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Unit 5
Can you come to my party?

Grammar Focus
Sure, I’d like to. I’m sorry ,I can’t. I have to help my mom. C an she go to the movies ? No, she can’t. She is playing soccer. Can you come to my party?
Can he go to the baseball game? No, he can’t. He has to study.

Can they go to the concert? No, they can’t. They are gonging to a party.

Read the invitation. Then fill in the blank in the conversations.
It’s a Birthday Party! For whom: Lisa. Time: Friday, June 30 ,at four-thirty. Place: Lisa’s house, 15 Street.

Lisa: Hi, Simon, __ _ you come to my _ __? Simon: ___is it ? Lisa: It’s__ at __. Simon: Great! I’d love Come and have fun! to.

Read the e-mail message. Then complete Sonia’s calendar below.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hi Henry, Thank you for your invitation. I’m sorry I can’t visit you this week. I am really busy. This evening I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party. And tomorrow , I have to go to the dentist. (Yuck!) On Wednesday ,I have tennis training with the school team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the movies with some friends. Can you come to the movies with us on Friday? Write soon. Sonia.



have to



1. My American friend is going to __ me next vacation.
2. Are you __ soccer this weekend? 3. I can’t join you, because I __ help my mom on weekdays. 4. Please keep quiet! I am going to__. 5. Do you want to __ to my birthday party?

Imagine you are Marie. Read the invitations and look at your schedule. Read implies to the invitations.
Sunday Monday go to the mall at 9:00 am Finish the geography in the evening Football match at 5:00 pm on TV Piano lessons at 7:00pm-8:00pm

Marie, what are you doing on Saturday? can you play tennis with me? Rose




Culture at 4:00pm
movies with Sam in the evening fishing with grandpa the whole day

Marie, can you come to the party on Monday at 7:00pm? Julie Marie, can you come over to my house Wednesday evening to discuss the science report? I’m free till 10:00pm Dave


Irregular Verbs(不规则动词表)
am are

Past tense Past participle was were bore beat became brought built bought could been been born borne beat beaten become brought built bought


bring build buy can

come cut do/does drawn drink eat feed feel find forget go Have/has keep know

came cut did drew drank ate fed felt found forgot went had kept knew

come cut done drawn drunk eaten fed felt found forgotten gone had kept known

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