词clap意为“鼓掌”,loudly大声地,为副词 ,修饰限制clap,说明动作的发生状态。 clap for…。 当表达“为……而鼓掌”时用: __________ 如:当我们得知他赢得第一名时,我们为他鼓掌。

When we know he won first place , we clapped for him.


We all laughed.
? Laugh意为“大笑”,当表达嘲笑讥笑时,我们 laugh at sb. laugh at oneself 使用 ? 如:当别人陷入困境的时候,不要嘲笑他们。 Don’t laugh at others when they are in trouble.

Talk about your favourite (special,exciting,happy,unforgetful,sad,tired… )day. Write a story. 1.What season was it in?
2.How was the weather? 3.What happened on that day?

请你说出些列短语。 ( 5marks ) 1.在那一天 2.玩传球游戏 3.野餐 4. 做枫树糖浆 5. 喂鹅

We need two more books (同义句) We need books


it’s/ a

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