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一, 虚拟语气在条件句中

1. If I were you, I _____ the job.

A. would take B. will take C. can take D. take

2. If I _____ you, I _____ harder at maths, physics and chemistry.

A. were; would work B. were; will work C. was; would work D. was; will work

3. If he had worked hard at his lessons, he _____ the exam.

A. would pass B. had passed C. should pass D. would have passed

4. If I had had money yesterday, I _____ it to you.

A. lent B. would lend C. would have lent D. should lend

5. If I had known his address, I _____ him that day.

A. would call on B. called on C. would have called on D. had called on

6. The train has just gone. If you had arrived a few minutes earlier, you _____ it.

A. could catch B. could have caught C. would catch D. will have caught

7. You did not let me drive. If we ____in turn, you ____ so tired

A. drove; didn’t get B. drove; wouldn’t get

C. were driving; wouldn’t get D. had driven ; wouldn’t have got

8. --- If he _____, he _____ that food.

--- Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately.

A. was warned … would not take B. had been warned … would not have taken

C. would be warned … had not taken D. would have been warned … had not taken

9. I didn’t see your sister at the meeting. If she _____, she would have met my brother.

A. has come B. did come C. came D. had come

10. If you made trouble again, I _____ you come to school.

A. won't let B. would not let C. don't let D. shall not let

11. The weather broadcast says it is fine tomorrow. If it _____ tomorrow, the crops _____.

A. rains; could be saved B. should rain; could saved

C. should rain; will be saved D. were to rain; might be saved


12. It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I _____ in love, at the age of seven, with the Melinda Cox Library in my hometown.

A. wouldn’t have fallen B. had not fallen

C. should fall D. were to fall

13. If you had listened to the doctor, you ____all right now

A. are B. were C. would be D. would have been


14. _____it rain tomorrow, we would have to put off the visit to the Yangpu Bridge

A. Were B. Should C. Would D. Will

15. ___the clouds, you would find the airplane in the sky easily

A. Had it not been for B. If it were not

C. If it had not been for D. Were it not for

16. _____ I _____ his address, I _____ him that day.

A. Had; known; would see B. If; knew; would have seen

C. Have; known; should see D. Had; known; would have seen

18. _____ I _____ time last night, I _____ to the concert.

A. If; had; will go B. Did; have; shall go

C. Had; had; would go D. Had; had; would have gone

20. ____hard, he would have passed the exam

A. If he were to work B. Had he worked

C. Should he work D. Were he to work

21. ____today, he would get there by Friday

A. Were he to leave B. If he had left

C. Did he to leave D. Had he left

△ 四,虚拟语气在表语从句同位语从句中的用法

(Should )+ 动词原形, 被动语态是(should )be done

22. What do you think of his proposal that we ____ a play at the English meeting

A. had put on B. should put on

C. have put on D. will put on

23. My suggestion is that the meeting ____off till next Sunday

A. be put B. put C. should put D. had been put

24. Their suggestion is that she ____ go out for a walk

A. can B. have C. shall D. /

25. Your advice that_____________ till next week is reasonable.

A. she waits B. she wait C. wait she D. she waited

26. It was ordered that no smoking ____in the library

A. was allowed B. would be allowed C. be allowed D. had been allowed △ 五,虚拟语气在宾语从句中的用法

(Should )+ 动词原形, 被动语态是(should )be done

27. Those scientists suggest that the research work _____ at once.

A. should be started B. would be starting C. would start D. would be started

28. The commander ordered that all the soldiers _____ ready for the battle.

A. get B. got C. would get D. getting

29 I suggest they _____ the money among themselves.

A. would divide B. will divide C. should divide D. divided

30. He ordered we all _____ the work.

A. took part in B. shall take part in C. would take part in D. should take part in

31. The teacher demanded that the work _____ at once.

A. be done B. was done C. should do D. would be done 32 _____ be sent to work there?

A. What do you suggest B. Who do you suggest that should

C. Do you suggest who should D. Do you suggest whom should

33. I suggested the person referred to_____ into prison

A. put B. be put C. would be put D. had put

34. The teacher demanded that the exam _____ before eleven

A. must finish B. would be finished C. be finished D. must be finished

35. The guard at the gate insisted that everybody _____the rules

A. obeys B. obey C. will obey D. would obey

36. She insisted that a doctor _____ immediately

A. had sent for B. send C. be sent for D. was sent

37. He requested that the students ____them get in crops

A. help B. to help C. helped D. helping

38. What the customers_____ from the company is that the goods ____ right to their homes.

A. requested, deliver B. demand, be delivered

C. request, should deliver D. demand, delivered


39. I wish I _____ yesterday's football match on the spot instead of watching it on TV.

A. saw B. could see C. had seen D. would have seen

40. Oh, how I wish I _____ to the moon!

A. fly B. can fly C. could fly D. will fly

41. I wish I _____ to learn English when I was younger.

A. started B. had started C. would start D. start

42. How I wish Mary _____ here now.

A. is B. will be C. has been D. were

43. I wish I _____ a boy again.

A. were B. shall be C. am D. will be

44. He wishes he _____.

A. had not been born B. have not been born C. were not born D. is not born

45. How I wish every family ____a large house with a beautiful garden.

A. has B. had C. will have D. had had

46. I wish that you ____ such a bad headache because I am sure that you would have enjoyed the


A. had not B. did not have had C. hadn’t had D. hadn’t have

△ 七,虚拟语气在主语从句中的用法

It is … … that … … should do / do / should be done / be done

47. It was essential that we at least before the end of the month.

A. sign B. singed C. had signed D. were signing

48. It is important that the TOEFL office ________ your registration.

A. will confirm B. confirm C. confirms D. must confirm

49. It is strange that such things _____ in your country.

A. would happen B. happened C. will happen D. should happen

50. It is necessary that the wounded soldiers _____ right now.

A. are operated B. will be operated on C. should be operated D. should be operated on

51. It is necessary that all the new comers _____ at once.

A. should settle down B. be settling down

C. ought to settle down D. should be settled down

52. It is necessary that I _____ with Mr. Johnson Immediately.

A. would speak B. will speak C. shall speak D. speak


1) even if / even though 中主句和从句的虚拟语气与if 条件句相同


A. was B. were C. would be D. had been

54. Even if it A. was raining B. rains C. were to rain D. rain

2) as if / as though 用过去式(be 都用were),或者 had done

55. The kind-hearted couple treat the orphan very well as though he ____ their own son

A. is B. were C. had been D. should be

56. The thief closed his eyes ____ he ____dying

A. even if , was B. though, would be C. even, had been D. as if, were

57. They are talking ____they had known each other for years

A. as if B. even if C. like D. because

58. Looking round the town, he felt as though he ______________ away for ages.

A. has been B. was C. is D. had been

59. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it____

A. breaks B. has broken C. were broken D. had been broken

3)in order that ,so that中用could / might / should do 被动语态用 be done

60. The emperor gave the cheats some gold in order that they _____ their work at once.

A. may begin B. can begin C. might begin D. will begin

61. The foreigner spoke slowly so that he _____ clearly.

A. will understand B. could be understood C. could understand D. understood

△ 九,虚拟语气在定语从句中的用法

It’s (high) tine (that)… … … should do / should be done / do / be done / did

62. It is time that the government ______________measures to protect the rare birds and animals.

A. takes B. should take C. has taken D. taking

63. It’s high time this road____________.

A. mend B. mended C. must be mended D. should be mended

64. It’s about time people______ notice of what women did during the war.

A. take B. took C. have taken D. will take

65. It is high time that we ____ a meeting to discuss this problem

A. will hold B. held C. have held D. had held

66. It is high time you ____ to school.

A. will go B. would go C. went D. had gone


1) would rather (would sooner , would just as soon ) + 主语 + 过去式,表示现在和将来 + 主语 + 过去完成时,表示过去 例:⑴ I would rather she stayed at home now.

⑵ It was dark outside. He would rather Mary had stayed at home.

67. ---Your aunt invites you to the movies today

---I would rather she ____ me tomorrow than today

A. comes B. came C. would come D. had come

68. I would sooner you ____anything about it for the time being

A. do B. didn’t do C. don’t D. didn’t

69. --- It was raining all day yesterday. I would rather you at home.

A. stay B. stayed C. had stayed D. should stay

又:I’d rather you _____ make any comment on the issue for the time being.

A. don’t B. wouldn’t C. didn’t D. shouldn’t (答案C)

2)If only… …+ 过去式或would / could + 动词原形, 表示现在和将来,

+ 过去完成时,表示过去

70. If only he ____quietly as the doctor instructed, he would not suffer so much now.

A. lies B. lay C. had lain D. should lie

71. If only I ___my car

A. hadn’t lost B. wouldn’t lose C. didn’t lose D. haven’t lost

72. If only we____ about the danger, we couldn’t have joined you

A. knew B. had known C. would know D. should know

△ 3)in case …. ….+ should do / should be done (以防万一)

for fear that … … (should) do , (should) be done

73. In case I _____, I would try again

A. will fail B. would miss C. should fail D. shall fail

又:Please remind me of it again tomorrow in case I forget.

He carried the instrument with care for fear that it should be damaged



74. Without your help, I _____ so much progress in my studies in such a short time.

A. don't make B. didn't make C. will not have made D. would not have made

75. . He ____busy yesterday, otherwise he ___you with your experiment.

A. was, had helped B. was, would have helped

C. were, would help D. were , would have help

76. Without electricity, human life ____quite difficult today

A. is B. will be C. would have been D. would be

77. ---Did you scold him for his carelessness

----Yes, but ____it

A. I’d rather not do B. I’d rather not have done

C. I should’ t do D. I’d better not do

78. We took a taxi to the airport. Otherwise we ____late

A. would be B. were C. will be D. would have been

79. ______your help, I ____the exam

A. Without, will fail B. If not , will fail

C. But for, would have failed D. If it is not for, would have failed

注 but for: 要不是,如果没有 倘若没有


1—11 AADCC BDBDB D 12--- 13 BC

14---21 BDDXDBA 22---26 BADBC

27---38 AACDA BBCBC AB 39---46 CCBDA ABC

47---52 ABDDDD 53---59 DCBDADC 60---61 CB

62---66 BDBBC 67—69 BBC 70—73 CSBC 74---79 DBDBDC

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