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七年级英语下册Unit12 Don’t eat in class section A period 3 课件人教新目标版

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Section A Period 3
? Main focus: Practice “have to”.

? What time does the school begin in the morning? ? When do you have to arrive at school in the morning? ? As students ,what do you have to do in the school?

have to 必须 ,不得不

We have to arrive at school on time.
We have to do homework every day. We have to clean the classroom every day. We have to keep the classroom clean.

We have to study hard at all lessons.
What else do you have to do?

have to:不得不,必须
1.I have to get up early on Monday morning.
I don’t have to get up early…

2.Jim has to help her mother do some cooking.
Jim doen’t have to help her mother…

3.I had to cook for my sister last night.
I din’t have to cook for my sister…

3a Fill in the blanks .
uniform, classroom , sports shoes

1. John, you have to wearsports _____ _____ shoes for gym class.
2. At school, we have to clean classroom the ____________.

3. Mary, you don’t have to wear uniform a _________.

A: Do we have to _________?
B: Yes, we do. / No,we don’t.



A: Does he have to ____? B: Yes,he does./ No,he doesn’t.

Mary A: ____________? B: _______________.

John A: What does he have to do? B: He has to wear sports shoes for gym class.

the students A: ____________? B: _______________.


Do you have to …? Yes, we do. We have to … No, we don’t. We don’t have to … 1. Clean the classroom every day. 2. Get to school before 7:00. 3. Wear sports shoes for gym class. 4. Keep quiet in class. 5. Do homework on time. 6.Wear uniforms every day. 7. Take off (脱下) your shoes in the computer room.

School rules

必须 ,不得不 don’t /doesn’t have to 不必

have to


Do we have to wear a uniform?
2.玛丽必须穿运动鞋上体育课吗?是的,她是。 3.琳达,你不必在上午七点前到校。

Does Mary have to wear sports shoes for PE class? Yes, she does.

4. 他们在学校不得不做什么呢?
5. 我们必须在课上保持安静。

Linda, you don’t have to get to school before seven in the morning. What do they have to do at school?
We have to keep quiet in class.

为你的理想校园制定一个新的校规. 参考用语: Don’t…. You can…but you can’t…. You have to… You can’t …but you can…. ?___________________ 1. ?___________________ 2. ?___________________ 3. ?___________________ 4. ?___________________ 5. ?___________________ 6.

用have to或has to填空 1.We have to clean our classroom after school. 2.She has to make her bed after getting up. has to 3.It’s late. Mr Beckman go to work by car. 4.Emily and Peter join a music club. have to They practice the guitar every day.

根据句意,用can和can’t填空 1.Mr Green can’ smoke here, because t on the wall. It says “No there’s a sign smoking.” can 2.It’s very hot outside. You wear a hat. t in the classroom, because 3.We can’eat it’s impolite

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