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Unit 5

Can you come to my party?

A: What are you going to do tomorrow?

Pairwork B: I’m going to ……
A: What are you going to do the day after tomorrow? B: Well, I’m ……

Plan a party!
Look at the invitation and find out who can come. A: Can you come to my picnic? B: When is it? A: Next week, on Saturday afternoon at 13:00. B: Yes, I’d love to. C: I’m sorry. I have to study for a math test… D: I’m sorry, too. I have to… Name

Great picnic !
Time: Sat, Oct 23, at 13:00pm

Place: Zhongshan park
Come and have fun!
Yes No reasons

3a Read the e-mail and write.

A: What is Sonia going to do on …?Hi Henry, Thank you for your invitation. B: She is going to …… I’m sorry I can’t visit you this Sunday week. I am really busy. This ? evening I’m going to my Monday cousin’s birthday party cousin’s birthday party. And tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist Tuesday dentist. (Yuck! ) On Wednesday, I have tennis tennis training with Wednesday training with the school team. the school team And I have to study for my study for the Thursday chemistry test on Thursday. chemistry test On Friday evening, I’m going going to the movies Friday to the movies with some with some friends friends. Can you come to the Saturday movies with us on Friday? ?

Fill in the blanks in the e-mail message. Use “I’m + Verb+ ing ” or “I have to + Verb” .

Subject: Party

From: Tony

Hi Henry, Thanks a lot for the invitation. I’m sorry I can’t visit next week. go to the docter On Tuesday, I’m On Monday , I have to _______________. going to the movies _______________with my friends. On Wednesday, I have go fishing with to ____________my dad. On Thursday, I’m studying for an English test And on Friday, _____________________ I’m going to Jiangxi Island ____________. parents Please call me after the on vacation with my __________. vacation.


2 Imagine you are Marie. Read the invitations and look at your schedule. Write replies to the invitations. Sunday Monday
go to the mall at 9:00 finish the geography project in the evening Marie, What are you doing on Saturday? Can you play tennis with me?

Marie, Can you come to my party on Monday at 7:00 pm? Julie Marie, Can you come over to my house Wednesday evening to discuss the science report? I’m free till 10:00 pm. Dave

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

football match at 5:00 pm on TV
piano lesson from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm culture club at 4:00 pm movies with Sam in the evening fishing with grandpa the whole day

Fill in the blanks with the words given, Change the form of the word if necessary.

play come

have to

study visit

1.My American friend is going to _______ me next vacation. visit
playing 2. Are you ________ football this weekend? have to 3.I can’t join you because I ________ help my mom on weekdays. study 4. Please keep quiet! I’m trying to ________. come 5. Do you want to _______ to my birthday party?



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