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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 1 Dream Homes Integrated skills教学案 牛津版

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(课题): 7B Unit 1 Dream Homes

Integrated skills


1.Train the students to get information from an article

2.Train the students to obtain information from listening


. 1.词汇:fork, fridge, knife , sofa

shower, message, double, video

2.词组:be full of, of one’s own

some day, take a message


Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Revision?


_____ you _____ to live in a _______?


The old man _______ to live _____ _____ a hotel.


Which is your ______ ______?


The ______ one is ______.

Step 3 Prevision 翻译下列短语

为??而感谢____________________ 一个双人床________________

与??不同___________________ 充满??_____________________

你的起居室_____________________ 我自己的卧室__________________

与某人说话_____________________ 为某人捎个口信________________

Step 4 Lead-in

向学生展示一张英国乡间别墅的照片,呈现本课时的背景信息。教师说:Look at this photo. It’s Neil’s house in the UK. Is it beautiful? How many floors does his house have? What else can you see around his house? How much do you know about his house?

Step 5 Presentation

1. 引导学生看课本A1部分中的图片,做好听力前的准备。教师说:Do you want to visit Neil’s house? Do you want to look around his house? Let’s look at the pictures in part A1. What places are they?

2. 向学生介绍背景并指导他们完成A1部分的听力练习。教师说:What do you think of Neil’s house? Neil made a video of his house. Let’s listen to hin and write the name of the place under each picture and then put the pictures in the correct order.

3. be filled with = be full of

be filled with = be full of 充满,装满 如:


The bottle is filled with water .瓶子里装满了水。

注意:Filled with courage , he went into the cave .此处filled 表示“充满了的”指处于一种状态。

Step 6 Exercise


1. 你的花园看起来很漂亮,它充满了花。


3. 你能让他给我回电话吗?


Step 7 Homework




1.Can I take a m___________ ?

2.My telephone n___________ is5876543.

3.She has her o_______ bedroom.

4.I s___________ a bedroom with my roommates? . 5.I have many v______ tapes at home.

6.Your house is really d___________ from the flats in Beijing.

7.May I s___________ to Tom?

8. I like your l__________ room very much.


1.The Class 1, Grade 7 students are doing a survey(调查) of homes in different __________ (country).

2. She lives on the __________ (twenty)floor. 3._________(million)of children dream to go to the Disney World

4. He is the _________ (two) children of his family.

5.Where would you like _________(visit) this weekend?


( )1. He is quite polite and friendly _____ others.

A. for B. with C. to D. At


( )2. Would you like _______ a room ______ me?

A. share; with B. sharing; to C. to share; from D. to share; with ( ) 3.. Tom lives in ________ , the capital city of Japan.

A. Tokyo B. London C. Paris D. Moscow

( ) 4.I often do my homework in my study ______ 7:00 and 9:00.

A. after B. before C. between D. in

( ) 5. Jim with his cousin ________ TV now.

A. are watching B. is watching C. watch D. watches

( )6. Their eyes ________ tears(眼泪). A. full of B. fill with C. are full with D.are full of ( )7. The old man has his ________ farm.He is the ________ of that farm.

A. owns, own B. own, an owner C. owner, an own D.own, owner


Fox is an eight-year-old boy. He is a good boy. He does 1_____ in all his lessons. He 2_____ school and he is always active in class. Every time the teacher asks a question, Fox always 3_____ his hand quickly. Sometimes his answer is 4_____, but the teacher always smiles (微笑) and says, "Good, Fox. But 5____ a better answer to my question?"

( ) 1. A. good B. hard C. well D. bad

( ) 2 .A. loves B. like C. goes to a D. dislike

( ) 3 . A. gets up B. puts on C. gets on D. puts up

( ) 4. A. right B. wrong C. easy D. hard

( ) 5. A. has B. is there C. are there D. D. have


We’ve got two children: Jack is seven, and his little brother Andy is four. They’re quite close, and play a lot together. They quarrel(争吵) quite a lot too, but they enjoy each other’s company (陪伴). Unluckily, we live quite a long way away from the others of the family. It’s an eight-hour drive to get to their grandparents, but we usually visit them during the school holidays. Jack reads well, but he hasn’t started to read for pleasure yet---he thinks reading is only something you have to do at school. I think the main problem is that he watches too much television. He also likes playing cards and computer games. And riding his bike . I don’t let him ride it on the streets, but we often go to the park, where it’s safer. He doesn’t eat too many sweets, because he’s getting his adult teeth (恒牙) now. He seems more interested in saving his pocket money and counting it than spending it.


1 . How many people are there in Jack’s family?

____________________________________________________________________ 2 . When does Jack usually visit his grandparents?


3 . Where does Jack often go to ride a bike? ____________________________________________________________________ 4 . Why doesn’t Jack eat too may sweets? ___________________________________________________________________ 5 . What do you know about Jack in reading?



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