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( )1. —I have _______finished my homework. What about you?

—I finished it_____.

A. just ; just now B. just now ; just now C. just ; just D. just now ; just

( )2. —__________ have you lived here? —Since last year.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How far

( )3. He has been away______________.

A. since a month B. for a month C. for a month ago D. in a month

( )4. When did your father _________________ your mother?

A. marry B. marry to C. marry with D. get married

( )5 It _____ four years since we ______to learn English.

A. Is , begin B. has been , began C. has, been D. had been ,began

( )6. My brother‘s never been late for work, __________________?

A. is he B.isn‘t he C. has he D.hasn‘t he

( )7. —Excuse me, when ______you ______ the man in blue?

—Last year. And I _____ him for one year.

A. have ; known; have known B. did; know; knew

C. did; know; have known D. have; known; knew

( )8. We spend as much time as we can_____________English.

A. read B. to read C. reading D. have read

( )9. There _______great changes in our hometown in the past fifteen years

A. has been B. have been C. was D. were

( )10. — Hurry up. The bus is coming.

— Oh, no. We mustn‘t cross the street ________ the traffic light are green.

A. after B. while C. since D. until

( )11. Italy is famous for_______________.

A. the Eiffel Tower B. the Pyramids

C .the Leaning Tower of Pisa D. the Thames River

( )12. — Can I see the headmaster at the moment, please?

—I‘m afraid not. He ______________out. He ___________in 10 minutes.

A. goes; comes B. gone; came

C. will go; will come D. has gone; will come back

( )13. He __________be at home,because the light in his room is on.

A. must B. can‘t C. can D. might

( )14. I think skiing is ______________great fun.

A. a B. / C. an D. the

( )15. — What was your brother like when he was young?

— He __________ be quiet. But now he‘s very outgoing.

A. uses B.used C. uses to D. used to


In the doctor‘s waiting room, men and women were sitting on the chair, for their turn. 除了 in a magazine. Just then the doctor came in to say he was ready for the next person. Bob jumped up and ran into the room.

―What‘s your young man?‖ said the doctor. Bob said a word,the doctor made him_____8_____down on a bed. ―Now,let me listen to your heart.‖ Bob tried to speak, but the doctor told him not to say anything. Bob tried to sit up, but the doctor told him anything. ―I‘ll take your temperature.‖ Bob tried to sit up, but the doctor stopped him. ―Now open your mouth…Mm, good.‖ said, ―Well, my boy, you haven‘t got a bad cold. It's nothing. Mm, In fact, there‘s nothing wrong with you.― I know there isn‘t,‖ said Bob,―I just came here to fetch(取得)medicine for my father.‖

( )1. A. quickly B. quietly C. luckily D. noisily

( )2. A. waiting B. waited C. to wait D. wait

( )3. A. happy B. exciting C. interested D. sad

( )4. A. saw B. was seeing C. read D. was reading

( )5. A. patients B. waiting C. sitting D. doctor‘s

( )6. A. story B. trouble C. matter D. wrong

( )7. A. Before B. After C. Until D. While

( )8. A. to lie B. lay C. lying D. lie

( )9. A. say B. not to say C. not say D. to say

( )10 A. After

三、阅读理解 B. In C. On

A D. At

Dear Mum,

Today I‘m going to tell you something really special. I know you work very hard and feel tired every day. Every time you come home and see the messy (杂乱的) house, I know you are very angry with me. But you always say nothing and clean up the house. I always want to help you, but I have so much homework to do. After I finish my homework, I feel like dying. I really want to help you, but I‘m so tired too.

I also want to tell you one thing—I love you so much. I usually talk back to you when you say that I don‘t study hard enough. But in fact I just want you to praise (赞扬) me more. I will try my best to get good grades and get praise from my teacher. So don‘t feel frustrated (失望) about my grades, OK? I have made up my mind that I will study harder and help you to clean the house. I am serious this time. I will have my homework done faster so that I can have more energy to clean the house. I will watch TV less so that I can have more time to study and get good grades. All these things are for one reason—I want to make you a happy mum.

I love you!



( )1. Why is Sally‘s mother angry with Sally when she comes back from work?

A. Because Sally doesn‘t study hard.

B. Because Sally isn‘t good at English.

C. Because Sally doesn‘t clean the house.

D. Because Sally doesn‘t finish her homework.

( )2. What does Sally‘s mother think about her?

A. She thinks Sally is very lazy. B. She feels frustrated about her.

C. She thinks Sally studies very hard. D. She thinks Sally is a bad girl.

( )3. What does Sally want?

A. She wants enough money. B. She wants enough free time.

C. She wants good grades and praise. D. She wants enough good food.

( )4. Why does Sally want to do her homework faster?

A. Because she will have enough time to watch TV.

B. Because she is interested in doing homework.

C. Because she has many important things to do.

D. Because she can have more energy to do some cleaning in her house.

( )5. Which of the following is WRONG?

A. Sally feels very tired after she finishes her homework.

B. Sally loves her mother deeply.

C. Sally‘s teacher feels frustrated about her.

D. Sally wants to make her mother happy.


Diaoyu Dao and its affiliated (附属) islands, which consist of(由…组成)Diaoyu Dao,

Huangwei Yu, Chiwei Yu, Nanxiao Dao, Beixiao Dao, Nan Yu, Bei Yu, Fei Yu and other

islands, are in the northeast of China‘s Taiwan Island, in the waters between

123°20‘-124°40‘E (东经) and 25°40‘-26°00‘N (北纬). They belong to the Taiwan Island.

The total area of these islands is about 5.69 square kilometers.

Diaoyu Dao, in the western tip of the area, covers an area of about 3.91 square

kilometers and is the largest island in the area. The highest part on the island stands 362 meters above the sea level. Huangwei Yu, which is about 27 kilometers to the northeast of Diaoyu Dao, is the second largest island in the area, with a total area of about 0.91 square kilometers and a highest height of 117 meters. Chiwei Yu, about 110 kilometers to the northeast of Diaoyu Dao, is the easternmost island in the area. It covers an area of about 0.065 square kilometers and stands 75 meters above the sea level.

Ancient ancestors (远古祖先) in China first discovered and named Diaoyu Dao through their fishing activities on the sea. In China‘s historical books, Diaoyu Dao is also called Diaoyu Yu or Diaoyu Tai. The earliest historical record of the names of Diaoyu Dao, Chiwei Yu and other places can be found in the book Voyage with a Tail Wind published in 1403. It shows that China had already discovered and named Diaoyu Dao by the 14th and 15th centuries.

These historical reports clearly show that Diaoyu Dao and Chiwei Yu belong to China. The sea waters around Diaoyu Dao is traditionally(传统)Chinese fishing ground. Chinese fishermen have been involved in fishing activities in these waters for generations(世代).

( ) 6. Where is Diaoyu Dao?

A. In the northeast of China. B. 25°40‘-26°00‘E.

C. In the northwest of Taiwan Island. D. 123°20‘-124°40‘E .

( ) 7. The largest island of Diaoyu Dao is ___________ square kilometers.

A. 5.69 B. 3.91 C. 0.91 D. 0.065

( ) 8. The largest island of Diaoyu Dao is _______ meters taller than the second largest one.

A. 75 meters B. 117 meters C. 245 meters D. 362 meters

( ) 9. How did ancient Chinese people find Diaoyu Island?

A. They grew up there. B. They wrote historical books there.

C. They worked and fished on the sea there. D. They drank water there.

( ) 10. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Diaoyu Dao has more than 8 islands.

B. Huangwei Yu is about 110 kilometers to the northeast of Diaoyu Dao.

C. China had already named Diaoyu Dao by the 14th and 15th centuries.

D. The sea waters around Diaoyu Dao is traditionally Chinese fishing ground.


1. The little girl will travel____________ (在国外)to learn more about art.

2. ---Do you know Hong Kong? ---Yes,it ___________ (回归)to China in 1997.

3. There will be a __________ (魔术) show at the gate of the shopping mall.

4. How to protect the ________________(环境)has been under discussion.

5. We should encourage ______________ not to dump waste again. Let‘s write a letter to them.(工厂)

6. Everyone was attracted by the natural ______________(beautiful) .

7. Our English teacher can make her class _____________(excite)

8. These handbags are their ____________(wife)

9. He has gone to Shanghai on ___________(busy)

10. The government has __________(take) action to improve the environment.


1. 当妈妈离开时,我禁不住哭了.

I ___________________________when Mum left.

2. 去年他们计划出国旅行.

They ___________________________________last year.

3. 电影已经放映一个多小时了。

The film ___________________________ for more than an hour.

4. 我保证他们将会在这儿玩得很开心.

I‘m sure _________________________________here.

5. 当他收到我的信时,肯定会很开心的.

He _________________________when he hears from me


1. He likes playing tricks on others, but __________, he is a good boy. He is willing to help others.

2. What's ___________ the cage?

3. —Will you please show me how _____________ the clock?—No problem.

4. Lots of travelling dads and moms are now using e-mail ________________.

5. If you want to improve your English, practice speaking English _________.

6. — Our city is becoming more and more beautiful.

— Yes, great changes ___________________ since 2006.

7. Our sitting room is ____________________ Uncle Li‘s.

8. —Mum, can I have some candies?

— Ok,but only one _______________.

9. There was little time left, but they ___________________ arrive here in time.

10. Tom ________________ after the whole day‘s hard work.


If you think you are too shy and want to be a little bit braver, just try the following things:

Be open to others. Tell people you are shy. There is no need to hide it. When they get to know you are a shy kid, they will understand you better. This also helps you feel more comfortable in talks.

Try to smile more. When you smile, people think you are friendly and easy to talk with. Remember that

other people have feelings too and most people will stay away from an angry-looking face.

Learn to be a good talker. If you find it hard to start a conversation, say something nice about people around you. Think about how great you feel when someone says something nice to you. Doesn‘t it make you want to keep talking to that person?

Get your attention elsewhere. Think more about ways to enjoy parties or games. Don‘t waste time worrying about your look or whether people like you or not. You will become relaxed and find it‘s not so hard to talk with others.

Take one small step at a time . Each time when you say ―Hi‖ or smile at someone, say to yourself ― You can make it.‘ Keeping trying and one day you‘ll never feel shy when you talk to others.

Title: to be a little braver


习近平总书记在十二届全国人大一次会议闭幕会上描绘了―中国梦‖的蓝图,上周一班会课我们班就―我 2. 最后一点要展开合理的想象,不少于2点。

3. 词数80左右,开头与结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

My dream

Everyone may have his own dream. Someone may want to be rich, someone may want to be beautiful, and someone may want to have power. Last Monday, we had a warm discussion about this topic at the class meeting. Here are different opinions. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When thinking of these things, we realize that we are full of life and hope. 一、单项选择。(每小题1分,共10分)

( ) 1. — Uncle Li ______ to London last month. — He ______ there three times.

A. went; had gone B. has gone; has been C. went; has been D. has been; had gone

( )2. —Excuse me, when ______you ______ the man in blue?

—Last year. And I _____ him for one year. A. have ; known; have known B. did; know; knew C. did; know; have known D. have; known; knew ( )3. We spend as much time as we can_____________English.

A. read B. to read C. reading D. have read ( )4. There ____great changes in our hometown in the past fifteen years A. has been B. have been C. was D. were

( ) 5 — I don‘t like my life in this school. I sometimes feel so_____and helpless.

— I don‘t think so. You are never____because all your classmates are ready to help you.

A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. lonely; alone D. alone; lonely

( ) 6. — Do you still write to your friends these days?

— No. But I used _______ that when I was at school.

A. do B. did C. to doing D. to do

( ) 7. — Would you mind _______ the light? — Not at all. We should save energy.

A. to turn on B. turning on C. to turn off D. turning off

( ) 8. — I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation. What about you?

— I haven‘t decided where ________.

A. go B. went C. going D. to go

( )9. –Excuse me. Could you tell me _______arrive at the museum?

--Sorry, I am new here.

A. how I could B. how I can C. how to do D. what I can

( ) 10. — Shall we go to the cinema now?

— No, we ________ all our money, so we have to walk home now.

A. spend B. spent C. have spent D. are spending

( )11. — Can we visit Xuanwu Park for free?

— Yes. It _______ for free for almost one and a half months.

A. has open B. was opened C. has been open D. was open


It is interesting to visit another country, but there are some problems if you don‘t know its __赏小费)

waiters/waitresses, or taxi drivers. When we need help, we might not know how to ask for help. It is not pleasant __a short time‘s stay in another country, we can learn what to leave.

( ) 1. A. language B. people C. words D. world

( ) 2. A. tired B. happy C. hard D. easy

( ) 3. A. something B. anything C. things D. shopping

( ) 4. A. old B. strange C. rich D. popular

( ) 5. A. shop B. school C. hospital D. restaurant

( ) 6. A. soon B. many C. much D. often

( ) 7. A. as B. like C. for D. with

( ) 8. A. after B. off C. before D. for

( ) 9. A. talk B. tell C. speak D. say

( )10. A. glad B. annoyed C. sorry D. Interested



Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents, however, it is not true.

Communication is a problem for parents and children of all ages. If it’s hard for you to communicate with your parents, don’t worry about it. Here are some advice for you to bridge the generation gap (消除代沟). Don‘t argue (争辩) with your parents. Don‘t get to your parents when you are angry. Your parents probably won‘t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them. And you can‘t express yourself well if you are angry. Go to your parents. If you don‘t think you can speak to them at the moment, try writing a letter.

Try to reach a compromise (和解). Perhaps you and your parents disagree on something. You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept each other. Michael‘s mother didn‘t agree with him about buying a motorcycle. They argued over it. But they finally came to a compromise. Michael bought the motorcycle, but only drove it on certain days.

Of course, your parents might refuse to compromise on something. In these situations, it is especially important to show love and respect (尊敬) to them. Showing respect will keep your relationship strong.

Talk about your values. The values of your parents are probably different from those of your own. Tell your parents what you care about, and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person. It is worth having a try!

( ) 1. The passage tells us _______ have a communication problem.

A. parents and other people B. school kids and their parents

C. teachers and their students D. parents and children of all ages

( )2 Your parents probably won‘t consider your ideas if you _______.

A. don‘t get to them often B. write a letter to them

C. don‘t speak to them politely D. express yourself well

( )3. The underlined phrase ―cool off‖ in the passage means ―_______‖.

A. to make yourself happy B. to get you quiet and relaxed

C. to have a good rest D. to hide yourself quickly

( )4. If there‘s really a generation gap between you and your parents, you‘d better _______.

A. have a talk with them often B. keep away from them

C. agree with them all the time D. know about their values

( )5. From the passage we learn that _______.

A. parents and children should not have a generation gap

B. parents should show love and respect to their children

C. there are some good ways to bridge the generation gap

D. there are so many serious problems in families today

(B )

My friend is a taxi driver, He has been a taxi driver for ten years.It`s a nice job most of the time.He can meet a lot of people.He always works at night because there is too much traffic during the day.He usually goes home between 1 and 3 o`clock in the morning.There are some very strange things which happen at night.One day my friend was taking a woman home from a party at 3 in the morning.She had her little dog with her.When they got to her house, she found that she had lost her key.So my friend waited in the car with the dog while she climbed in through the window.

My friend waited and waited.After half an hour of ringing the bell,he decided to find out what was going on.He tied the dog to a tree and started to climb in through the window.At that moment some policemen came.They thought my friend was a thief.Luckily the woman came downstairs.She must have gone to sleep and forgotten about my friend and the dog.

( ) 6.Why does the driver always work at night?

A.Because it is easier to drive. B.Because it is easier to climb in through the window.

C.Because it is easier to make money D.Because it is easier to meet a lot of people.

( )7.Why did the woman climb in through the window?

A.Because she wanted to have a rest.B.Because her husband didn`t open the door for her.

C.Because she didn`t want to Pay the money.D.Because she couldn`t find her key.

( ) 8.When did the story happen?

A.Early in the morning. B.Late at night.C.At lunchtime.D.At suppertime.

( )9.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.The driver worked until between 1 and 3 o‘clock in the morning.

B.The policemen made a mistake. C.The woman had no money to pay.

D.The woman had forgotten about the driver and the dog.

( ) 10What did the driver climb in through the window for?

A.Getting money from the woman. B.Phoning the police.

C.Returning the dog to the woman.D.Seeing what happened in the house.

五、词汇。(每小题1分,共10分) 根据句意、首字母或中文提示完成单词。

1. All the________(工厂) here have moved out of the city.

2. It‘s our duty to protect our _________(环境).

3. Finally, he ________(意识到) that he failed in the exam.

4. Let‘s make a plan to stop the noise_________(污染).

5. We can use the computer to send and r______e-mails.

6. — Did you have a f______time during the party? — Yes, we enjoyed ourselves.

7. I have some problems with my English, could you give me some _____________(建议).

8 Tom has _____________(自信) in himself to do all the things well.

9. As we all know, _____________(知识) is power.

10.The seasons in Australia are the ____________(对立、相反) of ours in China.

11.WHO is an________ (国际的) organization.

12. The UK is an old ______________(欧洲的) country.

B. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

12. Class begins, let‘s continue _____________(learn) lesson 1.

13. The mother advised his son not _____________(stay) up late to finish homework.

14. My parents expect me to pass the examination ______________(success).

15. Our family hurried _____________(have) a quick meal in a restaurant last night.

16 The student ______________(learn) 10 foreign languages in the past 5 years.

17. Mr. Zhang gets used to ____________(walk) along the Twin Lakes Park after supper every night.

18.The best time ______________(visit ) England is from May to September .

29.Would you mind _____________(open) the door ? ----Of course not .

6____ 7______ 8______ 9______ 10_____



? ?


. 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容完成表格中所缺信息,每空一词。(共10题,计10分)

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