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unit8 Section B-3

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Unit 8
Section B
Period 3 (3a-Self Check)

过去常常 争吵 在收音机上 逐渐认识到 自从……以来 例如 属于 互相 曾经去过 研究 希望做某事 所有… …之一

used to fight over on the radio come to realize ever since such as belong to one another \ each other have been to do some research hope to do sth all of one of…

Fill in the blanks according to the article. used to, hear, call, with, from, abroad, change, not see, hope, success Sarah ______ ____ used to fight over almost everything with her parents. Later she _____ heard a song when she studied ______. abroad The song _______ changed her life froma country music singer forever. The song is ____ _____ _____________ called Garth Brooks, the most successful musician in American history. Sarah _____ hasn’t ____ the singer yet, but she has listened to many seen hopes to see him one day. of his songs. She _____


Fill in the blanks with the correct words in the box.

of 1. What do you think _________ down this dress? Do you think it looks of good on me? about 2. The little boy was so hungry that back he didn’t put his spoon __________ down up at all. He just kept on eating.

up 3. She grew _________ in a small town, although she lives in a big down city now. of 4. For homework, our teacher told about about us to write __________ our back summer vacation. up 5. At the end of the day, the bus back brought us __________ to our school.

forms of the words in brackets. joined (join) the book club last 1. I ________ month and I have ________ read (read) five books already. 2. I only _______ started (start) taking French classes last week and I _______________ have learned (learn) 50 French words already. bought (buy) a pop music CD 3. Tony _______ has not/hasn’t listened yesterday but he ____________________ (listen) to it yet.

2 Fill in the blanks with the correct

4. They have ___________ listened (listen) to many songs by The Beatles, but they cannot sing (sing) any of them. _______ 5. She ________ (see) the newspaper on saw the table this morning, but she has not/hasn’t had (have) any time to read ________________ it yet.

3a Think of a singer or writer you

know well. Make a list of facts about him/her. Think of the following:

1. Who is the singer/writer? 2. When did the singer/writer first become famous? 3. How and why did he/she first become famous? 4. What famous songs/books has he/she recorded/written? When?

5. How many CDs/books has he/she sold? 6. How did you find out about him/her? 7. Is he/she still popular today? 8. Have you introduced this singer/writer to others? 9. How do you feel about his/her music/books? 10. Have you ever played/sung his/her songs yourself?

3b Complete the summary of the play.
the first line in the song / book the book / song was written / recorded by enjoyed success in successful song / CD / book I listen to this song / read this book when … The song / book makes me feel …

1. 引用人物的一部作

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