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南中学案 英语 (必修三) A

编号:xxx 编写者: 巩志英 张宗雨 审核者:郑梅芳


1、Review the important words, phrases, and language points in this unit.



1.It’s well known by us all that China is a developing country.

2.Once the new surroundings become familiar with you, you’ll be happy.

3.There is no wonder that she speaks excellent French.

4.What a great fun it is to jump into a pool or go swimming in a river in summer.

5.We can do well in the exam if we make full preparations in advance.

6.English is a language which is wide used and spoken around the world.

7.They looked curious around when they saw the sea for the first time.

8.Living near the sea, we enjoy freshly air and beautiful sights.

9.She was luck enough to miss being hit by a car on her way home.

10.All the people thought high of the boy who did his best to save a drowning girl.


1.The opportunity to travel is one of the main (attract) of the job.

2.We measured the (long) and width of the living room.

3.There are (variety) ways to solve the problem, and (certain) you can do as you like to.

4.His laziness makes it (possibly) for him to achieve success.

5.He was with his son, and shouted at him, “Go back into your room.” (angry)

6.Jane sounds very much in the story book.(interest)

7.Can you tell me what is the (late) news about 2014 World Cup match?

8.He said to me with an (excite) look on his face.

9.You should take the medicine (regular), that is, three times a day, or it won’t work on you.

10.Liu Ming bought an (advance) English-Chinese dictionary.

五,语法填空:Mr. Grey was the (manage)of a small office in London. He lived in the country, and came up to work by train. He liked (walk) from the station 1

南中学案 英语 (必修三) A to his office it was raining, because it gave him some exercise. One morning he was walking along the street a stranger stopped him and said to him, “You may not remember me, sir, but seven years ago I came to London without a penny in my pockets, I stopped you in this street and asked you (lend) me some money, and you lent me £ 5, because you said you were willing to take a chance so as to give a man a start on the way success.” Mr Grey (think)for a few (minute) and then said, “Yes, I remember you. Go on your story!” “Well,” answered the stranger, “are you still (will) to take a chance?”

归纳总结: 问题反馈:


南中学案 英语 (必修三) A


单句改错:1.by→ to; with →to; There →It; 去掉a ; fully →full;

6.wide →widely; curious →curiously; freshly→ fresh; luck →lucky; high→ highly; 正确形式填空:1.attraction, length, various, certainly; impossible, angry, angrily;

6.interested, latest, excited, regularly, advanced;

语法填空:1.manager, walking, unless, when, to lend,

6.to, thought, minutes, with, willing;


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