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时态专练 I、单项选择

1. Listen! Some of the girls __ about Harry Potter. Let‘s join them. A. are talking B. talk C. were talking D. talked 2. She will have a holiday as soon as she ______ the work next week.

A. finishes B. doesn‘t finish C. will finishD. won‘t finish 3. -Where‘s Jim?

-He ___ to the shop. He‘ll be back in an hour. A. goes B. go C. has gone D. will go

4. Our teacher, Miss Chen, _____ English on the radio the day before yesterday.

A. teaches B. taught C. will teach D. had taught 5. I don‘t think I____ you in that dress before. A. have seenB. seeing C. saw D. see

6. -Is your father in? -No, he _______ for three hours. A. was not B. has been out C. went out D. has gone out 7. There _______ a football game this afternoon. A. will have B. is going to be C. has D. are going to be 8. What ________ you _______ when I rang you up. A. are; doing B. were; doing C. do; do D. have; done 9. Both his parents look sad. Maybe they ____what's happened to him .

A. knew B. have known C. must know D. will know 10. He has _____ been to Shanghai, has he ? A. already B. never C. ever D. still 11. Have you met Mr Li ______?

A. just B. ago C. before D. a moment ago

12. The famous writer __one new book in the past two years. A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. has written 13. —Our country ______ a lot so far. —Yes. I hope it will be even ___ . A. has changed; well B. changed; good C. has changed; better D. changed; better

14. Zhao Lan ___already ___in this school for two years. A. was; studying B. will; study C. has ; studied D. are; studying 15. We _____ Xiao Li since she was a little girl.

A. know B. had known C. have known D. knew 16. Harry Potter is a very nice film. I ____ it twice . A. will see B. have seen C. saw D. see 17. —These farmers have been to the United States. —Really? When ___ there? A. will they go B. did they go C. do they go D. have they gone

18. — ______ you _____ your homework yet ? —Yes. I _____ it a moment ago.

A. Did; do; finished B. Have; done; finished C. Have; done; have finished D. will; do; finish 19. His father ______ the Party since 1978.

A. joined B. has joined C. was in D. has been in 20. —Do you know him well ?

— Sure. We _____ friends since ten years ago. A. were B. have been C. have become D. have made 21. —How long have you ____ here ?

—About two months. A. been B. gone C. come D. arrived 22. Hurry up! The play _____ for ten minutes. A. has begun B. had begun C. has been on D. began 23. The factory _____ since 1987. A. opened B. has opened C. was opened D. has been open

24. I‘ll lend you my bike, but you can only __ it for two days. A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. take 25. It _____ ten years since he left the army. A. is B. has C. will D. was

26. Miss Green isn?t in the office. she____ to the library. A. has gone B. went C. will go D. has been 27. My parents _____ Shandong for ten years.

A. have been in B. have been toC. have gone to D. have been 28. My father _____ Shanghai twice. A. has been to B. has been in C. has gone to D. has gone in 29. While I _____ in Beijing, it was raining hard. A. got B. reached C. arrived D. was 30. Miss Gao _____ this school since 1996.

A. has come to B. came to C. has been in D. has taught II、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.- _____ you ________ (clean) the room? -Yes, we __________ (do) that already.

-When _______ you ______ (do) it? -We _______ (do) it an hour ago. 2. -______ he ______ (see) this film yet?

-Yes. When _____ he _____ (see) it? -He ____ it last week. 3. How many times _____you______ (be) there? 4. I _________ (read) the novel twice. It‘s interesting. 5.- She ________ (go) to Pairs, hasn‘t she? -Yes. How ______she ______(go) there? -She _______ (go) there by air.

6. So far, many countries ____ (improve) their environment. 7. Mr Chen ______ (give)up smoking last year. 8. Mr Chen ________ (give) up smoking since last year. III、用have been to, have gone to, have been in 填空 1. Mike and his parents ______ the north for half a year. 2. Mum is not at home now. She _______ the shop. 3. ______ you ever _____ to Kunming? Never. 4. Where _____ you ______ these days?

5. -Has Jim arrived yet?Yes, -He ____ here for several days. 6. Where is Peter? I don‘t know where he ________. 7. Hi Jim! Where ____ you ____ ? Li Lei is looking for you. IV、用for或since填空

1. We haven‘t seen each other ______ a long time. 2. His father has been in the Party _____ 10 years ago. 3. The film has been on ______ 20 minutes.

4. Mr Green has worked here ______ he came to China. 5. His grandparents have been dead _____several years. 6. It‘s five years _______ we met last time. 7. They‘ve watched TV play ______ nine. VI、句型转换

1. His uncle died two years ago.

= His uncle has ______ _____ for two years. 2. Her mother has been a Party member for three years. = Her mother ______ the Party three years _______ . 3. She‘s already gone to England. (否定句) She ______ _______ to England ________. 4. They‘ve left there. (一般疑问句) ______ they _______ there?

5. I‘提问) ______ _______ _______ you ______ a teacher?

6. I went to the beach, so did he. (否定句)

I ______ ______ to the beach, _____ ____ he. 7. He‘s never seen the alien, I haven‘t, either. =He‘s never seen the alien, ______ _____ I. 8. Both he and I are student.(否定句) ______ he ______ I _______ a student. 提问) ______ ______ the population of Chongqing?



1.I have already eaten the food.(否定句)

2. Has the girl had lunch yet?(肯定句)

3. She has already visited her aunt.( 一般问句并回答)

4. The children have_______ been to Chongqing.(曾经) 5.My mother_____ ____ (刚)told me about it. 6. I____ _____ (see) the film_______(以前) 7.We______ ____ _______ the story before(听说) (提问)

9. Lilei______ ______(去) the museum, he isn‘t back. 10. He _____ ____ (回答)the question twice. 二.变时态。

1. He was a worker three years ago.

He_____ ____ a worker since three years ago. 2. We began to study English five years ago. We______ _____ English since five years ago. 3. He bought the bike in 2005.

He_____ ____ the bike_____ 2005/____three years. 4. The girl borrows the book.(for four weeks).

The girl_____ ______ the book____ _____ _____ _____ 5. Uncle Li went to work in the factory.(since two years ago) Uncle Li _____ ____in the factory_____ _____ ______. 6. The teacher left two hours ago.

The teacher_____ ______ ____since two hours ago 7. His father died ten years ago,

His father ______ ______ _____ for ten years 8. He got up at 7:00. (Now it‘s 9:00) He _____ ______ _____ for two hours

9.The workers began to build ―the bird nest‖ for Olympic Games 8 years ago.

The workers _____ ______ ―the bird nest‖ for Olympic Games for 8 years ago.

三.把下列句子变成现在完成时。 1. He lived next door to us in 1990.( since)

2. He stayed in Chongqing last years.(two years)

3. She was our neighbor last week.( two weeks)

4. They did much work in 2000.( since)

5. The boy was writing the letter when I came in.(since)

6. I finish my work. (already)

7. Were you in China? (ever)

8. The train didn‘t arrive. (yet)

9. The girl asks this question three times. (already)

10. You got a letter from your father. (just)

11. Did he make food? (before)




3. The mother hasn‘


5. has promised to help Uncle Liu clean the





1._____ you _____ (have) lunch? Yes. When____ you _____ (have) it? I______ (have) it at 12:00.

2._____ you _____(write) a letter to your aunt yet? No, I_____. I __________ it next week

3. ______ you____(find) your knife yet? Not yet. 4. My grandfather________(water) the plants every day. 5. Her brother_________(be) a soccer player for 5 years. 6.When____ you _____(come) back? Two years ago. 7. I _________(not sing) the English song before.

8. It____ four years since he______(begin)to study English. 9.They have some problems_______(work) out the math. 10.If he_____(not study) hard, he ____(not pass) the exam. 11.I have______(know) him since I_____(be) a child. Now we _____(be) good friend.

12.Where is Jack? He‘s______(go) to Beijing. Where _____ you been? I‘ve_____ to the park. 13.He has given me a pen. So_______ they.

14.She has never done the work. Neither_____ I 15.____he ever called his son? No, he_______

16. When I _____(came), my father_______(tell) the story to A. closing B. close C. to close D. closed 20. Linda _______ the aquarium after school yesterday. A. was going to B. has been to C. went to D. has been in the children.

17.How long_____ you_____(买)the car? For 2 years. 19.How long____ he_____(借)the book? Since 2 weeks ago. 20.How long ____ you____ (live) in this house? Four years. 六.选择

1. Have you______ heard of Disneyland? A. always B. yet C. ever D. never

2. He ____________from his brother for half a year. A. hasn't heard B. has heard C. didn't hear D. heard 3.I ____ to Canada twice, It's so beautiful.

A won't go B have gone C don't go D have been 4.John ____ Disneyland .He is still there.

A has been to B has gone to C went to D goes to 5.Has she ___ for Beijing? Yes, she has ___ there for 3 days. A gone, gone B left, left C left, been D gone, left 6.Have you found the book? Yes, I ___ it five minutes ___. A have found, before B found, before C has found ,ago D found, ago

7.-I don't like cats. Cats aren't friendly enough.- _______. A Me too B Me neither C Me both D Me either 8.I ____ the zoo last week.

A have been to B have gone to C went to D was going to 9. You can see Disney characters ______and all time . A. walk around B. walking around C. to walk around D. walks around 10. My father ____ Shanghai for ten years. A have been in B have been to C have gone to D have been

11. We don't like playing football,______. A Neither is Peter B Neither does Peter C So is Peter D So Peter does

12. Mr. John died last year, he___for several months already. A has been dying B has died C has been dead D died 13. Mary ____ the book for two weeks. A borrowed B lent C bought D kept 17.I have never heard of the news. ________. A. So do I B. So have I C. Neither have I D. Either do I 18.--You speak English so well, Mr Yang. --Thanks. I_______ America for two years and I __________ for another two years.

A. have come to; stay B. have been to; have stayed C. have been in; will stay D. came to; am going to stay 19. Tom forgot ______the door. It is open now.

七 完型填空:

Have you ever heard of a girl of 15, who has set up(成立) a company of her own? Wendy Wong is the girl. She started her company two years ago. She has already 1____ several successful computer games. They are so 2______ that over half a million games are sold every year. Now all of her family work in her company, and she is 3______studying at school.

She gets up early in the morning ,and then has a talk with her family 4_____ the business(生意) over breakfast. Every day during weekdays ,she goes to school in her own car with a 5 ______, because she is not old enough to drive.

She enjoys her school , but all of the work is too easy for her to feel 6 _______. She usually gets ―A‖ grades in all her 7______, so the other students often ask her for 8_______. She finishes her homework in half an hour after her driver takes her home. After dinner, she goes to her office and goes on 9____ on her computer, writing games until 2 am. She does not usually need so much 10_____ as other children. 1.A worked B play C written D bought 2.A afraid B popular C expensive D surprised 3. A still B hardly C often D sometimes 4. A for B with C about D. to

5. A doctor B teacher C driver D visitor

6. A interesting B interested C uninteresting D uninterested 7. A games B businesses C friends D subjects 8. A money B help C grades D results 9. A to work B work C works D working 10. A food B sleep C fruit D pleasure 八 短文填空:

A man was sitting in the doctor's office. He was telling the doctor about his 1_____."I like football, doctor," he said. "Please help me. My life has never been a good one 2 I became 3_______ in football and it is getting worse and worse. I can't even 4_______ well at night. When I close my eyes, I feel as if I'm out there in the football field running after a flying ball. When I 5______ up, I'm more tired 6 ______ I was when I went to bed. What am I going to do?" The doctor sat back and said, "7_____ of all, you have to do your best not to dream about football Before you are falling asleep, try to think about something 8______. Try to think you are at a party and someone is going to give you 9______ thousand dollars. "

"Are you mad? "the man 10______. "I'11 miss the ball.

( )1.You‘ve never seen such a wonderful film before, _______?

A. haven‘t you B. have you

C. do you D. don‘t you

( ) 2. —I have watched the game.

—When ____ you ____ it?

A. have; watched B. do; watch

C. did ;watch D. will; watch

( )3. Mr. Green ____ in China since five years ago.

A. lived B. has lived

C. lives D. is going to live

( )4. His grandma ______ for two years.

A. died B. has died

C. was dead D. has been dead

( )5. –Where is Han Mei now?

- She __ to Shanghai. She will be back in two days.

A. has gone B. has been

C. goes D. had gone

( )6. -____ you ____to the United Stated ?

- No, never,but I went to Canada a few years ago

A. Have; been B. Have; gone

C. Did; go D. Do; go

( )7. You haven‘t changed your mind,_______?

A. do you B. are you

C. have you D. did you

( )8. How long have you ____ the football team of the school?

A. played B. been at

C. joined D been on

( )9. —Where have you _____ these days?

—I have _____ to Kunming with my friends.

A been , gone B been , been

C gone , been D gone, gone

( )10. How long have you ____ this book?

A. bought B. borrowed C. had D. lent

( )11. —Excuse me, ____ you seen the film yet? —Yes, I _____ it last night.

A have, see B have, have seen

C have, seen D have, saw

( )12. He has never ridden a horse before,_____?

A. is he B. isn‘t he

C. hasn‘t he D. has he

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