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出题人:塔山中学 梁小平 李欣 岳丽娟 审核人:丁希兰

总分:120分 考试时间:90分钟



1.考试时间 90分钟;

2.试卷分第Ⅰ卷( 1-6页)和第Ⅱ卷(7-10 页),共120分。





( )1.A B C ( )2.A B C ( )3. A B C ( )4.A B C ( ) 5.A B C


( )6. A.My birthday is on July 1. B. His birthday is on November 21.

C. He is fifteen years old.

( )7. A.She takes the subway. B. About half an hour.

C. They take the bus.

( )8. A. She can play the guitar. B. No, she can’t.

C. Yes, I can play the piano.

( )9. A.It’s time to get up. B. At 7:00 o’clock in the morning.

C. At 3:00 in the afternoon.

( )10.A.I like art. B. Mrs Brown C. Because it’s relaxing.

(三).听对话及问题,选择正确答案,对话听两遍.(5分) ( )11. A. At 7:00. B. At 6:30. C. At 4:45.

六年级英语 第1页(共9页)


( )12. A. sports B. English C. swimming

( )13. A.She can play the piano. B. She can play the guitar.

C. She can sing and dance.

( )14. A.She takes the bus. B. She rides her bike.

C. She walks to school.

( )15. A.On June 6. B. On July 7 C. On June 7.


( )16. What does Joe have for breakfast?

A. Milk and bananas. B. Milk and bread C. Bread and bananas.

( )17. How does Joe get to school?

A. He takes the bus B.He rides his bike. C. He takes the subway.

( )18.Why does Joe like Chinese?

A.It’s relaxing. B. It’s boring. C. It’s interesting.

( )19.How many hours does Joe play the piano in the evening?

A. An hour. B. Half an hour C. two hours.

( )20.What does Joe think of his life?

A. It’s exciting. B.It’s boring. C. It’s interesting.


Wei Jun is a good driver.He is 21.__________ years old. He drives a car in a factory(工厂).He works from Monday to 22.__________.His home is far away from the factory.He gets up at 23.__________.He goes to work at 6:00 o’clock.At 7:30 he get there.He has no time to have breakfast.He leaves the factory at 5:00pm.He cooks dinner and does housework in the evening.He likes 24._________ a lot.Sometimes he

25._________ TV. He goes to bed at about 10:00pm.



26.–When _____ your mother’s birthday?

-- ______ birthday is in September.

A. is; She B. are; She C. is; Her D. are; Her

27. Our math test is ________ April 25.

A. at B. on C. in D. for

28. ----_____Sunday morning, we have a basketball game.

---And______the afternoon, we have a school trip. It’s interesting!

A. On; In B.At; At C. In; On D. In; At

六年级英语 第2页(共9页)


29. ---Who is your music teacher?

--- ___________.

A. Mrs.Zhang B. Math C. By bike D. Because it’s interesting.

30. ---Why does your friend like Chinese?


A.He likes it very much. B. He thinks it is interesting.

C. Because it is boring. D. His mother wants him to study it.

31. Lunch is ________ 11:50 to 12:30. After that, we have________ P.E..

A. at; a B. at; an C. from; / D. at; /

32. ---Can you speak English?

---_________. It is difficult for me.

A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can’t. C. Yes, you can. D. No, you can’t.

33. My sister is ______ old people and she loves to talk with them.

A. good with B. good at C. good for D. good in

34. --– What club do you want to join?

--- I like ______, so I want to join the ________ club.

A. to swim; swim B. swim; swimming

C. swimming; swimming D. to swim; swim

35. In the evening, I _______ watch TV _______ play computer games.

A. from?. to? B. between?and? C. either?. or? D. either?and?

36. It is not good for your health to eat _______.

A. good B. well C. quick D. quickly

37. --– _______ do your parents usually take a walk?

---At a quarter past six in the evening.

A. How B. How long C. How far D. What time

38. --________ is it from the library to your school?

--Well, I’m not sure?about 5 kilometers?

A. How long B. How far C. How about D. What about

39. She goes to the school _______.

A. walk B. on foot C. by foot D. in foot

40. How ___ Tom and Mary _____ home?

A. do; get to B. does; get to C. do; get D. does; get

三、模拟交际场(共5小题,计5分) (改编)

阅读下面对话,从ABCDEFG中选出五个能填入相应空白处的最佳答案(有两项是多余 六年级英语 第3页(共9页)


A :What time do you usually get up on Saturdays ? B: 41 A:Why do you get up so early ? 42

B :___43___I go to the club at six thirty on Saturday mornings.

A:What sports do you play in the club?

B: I play football and swim.At around eight i take a bus to go home.

A:Then what do you do ? B: 44 And I often help my sister with her English .

A:Do you go to the movies on Saturdays evenings? B:Yes,I do .I often go to see a movie with my parents. 45

四、读书破万卷:阅读理解(共三篇短文,15小题,计20分) (摘录)


It is Jimmy's birthday, and he is five years old. He gets a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them is a beautiful drum(鼓).

"Who gave him that thing?" Jimmy's father says when he sees it. "His grandfather ," answers Jimmy's mother.

Jimmy likes his drum very much. He makes a terrible noise(声音) with it, but his father doesn't mind(介意). He is working during the day and Jimmy is already in bed when he gets home in the evening, so he can't hear the noise.

But one of the neighbors(邻居) doesn't like the noise at all, so a few days later, she takes a sharp(锋利的) knife and goes to Jimmy's house while he is hitting his drum. She says to him, "Hello, Jimmy, there is something very nice inside your drum. Here is a knife. Open the drum and let's find it."

( ) 46. Jimmy gets a lot of nice presents from his ________.

A. classmates B. friends C. teachers D. family

( ) 47. Who gave Jimmy the drum?________.

A. His father B. His mother C. His neighbor D. His grandfather

六年级英语 第4页(共9页)

( ) 48. Why doesn't Jimmy's father stop him from making noise with the drum? Because _______.

A. he likes Jimmy very much B. he doesn't hear it

C. Jimmy is in bed D. Jimmy only plays in the evening

( ) 49. One of the neighbors________.

A. likes Jimmy very much B. enjoys listening to the sound of the drum

C. wants to show Jimmy a sharp knife D. doesn't like the noise at all

( ) 50. What does Jimmy's neighbor really want him to do? To ________.

A. stop him making noises B. make a noise on his drum with a knife

C. show him how to hit the drum D. find something nice in his drum

B (摘录)

A French (法国的)woman goes to London to see her son. She knows a little English, but can not speak it very well.One day she goes to a shop.She wants to buy a hen(母鸡) for supper.But she can not remember(记得) the English word for “hen”.Just then the shop waiter asks her: “Can I help you?”“I want the egg’s mother ”the woman answered.The shop waiter does not understand(明白) her and says:“Sorry, we have not any bigger(较大的) eggs.”Suddenly(突然) the woman remembers(记起) the word “cock(公鸡)”.She says:“I want the cock’s wife!”This time the shop waiter laughs(笑).

( )51.The woman goes to London_______.

A.to learn English B.to have supper C.to see her son D.to travel

( )52.The woman________.

A.only knows a little English B.knows much English

C.doesn’t know English D.knows Chinese

( )53.The shop waiter think the egg’s mother must be”_______”.

A.bigger eggs B.the cock’s wife C.hens D.chicken

( )54.The shop waiter laughs because he ________.

A.understand the woman at last B.think it is interesting(有趣的)

C. does not understand the woman D.jokes on the women

( )55. Is the woman clever(聪明的)?

A. Yes, he is B. No ,she isn’t C. Yes she is D.No,he is

C (改编)

Jenny gets up early in the morning.She has her breakfast and goes to school.She 六年级英语 第5页(共9页)

walks to the bus stop and takes a bus.She gets to school at about half past seven.

Jenny is never late for school.She likes school and works hard.Classes begin at 8:00.She has six classes every day.Jenny is good at all her lessons,and she likes English best.

Usually Jenny has lunch at school.She goes home at five in the afternoon.Sometimes,she helps her friends with their lessons.She eats dinner at around half past six .After that she usually watches TV news.Then she does her homework.She goes to bed at about 9:30.Jenny is a good girl.

56.Where does Jenny have her breakfast?

57.How does Jenny get to the bus stop?

58.How many hours is Jenny at school?

59.What is Jenny’s favorite subject?

60.What does Jenny do after supper?



一、1—5 _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 6 — 10 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

11—15____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 16—20 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____



二、26—30 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 31—35 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

36—40 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

三、41—45 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

四、46—50 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 51—55 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

56.Where does Jenny have her breakfast?


57.How does Jenny get to the bus stop?


58.How many hours is Jenny at school?


59.What is Jenny’s favorite subject?


60.What does Jenny do after supper?

六年级英语 第6页(共9页)


第II卷 (笔答题,50分)





根据单词划线部分的读音,将单词归类。 (摘录)

1. /?:/ 6. /?:/

2. /k/ 7. /i:/

3. /a?/ 8. /u:/

4. /e/ 9. /w/

5. /a?/ 10. /a:/



1. Dave’s birthday is in ________/’?:ɡ?st/ 23.

2. My favorite day is ________/’θ?:sde?/ because I have a history class.

3. My cousin is twenty and today is her ___________/’twent??θ/birthday.

4. The club is not far and it takes me 15_____________(分钟) to get there.

5. How many __________/’pi:pl/ are there in their village?

6. It is the villagers’ dream to have a ________./br?d?/

7. Is your favorite subject ____________ /d???ɡr


8. When do you _____________/li:v/ your home to school?

9. He is ____________/?’fre?d/ of snakes(蛇).

10. My mother always gets up ____________/’?:l?/. There are many things she has

to do .


六年级英语 第7页(共9页)

11.Hamburgers really _________ good.

12.The new student is very friendly(友好的). Everyone wants _________with her.

13. My brother usually ____________ in the evening.

14. Are you good at telling _________?

15. Peter sits __________ Lisa _________ Jill.

16. My home is about 2____________ from school. It’s near.

17. There are five _______ buses in the station.

18. I like _________ in such a beautiful place.

19. Our art teacher _________ us lots of things and we love her so much.

20. It takes me about one hour ___________.

七、请你来当翻译。 (共10小题,计10分)(原创)






















写一篇短文介绍下自己的生日、特长、饮食习惯和学校生活,不少于60单词 。 六年级英语 第8页(共9页)

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________



25. 一、听力(共30分,1-25题每题1分,26-30题每题2分)

1-5 CBBCA 6—10BAABC 11—15 BCCAC 16—20 BACAB

21. 23/twenty-three 22.Friday 23. 5:30/half past five 24. reading 25 watches

二 单选(共15分,每题1分)

26--30 CBAAB 31--35 CBACD 36--40 DDBBA


41—45 EACDB

四、阅读理解 (共20分, 46-55题每题1分,56-60题每题2分)

46-50 DDBDA 51-55 CAAAC

56. At home。 57. On foot 58. 9 hours. 59. English.

60. She watches TV news and does her homework.


1. Birthday ,learn ,Thursday 2.subject 3.night why 4. Any letter

5.around shower 6. Fourth morning 7. Chinese speak teeth 8. Soon

9. Way where 10. France party


1-5: August Thursday twentieth minutes people

6-10: bridge geography leave afraid early

11-15: taste to make friends brushes teeth stories between?and? 16-20: kilometers hundred to live teaches to do homework


1. My brother always goes to bed at nine .

2.what time does your father usually get up and brush his teeth ?

3. How long does it take to go to school by bike ?

How long does it take to ride the bike to school ?

4. How far is it from his home to school ?

5. I can help you to cross the river

6.It takes me about an hour to do my homework every day .

7. Tony either watches TV or plays computer games on weekends .

8. He can play chess but he can’t play it well .

9.Ann’s favorite subjects are history and science .

六年级英语 第10页(共9页)

10.Sally’s birthday is on October twenty-second.

八、书面表达 (共10分)(略)



1.A. We have an English Day on August 21.

B. We have a School Day on October 10.

C. We have an Art Festival on September 23.

2.A.My mother gets to work on foot.

B,.My mother gets to work by bike.

C.My mother rides her bike to work.

3.A.Her favorite subject is Chinese.

B.Her favorite subject is math.

C.Her favorite subject is music.

4.A.She can play the piano and she plays it very well.

B.She can play the gaitar but she can’t play it well.

C.She likes playing the violin and she can play it very well.

5.A.He usually gets up at 6:30.

B.He usually goes to bed at 8:30.

C. He usually gets dressed at 6:00.


6.When is your brother’s birthday?

7.How does Jane go to school?

8.What can your sister do?

9.What time do you usually brush your teeth?

10.Why do you like art?


11. W: What time do you usually go to school?

M: I usually get up at 6:30 and go to school at 7:00. W: What time do you get home?

M: At 4:45.

Q: What time does the boy get up?

12.A :Alice,what’s your favorite club?

B : My favorite club is swimming club.How about you, Bob? A: My favorite club is sports club.

六年级英语 第11页(共9页) rdthst

Q: What’s Alice’s favorite club?

13.M: Can you play the piano?

W: Yes,I can. But I can’t play it very well.What about you?

M: I can’t play the piano.But I can sing and dance.

Q: What can the girl do?

14.A: Hey, Jane.Do you walk to school?

B: No,I don’t. I take the bus. What about you?

A:I ride my bike to school.

Q:How does Jane go to school?

15.M.What’s the date today?

W: It’s June 6.

M: Tomorrow is my birthday.Can you go to my birthday party?

W: Sure.

Q: When is the boy’s birthday?


Hello.I’m Joe.I usually get up at 6:00.Then I take a shower and brush my teeth.At 6:30 I eat breakfast.I have milk and bread for breakfast. At 7:00,I take the bus to school. I have four classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon.My favorite subject is Chinese,I think it’s interesting.At 12:00,I eat lunch.I get home at 5:00p.m.At 6:30pm,I eat dinner.After that ,I do my homework first,then I play the piano for an hour.Then I go to bed at 10:00. I think my life isn’t exciting. Q:16.What does Joe have for breakfast?

17.How does Joe get to school?

18.Why does Joe like Chineses?

19.How many hours does Joe play the piano in the evening?

20.What does Joe think of his life?


Wei Jun is a good driver.He is 23 years old. He drives a car in a factory(工厂).He works from Monday to Friday.His home is far away from the factory.He gets up at 5:30.He goes to work at 6:00 o’clock.At 7:30 he get there.He has no time to have breakfast.He leaves the factory at 5:00pm.He cooks dinner and does housework in the evening.He likes reading a lot.Sometimes he watches TV. He goes to bed at about 10:00pm. th

六年级英语 第12页(共9页)

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