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1. Two brothers came to the city ________ special clothes for the emperor.

2. When he _______________ up, his favorite TV show was on.

our way out.

4. The earth _________ less heat from the sun in winter than in summer.

5. —Where’s Li Ming ? —He __________ to the teacher’s office.

6. The students ____________ English when the teacher came in.

7. We couldn’

when we heard the funny story.

He_______(have) his lunch and he is not hungry now.

There’s one language used in every country. People, young and old, short and tall, thin and fat, use it very _________. It is everybody’s ________ language. It is very easy ____________. It is sign(手势) language. When you wave your hand in the street, you are _________ “Hello” to your friend. When you put up your

hand in class, you’re ___________ the teacher that you know the _________ to the questions. When a _________ wants to stop cars or buses, he raises his hand. He is

using sign language. Sign language is more ___________ in quiet places. For example, when you are ________ with your friends, you can have a talk under water by __________ sign language.

Bob was tired of waiting for his sister’s plane to _________. The plane should have come at half _______ three P.M. and now, seven _________later, Bob was _________ waiting. There had been ________times for him to hear the explanation(解释) why the plane was late from the loudspeaker. _________ the first time, Bob had ________ to eat. The second time he _________ to walk in the airport from one end to ________. By the third time he was tired

And hungry. “How ________ will this go on?” Bob said to himself.

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