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人教版七年级英语语法练习题 1

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have study do carry teach watch fly hide pay be practice say catch wash 2.选择括号中的动词的正确形式填空。

(1)Tom_______(like; likes) playing basketball very much. (2)I________(didn’t; don’t) like talking with him.

(3)________(Playing; Play) computer games is my favorite. (4)Nobody can______(live; lives; living) without water. (5)_______(Do; Does) anybody know this word?

(6)There is little water in the bottle, ______(isn’t there; is there)? (7)______(Come; Coming) to my birthday party, will you?

(8)Tom is a worker. He ________(work; works) in a factory. I _____(work; works) in a hospital.

(9)Who_______(speak; speaks) English best in your class? (10)Mrs. Brown______(cooks; is cooking) for her family every day.


1. David doesn’t like learning Chinese.(变肯定句)

2. Tony doesn’t have a lot of time to paint.(变肯定句)

3. Snoopy has a very cool bicycle.(变否定句)

4. Do you have a pencil in your pencil case?(肯定回答)

5. They are the students in Number one middle school.(改成否定句)

6. My mother likes watching TV at night.(改为否定句)

7. There is some bread on the table. (改为否定句)

8. That bicycle is black and white.(变成复数形式)

9. My brother wants to buy those black shoes.(变成否定句)

10. We have an English Talent Show every year.(变成一般疑问句) 三、特殊疑问句。(用正确的疑问词填空) 1.______ is the weather like today? 今天的天气如何? 2.______ is behind the door? 谁在门后? 3.______ won the prize? 哪个女孩得了奖? 4.______ bag is this? 这个包是谁的? 5.______ did you arrive? 你什么时候到的?

6. ______ do you want to build a science lab? 你为什么想建科学实验室? 7.______ shall we meet tomorrow? 我们明天在哪儿见面? 8.______ are you? 你好吗?

9. ___________ apples are there on the table? 桌子上有多少个苹果? 10. ___________ are these apples? 这些苹果多少钱?

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11. ___________ have you lived here? 你在这儿住多久了? 12. ___________ will he come back? 他什么时候回来?

13. ___________ do you water the flowers? 你多长时间浇一次花? 14. ___________ are you? 你多大了?

四、现在进行时。(用括号中动词的适当形式填空) 1. The little boy _______ (draw) a picture in his room now.

2. Listen! Some girls _______ (sing) an English song in the classroom.

3. --- What ______ your mother ______ now? ---She _______ (cook) some nice food now. 4. Look! The girls ______ (practice ) dancing in the classroom. 5. Some of the girls are ______ (water) the flowers now. 6. It’s six o’clock now. Our family ______ (have) supper at home.

7.---________ your little brother _______ (fly) a kite on the playground? --- Yes,________. 8._______ you ______(ask) me questions?9. ---Hey, what are you _____ (do) now? --- I ______ (eat) some bread. What’s up?

10. It’s nine o’clock in the evening. But my father _____ still ______ (work) in the office. 五、人称代词和物主代词。(用括号中人称代词的适当形式填空) 1. This is my uncle. We often visit ______ (he).

2. ______ (We) math teacher is very kind to us.3. What day is _____ (it) today? 4. My coat is blue. The red one doesn’t belong to ______ (I). 5. These new shoes are so nice. I like _____ (they) very much. 6. Hey, boys! Did you hand in _____ (you) homework yesterday? 7. My cousin is a lovely girl. So I love _____ (she) very much. 8. Let’s ask Jane. _____ (she) is very clever. 9. Tom lost _____(he) keys on the way to school.

10. Our school uniforms are more beautiful than _____ (they). 11. Hello, Sandy. What are _____ (you) doing now?

12. The monkey is putting the apple into _____ (it) mouth. 13. This dictionary is not Gina’s. ______ (she) is on her desk. 14. Where is my English book? _______ (I) can’t find it. 15. _____ (I) bag is on the desk.

16. Their Chinese teacher is a woman and _____ (we) is a man. 17. My name is Ann. What’s _____ (you)?

18. ______ (We) classroom is brighter than ______(they). 六、指示代词。(选择 it, this, that, these, those, one 填空)

1. Hello, Tim. Let me introduce my new friends to you. ______ is Mike and _______ is Jack. 2. I don’t like this bicycle. _____ one over there is better. 3. Someone is knocking at the door. Who can _______ be?

4. The teacher punished the boy and said to him, “Don’t do _______ again.” 5. Look! _______ are the books he bought yesterday. 6. _________ students are more active than _______.

7. I prefer the pink school bag, the _____ with a Mickey Mouse on it. 七、介词填空。

1. Could you tell me something _______ WWF? I am really interested in animals. 2. Cindy usually goes to school ______ eight o’clock.

3. Marcia’s grandmother is _______ ninety years old. She is very healthy now. 4. Can you help me_____ my physics? It’s too difficult for me. 5. The picture of my family is _______ the wall. 6. There are two big windows ______ the wall. 7. Many students write their homework ______ pens. 8. My good friend Tony’s birthday is ______ January, 26th. 9. There are many pears ______ the tree. They look delicious. 10. What’s this _____ Japanese? Can you tell me?

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