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. 姓名一.从各选项中选出最佳答案。(10分)

( ) 1. _______ you like ice cream?

A. Are B. Am C. Does D. Do

( ) 2. _______ play table tennis.

A.Let B. Lets C. Let’s D. It’s

( ) 3. _______ does your father have _______ lunch?

Chicken and tomatoes

A. What; for B. What ; / C. How; for D. How; /

( ) 4.Oranges are a kind of _______.

A. vegetables B. vegetable C. fruits D. fruit

( ) 5. What _______ Tom like _______ for breakfast?

A. does; eat B. is; eat C. does; to eat D. is; to eat

( ) 6—Do you like ice cream for_______ dessert?

A. a B. the C. / D. an

( ) 7.—Does your friend like salad?

A. Yes. she like B. No, she does

C. Yes, she doesn’t D. No. she doesn’t

( ) 8. I have a cat .It likes fish. It eats _______every day.

A. a lot B. many C. Lots of D. much

( )9. –Does your English teacher sing very_______? –Yes ,she does.

A. good B. nice C. great D. well

( )10. –Let’s _______baseball.

--OK. Let’s_______.

A. play; go B. plays; go C. play; to go D. play; goes


I a brother, Ethan. I have five and two oranges. He four bananas and three I don’t like , but he He doesn’t like salad, I do. My father broccoli, but my doesn’t. I my family.

( )1. A. am B. have C. like D. has

( )2. A. banana B. orange C. bananas D. salads

( )3. A. is B. likes C. has D. have

( )4. A. oranges B. hamburger C. orange D. hamburgers

( )5. A. tomato B. tomatos C. tomatoes D. a tomatoes

( )6. A. do B. does C. like D. /

( )7. A. but B. and C. or D. for

( )8. A. likes B. have C. like D. does

( )9. A. friend B. sister C. mother D. uncle

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( )10. A. likes B. am C. do D. like

三. 阅读理解,回答问题 (10分)

My name is Jenny . I have a sister and a brother, Rose and Paul. We like apples very much. Rose and I like hamburgers. But I don’t like salad. Paul doesn’t like broccoli. But Rose does. My parents like tomatoes and French fries.

( )1. My ______ is Paul.

A. name B. sister C. brother D. father

( )2. My parents have ______ son(s) and ______ daughter(s).

A. two, one B. one, two C. three, no D. no, three

( )3. My sister likes _______.

A. bananas B. hamburgers C. broccolis D. A, B and C

( )4. _______ doesn’t like salad.

A. My sister B. My brother C. My father D. Jenny

( )5. My mother likes ________.

A. hamburgers B. French fries C. oranges D. broccoli

四. 词汇训练(40分)

A) 根据图片提示写出正确的单词。(10分)

图1 2 3 4 5

1. I like to eat _________very much.

2. Do you like _________?

3. This is a _________.

4. My father likes eating ________.

5. We can eat some ________ this evening.

B) 用所给单词的正确形式完成句子。(10分)

6. Sandra Clark _________(eat) eggs and apples every day.

7. Some __________(strawberry) are on the table.

8. My sister _________(like) bread and milk for breakfast.

9. We should(应该) eat _________ (good) every day.

10. Tony likes _________ (run).


1. play (第三人称单数) ________ 2. tomato ( 复数)________

3. we (形容词性物主代词)________ 4. picture (同义词)_________

5. they (形容词性物主代词) __________ 6. has (原形)__________

7. she (名词性物主代词) _________ 8. no (同音词) __________

9. am (复数)___________ 10. don’t (完全式)__________

D)、根据句意和首字母填空, (10分)

1.Milk is healthy f_______ . 2. YaoMing is a basketball s_______.

3. I r_______ like my English teacher . 4. They are in the same s_______ .

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5. I ask her one last q________ . 6. What do we have for b_______ .

7. Bob and Jack are c________ at school. 8. Gina has a tennis b______ .

9. After d_______ my son watch TV 10. I go to school w_____ Alan.

五、从方框中选恰当的句子,完成对话 (10分)

A: Do you like carrots?

B: ______ I like all vegetables.

A: How about broccoli? ______

B: Yes. ______ do you like vegetables?

A: ______ But I like fruit. I like bananas, oranges…

B: ______ I don’t like apples!

A: Yes, I like apples. And you know what I really like?

B: What?

A: Ice cream!

六. 句型转换,每空一词。(10分)

1. My brother likes tomatoes. (改为否定句)

My brother ______ ______ tomatoes.

2. Do you like broccoli and French fries? (作否定回答)

No, ______ _______.


_______ does Mary _______ for breakfast?

4. They have some oranges. (用he 作主语改为单数句子)

He ______ ______ orange.

5. Kate often eats pears. (改为一般疑问句)

______ Kate often ______ pears?



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