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Self introduction(自我介绍)

There is a girl ,she has long hair and beautiful eyes.She likes to make friends and share her happiness.Yes, I was the girl.My name is ***.I’m in *** school Grade 7 Class ***,I’m fourteen years old.I was born in***.I like to eat fruit very much.My hoppy is reading books,My favorite color is green.At school,I am a very lively girl.My family have three members,my mother,my father and I.I am an only child,so I am very like to make friends. It is so nice to be here staying with you,and I hope we can get along with each other well in further study.That’s all, thank you!

My hometown(我的家乡)

I was born in a small city in northwest China,surrounded by mountains,there is not a lot of many-storied buildings, no large playground,but I love it.In my heart in any one place can match her.She has a blue sky and fresh air. If you come here, you will be attracted by the delicious food.Beef noodles,mianpi,cold noodles and so on. In recent years my hometown Wuwei City, Gansu Province has changed dramatically, warm, friendly, hardworking, intelligent Wuwei determined to build their home more beautiful. As a member of my hometown, I will study hard, the future for the home construction gave her a strength.

My home is located in southwest China, surrounded by mountains, there are two river, the Yangtze River and Jialing River, which is the largest city in China with a totalpopulation of over thirty million. We are not only rich in natural resources in Chongqing, there are many world famous

attractions, such as the Dazu Rock Carvings, the Three Gorges. Parks, squares and Riverside Road is a good place for leisure citizens. Chongqing hot potis famous. We are Chongqing, transport facilities, to Chongqing, the best tourist season in the spring, neither cold nor hot. In recent years we Chongqing, Chongqing has changed dramatically, warm, friendly, hardworking, intelligent Chongqing determined to build their home more beautiful.

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