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unit6 I‘m more out going than my sister

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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister.
Section A (3a-- 4)

Step 1: Pre-reading

Task 1 Talk about the people.




Lin Xinru is a little thinner than Zhao Wei.

Lin Xinru is much thinner than Mr. Black.

Task 2 Talk about the twins.

We have some things in common.

In some ways, we look the same. In some ways, we look different.

Step 2: While-reading

Task1 Read 3a and compare the twins.
Liu Li same Liu Ying

black eyes, black hair like sports enjoy going to parties shorter hair more athletic quieter more outgoing physics, chemistry P.E


Task 2 Identify(判断) T or F or DK:
1.Liu Li has more than one sister. DK

2.Liu Li and Liu Ling have some things T in common. 3. Liu Ying is not as good at sports F 4. Liu Ying talks more than Liu Li. T 5. Liu Ying’s favorite subject is physics. F 6. Both girls go to lots of parties. DK
as her sister.

Task 3 Translate the sentences.
? 1. Here are photos of me and my twin sister Liu Ying. ? 这是我和我的双胞胎妹妹刘英的相片。 ? 2. As you can see , in some ways we look the same, and in some ways we look different. ? 正如你看到的,在某些方面,我们看起来一

? 3.My hair is shorter than hers. ? 我的头发比她的短些。
? 4.Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister. ? 在运动方面,刘英不如她姐姐。

Task 4 Listen and repeat . (Page 87 )

Task 5 Fill in the blanks.
? Here are p hotos of Liu Li and her ? t win sister Liu Ying. A s we can see, in some ways,they look the s ame ,and in some ways, they look different .They both have black eyes and hair, a lthoughLiu Li’s hair is shorter than hers.They both like sports,but Liu Li is not as good at

? sports as Liu Ying.And Liu Li is ? less outgoing than Liu Ying.Liu Li’s favorite subjects are physics and chemistry ,but Liu Ying likes P.E best.However,they both enjoy going to parties.

Step 3: After-reading

Task 1 Distinguish them(区分他们)
A: Is that Zhou Xingchi ? B: No, it isn’t. It’s Yao Ming . He is much taller than Zhou Xingchi.

Task 2 Guessing. 你描述,大家猜:他/她是谁?
Describe one of your classmates, then let other students guess who he/she is?
She is taller than me. She has longer hair than me. She wears glasses/ a blue jacket… Who is she?

Task 3 Chant.

Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Till good is better, And better is best.

Thank you!

Task 2 Free Talk
Compare with the teacher and other students. (与老师和同学比比看)
如:I’m shorter than you. My hair is longer than yours . I’m more serious than you.

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