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2014中考英语冠词复习课件 2

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Grammar Revision

Articles 冠词

1、知道冠词的用法及分类 2、掌握不定冠词的用法



Review 冠词的用法及分类

1. 用法:冠词是虚词,放在名词之前,用来 说明名词指的人或事物。它不能离开名词单 独使用。 不定冠词:a 、an 2. 分类:冠词



? 同步导学P12

? 自学1--9小条(5minitues)

a / an 的区别
a / an 的区别: a 用在辅音音素开头的单数 可数名词或字母前,an 用在元音音素开头的 单数可数名词或字母前。可用这样一句话记 住它们的用法:不见元音别施恩(n)。 ? 特殊情况: ? 1. a usual boy ; a useful book ; a university ; a one –leg dog an honest boy ; an hour ; an honor

同步导学P13 自学1--11小条(6minitues)

Doing some memory together


定冠词用法口诀: 特定双熟悉,上文已提及; 世上独无二,序数最高级; 某些专有名,习语及乐器; 形容一类人,复数姓氏前。

同步导学P14 ? 自学1--10小条(5minitues)

? 零冠词用法口诀:

下列情况应免冠,代词限定名词前; 专有名词不可数,学科球棋三餐饭; 复数名词表泛指,节假星期月份前; 颜色语种和国家,称呼习语及头衔。

Have a try
1同步导学P15真题在线(7min) ? 2Group--check(2min)

1.There’s no air or water on ____ the moon. 2. The ___ Yellow River is ___ second longest the river in ___ / China. 3. My mother bought me ___ a very nice bike. I like ____ the bike very much. 4. Xiao Ming likes playing ____ basketball, / but he doesn’t like playing _____ piano.


5. The students don’t have classes in ___ the afternoon on ____ / Saturday. 6. I often watch TV in ____ the evening. 7. Let’s go out for a ____ walk. 8. What would you like for lunch, __ / coffee / milk? or ____

1. - Is it ___ English dictionary? - Yes, and it is ___ useful one. A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a D. an, an 2. There’s ___ dictionary on ___ desk near the window. A. a, the B. a, a C. the, a D. the, the 3. ___ earth we live on is bigger than ___ moon. A. The, a B. The, the C. An, a D. An, the

4. It takes us nearly ___ hour to go to Korla by ___ air. A. an, a B. a, an C. an, / D. a, the 5. My uncle isn’t ___ old man, and he likes playing ___ football. A. a, a B. an, an C. the, the D. an, / 6. ___ car in front of our school gate is__. A. The, the Turners’ B. A, the Turner’s C. /, the Turners’ D. The, the

A 1. _______ Great Wall is _______ longest wall in the world. A. The … the B. A ...a C. A ...the D. The ...a B 2. Who’s _______ woman over there? A. / B. the C. a D. an D 3. Shanghai is in _______ ea

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