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人教版八年级英语下册unit7 Section A-3

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Unit 7
Section A
Period 3 (3a-3c)

Make sentences using the information in the forms.
the Nile the Yangtze River the Yellow River 6,670 6,300 5,500

The Yellow River is long. longer than The Yangtze River is a lot _______ the Yellow River. The Nile is ____________ the longest of all.

the Nile the Yangtze River

the Yellow River




The Yangtze River is not ____ as long ____ as the Nile. = The Yangtze River is not _______ longer than the Nile.

Qomolangma Mount Huang
8,848 1,864

Mount Tai

Mount Tai is high. higher than Mount Huang is a little _______ Mount Tai. the highest of all. Qomolangma is ____________ Mount Tai is not ___ as high ___ as Qomolangma. = Mount Tai is not _______ higher than Qomolangma.

Singapore 4,000,000

Malaysia 20,000,000

China 1300,000,000

1. The population of Singapore is large. 2. The population of Malaysia is much larger than that of Singapore. ______ 3. The population of China is the _________ largest of all.

Free Talk Do you like mountain climbing? Do you know the most popular places to go for it?

One of the most popular places to go for mountain climbing is the Himalayas.

Mark True (T) or False (F).
1. It is very dangerous to climb T Qomolangma. 2. The first people to reach the top were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1955. F 3. The first Chinese woman to succeed in 1960. F 4. It shows that humans can sometimes be stronger than the forces of nature. T

3a Read the article and match each
paragraph with the main ideas.

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3

Spirit of climbers Achievements of climbers Facts and dangers

3c Answer the questions using information
from the article.

1. Where are the Himalayas?
The Himalayas run along the southwestern part of China.

2. How high is Qomolangma?
Qomolangma is 8,844.43 meters high.

3. Why do so many people try to climb this mountain even though it is dangerous?
Because they want to challenge themselves in the face of difficulties.

4. What does the spirit of the climbers tell us?
The spirit of the climbers tells us that we should never give up trying to achieve our dreams.

3b Read the article again and complete
the chart.

Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 List four dangers for climbers

Paragraph 1&3

List three List four achievements comparisons

thick clouds very high it can snow hard freezing weather conditions heavy storms very hard to breathe as you get near the top

1953-Tenzing most dangerous Norgay and sport Edmund Hillary were most popular the first to reach the top place highest 1960-The first most famous Chinese team more serious reached the top difficulties 1975- Junko stronger than the Tabei from forces of nature Japan was the
first woman to reach the top

1.One of the world’s most dangerous sports is mountain climbing, … “one of + the + 形容词的最高级 + 复数名 词”,意为“最……之一”。如: Miss Wang is one of the most popular teachers in our school. 王老师是我们学校最受

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