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1. climb hills 爬山

2. fly kite 放风筝

3. make snowmen = make a snowman 堆雪人

4. in spring/ summer/ fall/ winter不加定冠词the

5. learn to do sth 学会做某事

6. go on a trip/travel to Shanghai去上海旅行

7. .go to Beijing for one’s holidays某人去北京度假

8. on one’s holidays在某人的度假

9. had better (not) do something最好(不)做某事

10. .in different places 在不同的地方

11. need to do需要做

12. .go out出去,熄灭

13. take an umbrella 带把伞去

14. remember to do sth “记得要做某事”

15. remember doing sth “记得做过某事”

16. wear a pair of sunglasses戴一副太阳镜

17. in most parts/areas/places of China在中国大部分地方

18. later on 后来, 以后

19. get fine/old变晴朗/老

20. turn green变绿

21. be different from与……不同

22. change a lot 多变化,变化大

23. be happy here/there/in the city很高兴在这儿/那儿/ 城市

24. be happy to do sth很高兴做某事

25. fine and bright=nice and bright非常晴朗

26. get to +地点 到达某地

27. take(have) a walk散散步

28. .go out for a walk出去散散步

29. have/take a short rest休息一小会儿

30. .hear/see sb/sth do听见/看见某人做某事

31. hear/see sb/sth doing听见/看见正在做某事

32. turn windy and cloudy变得多云多风

33. come back to life 恢复了生机

34. rain heavily/hard 下大雨

35. a heavy rain一阵大雨

36. blow strong起大风

37. a strong wind一阵大风

38. fall off 落下;掉落

39. a weather report 天气预报

40. a hopeful season 一个充满希望的季节

41. the harvest season丰收的季节

42. come after 紧跟其后

43. be busy doing sth.忙于干某事.

44. be busy with +名词

45. I hope (that) you are well祝你身体健康

46. The weather gets warm. 天气变暖。get 变得

47. What’s the weather like in spring/ summer/ fall/ winter?

=How is the weather in spring/ summer/ fall/ winter?


48. It’s a good season/time for doing sth. = It’s a good season/time to do sth. 是做某事的好季节/时间。

49. Which season do you like best,spring,summer,fall or winter?


50. I like spring/ summer/ fall/ winter best.我最喜欢春/夏/秋/冬天

51. It’s + hard/easy +to do sth.做某事很难/容易

52. 一切都很好吗?一切顺利

53. 大家都好吗?大家都很好

54. 今天温度是多少?最低温最高温度是20℃

55. Summer holidays are coming. 暑假就要到了。

56. The sun shines brightly. 阳光灿烂

57. It’s the best time to go there in August.八月是去那最好时节。

58. Is the weather in England different from that in Australia?


59. What will you wear if you want to go to Australia in January ?


60. Does the weather change a lot in August in China?八月中国的天气变化大吗?

61. How long will the meeting last? 会议要开多久?

62. The farmers are busy harvesting.

农民们忙着收割庄稼harvest 在这个句子里面是动词。

63. The cold weather is coming. 寒冷的天气马上就要来了。

64. It lasts from December to February. 它从十二月持续到二月

65. I am busy doing my work. = I am busy with my work. 我忙着我的工作。

66. It’s hard to study physics物理很难学。

67. It’s insteresting to play video games. 打游戏很有趣


1.It’s the best time (for sb.) to go there.

Eg. 1.It’s the best time for you to go there.

2.It’s a good time (for sb.) to do sth

Eg. It’s a good time for us to climb hills.

3.It’s time (for sb.) to do sth

Eg. It’s time for them to do outdoor activities.

注意比较 :It’s time for outdoor activities.

It’s a good time for climbing hills.

4.It’s hard/easy/bad/good (for sb.) to go there.

5.It’s one’s turn to do sth

6.plan to do

7. want to do

8.would like to do

9.remember to do

10.forget to do

11.begin to do

12. learn to do

13. need to do


be(am/is/are/was/were), get(变),turn(变),look(看起来)get,turn,look既可作连系动词也可作动词但意思不同

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