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Section A 1a-2c

Who can get the basketball easily, the mother or the girl? I think the mother can get the ball easily. Because the mother is tall, and the girl is short.

What does … look like?

What does … look like? He is….


of medium height


AWhat does … look like? She is ….

thin of medium build


Describe the people from height and build.




What does she look like?
She is tall. She is thin. She has long hair. She has black hair. She has straight hair. She has long straight black hair.

short hair
curly hair brown hair He has short curly brown hair.

描述头发: 长短+形状+颜色+头发

short straight black hair long straight black hair long curly brown hair

short curly blonde hair

no hair bald 秃顶的

a small head

big eyes

a big head

a big nose

He wears a pair a white beard of glasses.

a red mole

What does he look like?

He is tall .
He has short straight hair.
two small eyes a big mouth
Yao Ming

What does she look like?

She is of medium height.

She is of medium build. She has long straight hair. two big eyes
Yang Mi

A: Excuse me, who is he/she? B: He/she is … A: What does he/she look like? B: He/ She is… He/She has...

Describe Nancy according to the picture.

A: Do you know I have a new friend in Class Five? B: What does she look like? long hair big _____ eyes A: She has ____ ____and ____ B: Is she tall? short A: No, she’s _______. B: I think I know her. She dress and always wears a red _____ white ______shoes. A: Yes, that’s her. Her name is Nancy.

bh a af ah f g Ch ad eg

tall curly hair


1b Listen and fill in the blanks in the picture 1b Listen and find Amy’s friend. h above.

1.He’s tall. 2.She has long straight hair. 3.He’s short.

tall curly hair

of medium height short of medium build thin long straight hair short hair

描述长相用动词 be 还是 have/has
tall short heavy/fat be thin bald 秃头的 of medium height
be动词后通常为形容词, 包括身高、体形等。

have/has后通常为形容 词修饰的名词等。 wear后通常接衣服、眼 镜等装饰品的名词。

of medium build

have long/short/curly/straight/black/brown hair /has big round eyes/ a big nose wear glasses 眼镜/ a hat/ a T-shirt/…


Read it, please.

My favorite singer is Han Hong. She is short and a little bit heavy. She has short brown hair. She always wears a pair of glasses.

How to say “中等身高” in English? And spell it, please.
of medium build

How to ask questions about looks? 以第三人称为例。
What does he/she look like?

Describe(描述) her hair, please.
She has short straight white hair.

Is he …? Does he have…?

Describe the woman, please. She is heavy

Everyone is special.
Everyone is important.

Don’t judge people by their appearance. 不要以貌取人。

Section A 2d-3d

What does he look like? He is short

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