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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 1 Dream Homes Reading教学案 牛津版

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江苏省洪泽外国语中学七年级英语下册 7B Unit 1 Dream Homes Reading教学

案 牛津版


1. To learn the new words and expressions.

2. To read and learn about different types of homes and lifestyles

3. To obtain details about homes in different countries 教学重难点:

1. To master the new words and sentences in the class.

2. Use the sentence structure to talk about their dream homes.


Step 1 Greeting

Step 2 Review 1.Eddie wants to eat __________(big) cake.


Your office is ________ ________ ________.


They are talking about their _________ _________.

Step3 Preview 预习反馈

A.根据课文填入适当的介词: 1) Tom likes chatting ______ friends ______ the balcony.

2) They often sit ______ the floor and look out ______ the beach.

3) _____ the evenings, Anna watches TV ____ the sitting room.

4) Amy lives _____the center ______ Moscow ______ her family _____ a flat.


1) dog, I, sleeps, and, have, the, in, a, garden, he


2) a, with, I, my, bedroom, share, sister


3) think, friends, it, beautiful, my, is quiet, very, here, and


Step 4 Lead-in

Step 5 presentation

1. Show the students four pictures of different types of homes around the world. Ask them: Where would you like to live?

Talk about homes in China, and get the students to say something about their own homes. 2 . Fast reading 1). Get the students to fast read the texts; try to finish the matching game.

Stephen Russia

Neil The UK

Anna The USA 2). Play the tape for the students to listen to and read after it silently. Try to understand 1

the meaning of the text.

3). Ask the students to read the passage carefully. Answer some questions or fill in forms. Stephen ,Neil , Anna

Where is he /she from?

Where is his /her home?

What is his/her favorite room? What can he / she do at home?

What else do you know about him/ her?

3 Reading aloud 4. Have the reading competition: each group reads the text together to see which group reads best.

Step 6 Practice


Stephen’s house:

Stephen lives in a ________ _______. Of all the eight rooms, he likes the ______ best because he can see the _____ and _______ there.

Neil’s house:

Neil lives in a big house near London. There is a ______ outside the house. His pet dog often sleeps there. His favorite room is the ______ . His family members often sit there and ________ ________ _______ _______ ______.

Step7 Homework




( )1. Paris is the capital of ________.

A. France B. French C. Japan D. USA

( )2. There is a house ______ that river.

A. in B. on C. over D. at

( )3. She shares an ice cream _____ her brother.

A. of B. to C. at D. with

( )4. My neighbors are _______ me.

A. friends B. friendly to C. good for D. friends to

( )5. I always read books ____ bed.

A. in B. on C. under D. above


( )6. Millie with her family _____ in a small town now. A. live B. lives C. living D. living

二. 翻译

1.眺望海滩___________________2. 和我呆在一起________________________

3.他最喜欢的地方______________4. 种花的最好的地方___________________

5. 和我妹妹合住一间卧室________6. 在莫斯科中心______________________


8. 我最喜欢的地方是阳台。____________________________________________


10.晚上,我和我的家人通常坐在厨房里. ________________________________________________________________


1. My parents live in the c______ of Yangzhou. 2. Lily s___ a bedroom with Lucy.

3. Do you enjoy ________(read) story books?

4. He spends two hours every day ______(practice)_______(speak) English.

5. Look! The girls ___________(play) basketball on the playground.

6. Let him ____(go). 7. He wants ________(share) the room with his brother.

8. I like the b_______ because I can play games and look out there.

9. Can he _____(chat) with his friends in the sitting room? 10. Are you good at ______(dance)?

四. 任务型阅读,每空一词

My name is Li Ping. My home is in Gulangyu. Do you know Gulangyu? It is in Xiamen. It is near the sea. Gulangyu is a small place, but it is very nice and clean. There are no cars, no buses and no bikes. People only walk, so it is very quiet.

Our house is in the middle of Gulangyu. Behind our house there is a big old tree. My grandfather tells me that the tree is very, very old. There are many birds in the tree. We call it a “bird tree”. Our house is near the sea. The sea is big and blue. There are a lot of fish in the sea. After school, I go there and catch fish with my friends. It is very interesting. I like fish and I like catching fish. 1. Li ping _____ ______ Fujian.

2. Gulangyu is a ______place because people there only walk.

3. Li ping’s home is in _____ _____ ____ Gulangyu.

4. Li ping’s house is ______ the sea.

5. Li Ping often cathes ______ with his ______ after ______.



1. Where do you live? 2. Do you have your own bedroom?

3. My favourite room is? 4. Our house/ flat is in a quiet place.


5. Where do you your homework? 6. ?

I live ______________________________________________________ __________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________





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