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Unit 11 How was your school trip第一课时教学计划

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Unit 11 How was your school trip? 第一课时教学设计




1) 词汇:gift, shark, aquarium, seal, hang, hang out, souvenir

2) 句子:Did you go to the zoo? No, I didn't. I went to the aquarium. Did you see any seals? Yes, I saw some seals. Were there any sharks? No, there weren't. Other words: autograph, took, bad, bought, tired

3) 语法:规则动词和不规则动词的一般过去时;一般过去时的肯定句和否定句;Did you ...? Were there ...? 引导的一般




1. Lead in and revision

1) (板书:Unit 8 How was your school trip?)T:Hi, boys and girls. Nice to see you! Today, let's continue our lesson. We will study Unit 8 How was your school trip? Now, we're going to

learn more ways to talk about things that happened yesterday,

last week or last year. Listen to me carefully and


S1: Yes, I did.

T: S1, did you go straight home after school yesterday? T: S2, did you buy ice cream last week?

S2: No, I didn't.

T: S3, did you go to the zoo last year?

S3: Yes, I did. I went there with my cousin.

T: S4, did you clean the classroom the day before yesterday?

S4: No, I didn't.

T: S5, were you in school yesterday?

S5: No, I wasn't.

T: S6, Were there many people at your home yesterday evening?

S6: Yes, there were.

T: Excellent work! 大家做得都很好!

2. 介绍主要句式,练习主要句式

T: (板书:Did you do ...? Yes, I did. No, I didn't. Were there ...? Yes, there were. No, there weren't.) Now, we know if we talk about things that happened in the past, we can use the sentence pattern like this: Did you do ...? Yes, I did. No, I didn't. Were you ...? Yes, I were. No, I weren't. Now, Let's have a guess. Do you know what I did yesterday? You can ask questions, and I answered. Is that OK?(同学们你们知道老师昨天做了什么吗?你们能猜一猜吗?学生模仿老师先开始提问,老师回答。)


S7: Did you go to the cinema yesterday?

T: No, I didn't.

S8: Did you buy any books?

T: No, I didn't.

S9: Did you go to a park?

T: Yes, I did.

S10: Were there many people?

T: Yes, there were.

S11: Did you take any photos?

T: No, I didn't.

T: Now, I will say a sentence using the phrase every day. I want you to say the sentence using the word yesterday. (要求


T: I get home at 5:00 every day.

S12: I got home at 5:00 yesterday.

T: I buy lunch in the cafeteria every day.

S13: I bought lunch in the cafeteria yesterday.

T: He has pizza every day.

S14: He had pizza yesterday.

T: They water the flowers every day

S15: They watered the flowers yesterday.

T: She drinks milk every day.

S16: She drank milk yesterday.

教师微笑着说You are great!


T: There were many things that happened in the past. But we can't forget. Yes? Last October we visited Beijing. It was a very interesting trip. Can you tell me what you did on the

school trip? Some phrases are OK. (On the board, make a list of all the activities students talk about using past verb.) S17: went to the Great Wall with my classmates

T: S18, please.

S18: took some photos and bought a souvenir.

T: S19, please.

S19: had/ate some ice cream

T: S20, please.

S20: went to the zoo

T: S21, please.

S21: had pizza

教师微笑着说Well done!

4. 1b词汇教学

T: Look at the big screen, let learn some new words. Did you go to an aquarium? (教师用手指着大屏幕,看图片,教生词)

水族馆, aquarium, a-q-u-a-r-i-u-m,

Ss: aquarium, a-q-u-a-r-i-u-m

T: went to an aquarium (教师边领读边板书)

Ss: went to an aquarium

T: Were there any sharks or seals in the aquarium? T: 鲨鱼 shark, s-h-a-r-k

Ss: shark, s-h-a-r-k

T: 海豹 seal, s-e-a-l

Ss: seal, s-e-a-l

T: saw some sharks / seals (教师边领读边板书) Ss: saw some sharks / seals

T: Did you buy souvenirs or gifts for your parents? T: 纪念品 souvenir, s-o-u-v-e-n-i-r

Ss: souvenir, s-o-u-v-e-n-i-r

T: 礼物 gift, g-i-f-t

Ss: gift, g-i-f-t

T: buy a souvenir / gift (教师边领读边板书) Ss: buy a souvenir / gift

T: Did you hang out with your classmates? Ss: hang out

5. 1b 听力

T: Now, we are going to listen to a conversation about Tina's school trip and answer this question: What did Tina do on her school trip? Listen and circle the expressions in the box. (Play the recording the first time. Students only listen. Then play the recording a second time. Check the answers: What

expressions did you circle in the box?)

T: S22, please.

S22: went to the aquarium, saw some seals, hung out with her friends, took photos

T: Good job! OK. Have you got the correct answers? Let's listen to the tape again. Please repeat. 让我们一起跟录音机再把对话读一遍。(逐句播放,学生逐句重复) (Ask students to look

at the picture in activity 1a. Then point out the sample conversation in activity 1c. Ask two students to read it to the

class.)S23 and S24, please.

S23: Did Tina buy a souvenir?

S24: No, she didn't. Her friend Grace bought a souvenir.

6. 1c

T: Now work with a partner. Make your own conversations about the people in the picture. (As students talk, move around

the room monitoring their work. Offer language and pronunciation support as needed. 教师巡回指导。) T: (Ask several pairs to present one or more of their conversations to the class.) S25 and S26, please. S25: Did Joe eat any ice cream?

S26: No, he didn't. His friend Laura bought ice cream. T: S27 and S28, please.

S27: Did Toby take any photos?

S28: No, he didn't. His friend Tina took some photos.

7. Summary

T: 最后,请大家看黑板,把今天我们所学的说法再读一遍。


Unit 11 How was your school trip ?(I)

Did you do ...? went to the zoo No, I didn't. had some ice cream Were there many people? went to the zoo Yes, there were. had pizza

took some photos

went to an aquarium saw some sharks/seals buy a souvenir/gift

hang out

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