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Unit 7

—What’s that? —It’s a ___. hat —What color is it? —It’s ___________. red and white

T-shirt yellow

sweater grey

skirt green

—What are those? —They are _________. socks — What color are they? — They’re _____________. red and yellow

shorts white

trousers black

shoes red



one dollar


one yuan $ 2 two dollars





How much is the baseball?

It’s one dollar.

How much are the glasses?

They’re two dollars.

Match the words with the things in the 1a picture. i 1. socks __ 2. T-shirt __ d 3. shorts a __ 4. sweater __ c 5. bag f __ g 6. hat __ 7. trousers __ j 8. shoes __ b 9. jacket __ h 10. skirt __ e

Listen and circle the things 1b you hear in the pictures in 1a.

How much is this T-shirt?

Practice the conversation above. Then make your own conversations. It’s seven dollars.

How much are these socks?

They’re two dollars.

How much is/are…?

It’s… / They’re…

2a Listen and repeat.
colors black green white blue red yellow





Listen to the conversations 2b and circle the things you hear.


Listen again. Fill in the price tags.




Ask and answer questions 2d about the things in 2b.
It’s 8 dollars. It’s … dollars.

How much is the green T-shirt? How much is the …?

How much are the red shorts?

They’re nine dollars.

How much are the …?


Read the dialogue in 2e. Then fill in the blanks.
Things sweater Color Price

_______ ___________ blue nine

__________ two dollars ____________ three dollars socks _______ _______ yellow for one pair for two pairs


Role-play the conversation.

Woman: Can I help you? Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. Woman: OK. What color do you want? Mary: Blue. Woman: How about this one? Mary: It looks nice. How much is it?

Woman: Nine dollars. Mary: I’ll take it. How much are those yellow socks? Woman: Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. Mary: Great! I’ll take two pairs. Woman: Here you are. Mary: Thank you. Woman: You’re welcome.

1. how much用于提问某物的价格,意为“多少 钱”,其句式为“How much + be +主语?” 当主语是不可数名词或可数名词单数时,be动词 用is,答语为It’s+数额;当主语是可数名词复数 时,be动词用are,答语为They’re+数额。如: —How much is this bag? 这个包多少钱? —It’s six dollars. 六美元。 —How much are the apples? 这些苹果多少钱? —They’re two dollars a kilo. 两美元一千克。

2. socks是sock的复数形式。在英语中,成双成对 的物品常以复数形式出现。 例如:

shoes shorts trousers glasses chopsticks scissors

此类词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式;但与a pair of …(一双、一对或一副)连用作主语时, 谓语动词用单数形式。如: My shoes are under the bed. 我的鞋在床下了。 That pair of

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