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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 1 Dream Homes Grammar教学案 牛津版

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(课题):7 B Unit 1 Dream Homes






词汇:zero, hundred, thousand, million

square, area, foot, over

词组:square metre in size


Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Revision


1. 我们经常躺在床上听音乐。


3. 我住在洛杉矶的一个大房子里。

4. 我和我的妹妹共有一间卧室。

5. 我喜欢坐在那里向外看海滩和海。

Step 3 .Prevision Translation

一万 _________________ 十万_________________

了解不同的国家_________________ 住在九楼 _________________

在3月8日 _________________ 六千人_________________

两个月 _________________ 第二月_________________

200 _________________ 1,256 ________________

Step 4 Lead-in

Step 5 Presentation

数词有两种:表示数目多少的词叫做基数词;表示顺序先后的数词叫做序数词。 (1)基数词的用法

①hundred, thousand, million 等词前有具体数词或 several 时,必须用单数 形式;当它们表示不确 定数目时,必须用复数形式,后接 of 短语。

如:three hundred, thousands of

②表示“几十年代”或“几十岁”时,用逢十的基数词的复数。如:in the 1970s/1970’s 中的 1970s/1970’s 读作 nineteen seventies

③与基数词合成的复合定语,其中的名词用单数。如:a fifty-metre-wide river


①表示日期编号或顺序。如:March 18th, 1978 the sixth lesson = Lesson Six

②前面一般加定冠词 the。如:He is the first student to get to the school every day. ③如果序数词前面有形容词性物主代词,可以不加 the。如:It was his fifth bowl of rice for lunch. ④有时还可以作副词用。如:I finished the homework first in my class today.

顺口溜:基变序有规律,词尾加上 th; 一,二,三要牢记,词尾字母 t,d,d; 八减 t,九减 e,f 来把 ve 替; 单词以 y 作结尾,需将 y 改 ie; 若是碰到几十几,只变个位就可以。


Step 6 Exercise 动词适当形式填空

1.There are ____________ (thousand) of workers in this company. 2.Mr Read lives on the ___________ (十五) floor.

3. This year Mary will have her ________ (十四) birthday.

4. Uncle Jim will arrive on the morning of _______________ (六月八号) 5.My birthday is on the __________ ( twenty) of this month. Step 7 Homework

板书设计: 教学反思


( )1.一 I'm going on a trip to Hainan next week. 一____________.

A.It’s good B.Thank you C.Have a good time D.Good idea ( )2.__________students will go to the island for the picnic. A.Two hundreds B.Two hundred of C.Two hundreds of D.Hundreds of ( )3.We read 10,206 like this___________.

A.one thousand,two hundred and six B.one thousand,two hundreds and six C.ten thousand,two hundred and six D.ten thousand,two hundred six ( )4.I want to buy this pair of jeans.Can I__________? A.try on them B.try them on C.try it on D.try on it ( )5.We will have a_____walk.

A.ten minutes B.ten minutes’ C.ten-minutes D.ten-minute’s ( )6. Don’t________the birds.Listen to the teacher carefully. A.look out of B.look for C.look out D.look out at

( )7. What’ on the wall? 一 There are _________pictures on the wall. A. lot of B.a lot C.lots D. many ( )8.Would you like_________on the moon?

A.1iving B.1ives C.to live D.1ived 二、用所给词的正确形式填空:

1.Tom’s mom gives him a gift on his________(eight) birthday. 2.What’s the date today?

It’s September the________(thirty).

3.Mr Wu asks his students to turn to the ________(fifty-nine). 4.He owns a company(公司)in his________ (twenty).


5.There are ________(thousand) of students in our school.

6. The ________ (nine) lesson is very easy.

7.Thank you for________ (give)me a present.

8.There are________(twenty) floors in the building.

三.完形填空 I think the best place to go on Sunday is the zoo.When you are__1__ ,you can go there with your family. __2_ the zoo,there are many animals:elephants(大象),pandas,tigers and __3__ animals. Elephants are the __4__ animals on land(陆地).I hear there __5__ a baby elephant in our zoo. I wan to __6__ at it. Mary wants to go with me.She __7__ , “Shall we go together?” “Sure,I say. ”. We can __8__ a good time there.But let’ s __9__ there at half past four.I have __10_ homework to do.

( )1.A.busy B.free C.young D.clean

( )2.A.In B.On C.For D.Near

( )3.A.Other B.the other C.the others D.other’s

( )4.A.youngest B.smallest C.biggest D.Tallest

( )5.A.are B.am C.is D.be

( )6.A.looks B.have a look C.see D.have a see

( )7.A.say B.says C.saying D.to say

( )8.A.get B.have C.be D.make

( )9.A.goes B.go C.to go D.going ( )10.A.a lot B.1ittle C.much D.many


Dream may be more important than sleep.We all need to dream, some scie-ntists(科学家) say.Dreams take up about one—quarter(四分之一)of our sleeping time.People have several dreams each night Dreams are like short films hey are usually in colour.Some dreams are like old films.They come to us over and over again.That may be because the dreamers are worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer. Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams.They may think about their wo-rk all day.These ideas can carry over into dreams. Too much dreaming can be harmful(伤害的).The more we sleep,the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream.That is why we may have a long sleep and we still wake up tired.

( )1. Dreams take up about_________of our sleeping time.

A. half B. one-third C. one-fourth D. one-fifth

( )2.It may be less important to sleep than to_________.

A.think B.dream C.work D.study

( )3.Dreams are usually________.

A.very long B.in colour C.about work D.very sad

( )4.Why do some people often dream about their work?

A.Because they are tired in the daytime.

B.Because they are not interested in their work.

C.Because they may think about their work all day.

D.Because they have too much work to do


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