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七年级英语下M7期末复习 模拟题


( )1. ____ were you born? I was born in a small village in Tianjin in 1999.

A. What B. How C. When and where D. Where and when

( )2. —Were you born in China? —Yes, I ________.

A. were B. is C. was D. am

( )3. —Was he a teacher? —No, he ________.

A. weren’t B. wasn’t C. isn’t D. was

( )4. Mr. Black is very strict ________ his students.

A. with B. in C.for D. to

( )5. —What was your uncle like? —He was very kind and ________.

A. friend B. friendly C. strict D. happy

( )6. —When were you born? —I was born ________ June 16th,1996.

A. in B. at C. on D. of

( )7. There is a white house ________ many trees around it.

A. has B. have C. with D. of

( )8. There ________ nothing interesting in today's newspaper.

A. is B. was C. were D. are

( )9. —Was there a school in the village 10 years ago? —_____,there _____.

A. Yes;were B. Yes;wasn't C. No;was D. No;wasn't

( )10. They are very strict ________ their work

A. at B. in C. to D. on

( )11. I lived in a town ________ the east coast of American..

A. on B. in C. to D. at

( )12. Tony is looking forward to ________ his new friends.

A.see B. saw C. sees D. seeing

( )13. Did you ________ breakfast at home?


A.have B. had C. ate D. got

( )14. ________you at school last Friday?

A.Are B. Was C. Were D. Did

( )15. Where________you________ during the vacation?

A.did,went B. do,went C. did,go D. Do,goes

( )16. His friends didn't ________ a nice weekend.

A. has B. had C. have D. with

( )17. —Who ________ the floor just now? —My mother ________.

A. swept;swept B. swept;did C. did;did D. was; was

( )18. Sandy ________ at home and read ________ interesting book.

A. stay;an B. stayed;an C. stays;a D. staied ; a

( )19. —Did you ________ a film last night? —Yes, I ________

A. saw;did B. see;did C. see;do D. saw do

( )20. ________ to me carefully!

A. Listen B. Hear C. Listening D. Hearing


1. Tom ________(be) late this morning.

2. They ________(go) shopping last Saturday.

3. Did you ________(make) a lantern yesterday.

4. He ________(read) a new novel this morning.

5. It was great ________(play) in the garden.

6. Mrs Li is very kind. She is ________(friend) to us.

7. The ________(child) are flying kites in the park.

8. Last night,I ________(not do) my homework.

9. ________ Lily ________(get) up late this morning?

10.He________(put) an interesting story on the table last Sunday.

11. His son ________(die) in a car accident a few years ago.

12. Look!Lingling ________(clean) her room.


13. It isn't easy ________ (learn) English.

14. You should find something ________ (eat) for your son.

15. He spent two hours ________ (do) his homework

16.Thank you for ________ (give) me so much help.


1. 我1999年出生于昆明。

I ________ ________ in Kunming in 1999.

2. 三年前他住在一个小村里。

He lived ________ ________ ________ ________ 3 years ago.

3. 那时候你的老师怎么样?

What ________ your teacher ________ then?

4. 我父母对我要求严格,我对我的工作也很严格。

My parents ________ ________ ________ me,and I ________ ________ ________ my work.

5. —周末过得如何。 —非常棒

— ________ ________your weekend?

—It was great.


What was the name of your first ________ ________ ?


Qingdao is ________ the ________ ________ of China.


Shanghai is ________ the ________ ________ China.


1.出生 2. 小学

3. 四川省 4. ……的名字

5. be good in class 6. be good at

7.at home 8. be friendly to

9.过去的生活 10.我的第一所学校

11.对某人要求严格 12.最初的朋友

13. 两年前 14.电影院


15.昨天晚上 16.起居室


My life in Quincy By Betty King

I was born in Quincy, a town _____(1) the east coast of America, twelve years ago. There were lots of things_____(2) in Quincy, with many stores, two movie theaters, football clubs and basketball teams too. I wasn’t _____(3) in Quincy. I was very happy there.

Two presidents of the US, John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, were born in Quincy. You can visit _____(4) old family houses.

Our house was big and comfortable. There was a big living room _____(5) a TV, a kitchen, a bathroom and three bedrooms. On my bedroom walls there _____(6) pictures of my favourite movie stars.

Behind the house, there was a big garden with _____(7) trees and there was a small lake with fish in it. It was great _____(8) there.

There were lots of _____(9) in Quincy. Many of them were my friends. This was our last home in the US and I was there for the last time in 2010. One day I’ll go back, and I’m looking forward to _____(10) my friends again

( )1. A. in B. on C. to D. of

( )2. A. to do B. doing C. did D. done

( ) 3.A. bore B. boring C. bored D. bores

( ) 4. A. his B. her C. his D. their

( ) 5.A. has B. have C. with D. without

( ) 6.A. was B. were C. is D. are

( )7. A. lot B. a lot C. lot of D. lots of

( ) 8. A. to play B. playing C. played D. plays

( ) 9.A. child B. childrens C. children D. childs

( )10. A. see B. saw C. seed D. seeing



Susan: 4

Frank: I'm going to visit Beihai.

Susan: Frank: Susan: I'm going to Disneyland in Hong Kong.

Frank: Susan: Seven days.

Frank: Susan: My parents.

Frank: Wish you a good time! Susan: You,too.


Mr Jones and Mr Brown worked in the same office. One day Mr Jones said to Mr Brown “We are going to have a small party at our house next Wednesday evening. Would you and your wife like to join us?”

Mr Brown said, “Thank you very much. That is very kind of you. We are free that evening,I think. But I will telephone my wife and ask her. Maybe (或许) she wants to go somewhere else that evening.” So Mr Brown went to the other room and telephoned. When he came back,he looked very uneasy (心神不安的).

“What's the matter?” said Mr Jones. “Did you speak to your wife?” “No,” answered Mr Brown, “She wasn't there. My small son answered the telephone. I said to him, ‘Is your mother there,David?' and he answered, ‘No,she is not in the house!' ‘Where is she then?' I asked. ‘She is somewhere outside!' ‘What 5

is she doing?' ‘She is looking for me.'”

( )1. A small party will be held ________.

A. in seven day B. in the evening C. in the office D. at Mr Brown's house

( )2. Mr Jones invited ________ to the party.

A. Mr Brown B. Mrs brown C. Mr and Mrs Brown D. all his friends

( )3. The telephone was ________.

A. in the same office B. near the office

C. in the post office D. near Mr Jone's house

( ) 4. Mr Brown spoke to ________ on the phone.

A. Mrs Brown B. Mrs Jones C. David D. David's friend

( ) 5. Why was Mrs Brown looking for David?Because ________.

A. he went out of the house B. he was answering father's phone

C. David had lost his way D. she didn't know David was in the room


William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the world. We know Shakespeare’s birthplace is Stratford-upon-Avon. He was baptized(受洗礼)on the 26th April, 1564. He was the third child in the family. Several months after he was born, the plague(瘟疫)came to Stratford and many people died. He went to school in Stratford and learnt some Latin and Greek. Sadly we know no more about his education.

We think that William married Anne Hatchway, or Hatchway, and that she was eight years older than he was. Their daughter Susannah was baptized on 26th May, 1583. William Shakespeare had one son, Hammet, and the boy died when he was only 11 years old. In about 1602, Shakespeare was living in London and working as an actor. Later he began to write his plays and poetry.

His works are not easy to read. You need a good teacher to help you. However(然而) your mind will be richer for knowing his works.

( )1 What was the name of Shakespeare’ s son?

A. John B. Peter C. Hammet D Hammelet

( )2 Shakespeare learnt _______ at school

A. Chinese B. English C. History D. Latin

( ) 3When did the Plague come to Stratford?

A. In 1564 B. In 1664

C. In 1602 D. When Shakespeare was 13 years old.

( )4. what did Shakespeare do later being an actor?


A. He began to teach. B. He began to be a doctor

C. He began to dance. D.He began to write his plays and poetry.

( )5.What is the passage about?

A. The City of London. B. Shakespeare’s childhood.

C. Shakespeare and his family D. Shakespeare’s love story


At different times in a man's life his food has different effects (影响) on his body. is quickly changed to the power(力量) to run and play games. Most of a young man's food is spent on growing ; We grow , not later. Working not get fat. Office workers eat down a lot, and may begin to to work much the most difficult time is when a man r sixty years of age. His body and mind restful, without much work or interest. That is when food changes quickly to f .



提示词: present ; clean and tidy the office; card; invite sb. to do


___________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________


提示词:catch a bad cold; be in hospital; talk with; look forward to &

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