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( A. out at B. out for C. into D. up for

( A.20 mile B.20 miles C.20--mile D. 20--miles

( )3. What kind of home do you _______?

A. lives B. living C. to live D. live in

( )4. Many children are playing games ______the foot of the hill.

A. at B. on C. of D. in

( )5. Are there __________in the reading room for the students.

A. books enough B. more than enough books

C. books of enough D. more enough books

( )6.Can you tell me how___________ to the museum?

A, get B, getting C, to get D, gets

( )7. I don’t like this bike. Would you please show me _________?

A. others B, another one C, the other D, another

( )8. There ____________ a football match next Sunday.

A, is going to be B, are going to be C, is going to have D, will have

( )9. Would you like to go shopping with me?

A. Yes, I’d like B, No, I’d not like C, I’d love to, but I have lots of homework to do D. Yes, I like to

( )10. Taiwan lies __________ the south--east of China.

A, in B, to C, on D, from

( )11. My father looks _________at me. He looks ________ at the moment.

A. happy; happily B, happily; happy C, happy; happy D, happily; happily

( )12. Is there _________ with your bike?

A, something wrong B, wrong something

C, anything wrong D, wrong anything

( )13. There is ________ bike under the tree. ________ bike is nice. A, a; the B, the; a C, a, a D, the; the

( )14. May I speak to Bob, please? ____________

A. This is Bob speaking. B. Who’s Bob?

C. Never mind D. Who are you?

( )15. This book is not _________. I think it’s __________ book.

A, his; her B, her; his C, his; hers D, her; her

( )16. It usually _______me half an hour ________ home.

A, takes; to walk B, take; walking C, spends; walking D, spends; to walk

( )17. _________ is your home from the school? 20 minutes on foot.

A, How long B. How soon C. How many D. How far

( )18. Mr. Li teaches _________ English this term. He teaches very well.

A, our B, us C, we D, ours

( )19. My pen is broken. I want to buy ____________.

A, it B, a one C, an one D, a new one

( )20. Few people enjoy _________ Beijing Opera..

A. listen to B, to listen to C, listening D, listening to


When you write a letter or make a telephone call, your words a message. People talk with words. Do you think you can talk words? A smile your face show you are happy and friendly. Tears(眼泪) in your eyes tell ___24_____ that you are sad. When you hand in class, the teacher knows you want to to say something ___26___ ask questions. You shake(摇) your head, and people know you’re saying “No”. You nod(点头) and people know you are saying “__27____”.

Other things can also give some information. For example, a sign at the bus stop helps you to know which bus ___28______. A sign on the wall of your school helps you to find the library. Signs on doors tell you __29______to go. Do you find that there are a lot of signs __30_____ you and that you receive messages ___31_____ them all the time? People can talk to each other ___32_____many other other ways. ___33_____ artist can use his pictures to tell about beautiful mountains, about the blue sea and many other things. Writers write books to ___34_____you about all wonderful things in the world and also about people and their ideas. Books, magazines, TVs, radios and films all helps us talk with other people. They all help us to know __35______ is happening in the world.

( )21. A, take B, bring C, carry D, give

( )22. A, by B, with C, use D, without

( )23. A, in B, on C, at D, over

( )24. A. others B, the others C, other D, the other

( )25. A, put on B, put out C, put up D, put down

( )26. A, when B, or C, but D, if

( )27. A, no B, hello C, yes D, nothing

( )28. A, to get B, to choose C, to have D, to take

( )29. A, which B, where C, how D, what

( )30. A, beside B, next to C, between D, around

( )31. A. from B, of C, about D, for

( )32. A, with B, by C, without D, in

( )33. A, The B. An C. A D. Some

( )34. A, say B,talk C, tell D, speak

( )35. A, what B, which C, that D, who



( )36.you go to ____, maybe some people can understand you.

A. Russia B. Singapore C. Egypt D. India

( ) 37.Egyptians speak _________.

A. Chinese B. Russian C. Arabic D. French

( ) 38.If you go to ______, you must learn Russian well.

A. Russia B. Canada C. Singapore D. India

( ) 39.The capital of Singapore is _______.

A. Moscow B. Cairo C. New Delhi D. Singapore city

( ) 40.From the form(表格), we can see that ______ is the most important language.

A. English B. Russian C. French D. Tamil


Big Ben is not the name of a man. It is the name of a huge(巨大的) clock in London. London is the capital of the UK. This clock has four faces ,so no matter (无论)where you stand ,you can read the time on the face of Big Ben . Each face is the size of a double–decker (双层的) bus . The hands are about four metres long. It is about the size of two people standing on top of each other. If you go to London, you may want to visit the House of Parliament (国会大厦).That is where you will find Big Ben sitting at the top of the clock tower(塔) in the House of Parliament. You will hear it as well as see it. when it goes every quarter(四分之一) of an hour ,the big clock makes such a loud(声音大的) sound, “Ding Dong , Ding Dong,”. The clock was named after a big man. He was Sir Benjamin Hill. He did much building work in London many years ago.

( ) 41. Big Ben is ________.

A. a double-decker bus B. a huge clock

C. the name of Ben D. a building

( ) 42. The clock strikes (敲响)every ________of an hour.

A. ten minutes B. fifteen minutes C. thirty minutes D. forty-five minutes

( ) 43. Which word means the same as “large “?

A. double B. loud C. huge D. small

( ) 44. You can read the time of Big Ben ______________.

A. at the top of the tower B. in the House of Parliament

C. on the hands of the huge clock D. on the four faces of the clock

( )4 5.The title (标题) of the passage(文章) may be ________.

A. Big Ben B. A clock

C. Sir Benjamin Hill D. The Capital of the UK


Mrs.. Green sees an ad(广告) in a newspaper for a nice bed in a shop. It costs 100 dollars. Mrs.. Green likes it, so she goes to the shop. The shopkeeper shows one to her. Mrs.. Green has a look at it and says, “There aren’t any beautiful pillows(枕头)on this bed, but there are many on the bed in your ad.”

“Yes, madam, that is an ad,” answers the shopkeeper. “If you want a bed the same as the one in the ad, you need to pay 10 dollars more.”

Mrs. Green isn’t happy. Then she says, “That’s dishonest.”

“Well, madam,” answers the shopkeeper. “Look, there is a girl on a bike in an ad in your newspaper too, but can you buy the bike with the girl?”

( )46.How does Mrs. Green know about the bed?

A. From an ad on TV. B. From one of her friends.

C. From an ad in a newspaper. D. From the shopkeeper.

( )47.How much does the bed with the pillows cost?

A.100 dollars. B.110 dollars. C.50 dollars. D.60.dollars.

( )48.What does “dishonest” mean?

A.不公平的 B. 不诚实的 C.不美观的 D.小气的

( )49.Who is Mrs. Green?

A. She is a student. B. She is a shopkeeper of another shop.

C. She is a customer. She wants to buy a bed. D. She is a worker in a bike shop.

( ) 50.What else is in Mrs. Green’s newspaper?

A. An ad for a bike. B. An ad for some pillows.

C. An ad for a bed. D. An ad for a girl.


Many people like to watch TV. Watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day. TV brings the outside closer to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than before because of TV.

What’s going on the other countries? How do people live in places far away? Is there a good sports game somewhere?

If you want to answer these and many other questions, just turn on the TV and watch it. You can see a lot and learn a lot. Of course, people can also learn through reading or learning to the radio. With TV, however, they can learn better and more easily. Why? Because they can hear and watch.

TV helps us a lot. TV often gives us new ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing things.

( )51. Some people say the world is smaller than before because _________.

A. TV makes the earth smaller and smaller B, all people like watching TV. C, watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day

D. TV brings the outside world closer to people.

( )52. We can _________ when we watch TV.

A, go to live in the other countries B, answer many questions

C, get a lot of information D, ask TV some questions

( )53. People learn better through TV than through the radio because________.

A, TV sets are bigger than radios B, people can hear and they can watch, too C, if people don’t have TV, they cannot live happily

D. It’s easier to turn on TV than to turn on the radio.

( )54. TV can ______________.

A, teach us a lot of things B, learn a lot of things

C, give us what we want D, help us do our homework

( )55. This article(文章) tells us _________.

A, it’s good to watch TV B, not to watch TV any more C, students should not watch TV at any time D, to stop reading to watch TV


56. China is ____________________(出名的,著名的) for the Great Wall.

57.He is a computer_______________________(工程师),he knows a lot about computer.

58. There are a lot of ______________(作品) of art in Baohe Palace.

59. Mike’s ______________________(邻居) often help him do a lot of housework.

60. Remember that lions are ______________________(危险的) animals.

61. Which apple do you want? I want the ______________(big) one.

62.Tomorrow is my father's _________________(forty) birthday.

63. How many ____________________(visit) are there in the park?

64.Listen! Someone___________________(knock) at the door

65. Where are you going? I ________________(visit) our new neighbours.

66.I’m ______________(luck) to live in a neibourhood like that.

67. There are some forks and _______________(knife) on the table.

68. I live on the ________________(nine) floor.

69. We are looking forward to ______________(meet) you soon.

70. An old friend of _____________(me) is coming to see me.


Sunshine Zoo is a nice place to visit. Walk from the South Gate, go 71__________ on, and you will find the Panada House. Panadas are 72__________. They like eating 73__________. To the 74___________ of the Panada House, you’ll find the 75__________. They are the kings of the animals world. Remember not to go near them because they are 76__________. To the west of the Lions’ Area, you will see lots of 77_________. They can make beautiful 78________. Go on and you will see the clever and 79________ monkeys. To the east of the Monkeys’ Forest, you will see the giraffes. The giraffe has a long 80__________. It is the tallest animal on the


71____________ 72_____________ 73__________ 74___________ 75 _________ 76____________ 77_____________ 78____________ 79___________ 80___________


Everybody has a home. We human beings(人类) have homes. Animals haves homes, too. Some animals live under the ground. The marmot(土拨鼠) lives in holes under the ground. It’s home has two doors. If anybody comes in one door, it goes out from the other door. Some birds live in holes or in trees. They come out for food in the daytime and go back to sleep at night. But many birds live just in trees. It’s quite interesting that turtles(海龟) carry their homes on their backs. Bees(蜜蜂) work hard to make their homes. There are many small rooms in their house. Cats, dogs and chicks live in peope’s homes.

In the city, we can see different kinds of animals in the zoo. It is a big homefor all of them.


89. 我认为它是一个居住的好地方。

I think it is a ________ place ______ ____________.

90. 明天我将领他们参观我的学校。

I’m going to ____________ them ____________ my school tomorrow.

91. 在阳光镇有许多事情可做。

There are __________ ____________ ___________ _______ in Sunshine Town.

92. 如果你想更多的了解中国文化,不要错过这些戏曲演出。

If you want to ________ ________ _________Chinese art, ________ _________ the opera shows there.

93. 巴黎是法国的首都.

Paris is the ________ of _________.

94. 他们中一些人经常会去探望老人,并为他们采购些物品。

Some of them often ________ the old people and ______ ________ ________for them.


95. We will get there by bus.(划线提问)

___________ ________ we get there?


__________ __________ floors _________your dream home ___________? 97. This is my book and that one is his book.(同义句)

This book is ______________ and that one is ____________. 98. My sister and I live in the same bedroom.(同义句)

My sister ______________ a bedroom ______________ me. 九、书面表达:(15分)

以 My Hometown 为题写一篇80词左右的短文。要点如下:

1. 家在农场,有2层。 2.房子周围有花和树。闻到花香,听到鸟鸣。房子附近有湖,有时可在那儿划船 3. 镇中约有100个家庭。一些家庭养牛,一些家庭种麦。 4.人们相互认识,他们友好而且乐于助人。5.认为这是生活的好地方。 My Hometown

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


英 语 试 卷 答 案



71____________ 72____________ 73______________ 74____________ 75___________ 76____________ 77____________ 78______________ 79____________ 80___________

六、完成句子(20分,每空一分) 81. 我认为它是一个居住的好地方。

I think it is a 82. 明天我将领他们参观我的学校。

I’ my school tomorrow. 83. 在阳光镇有许多事情可做。

in Sunshine Town. 84. 如果你想更多的了解中国文化,不要错过这些戏曲演出。

If you want Chinese art, the opera shows there.

85. 巴黎是法国的首都.

86. 他们中一些人经常会去探望老人,并为他们采购些物品。



划线提问) we get there?


99. This is my book and that one is his book.(同义句)

100. My sister and I live in the same bedroom.(同义句)



以 My Hometown 为题写一篇80词左右的短文。要点如下:

1. 家在农场,有2层。 2.房子周围有花和树。闻到花香,听到鸟鸣。房子附近有湖,有时可在那儿划船 3. 镇中约有100个家庭。一些家庭养牛,一些家庭种麦。

4.人们相互认识,他们友好而且乐于助人。5.认为这是生活的好地方。 My Hometown




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